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HI! Welcome to the last Memory Keeping Monday of May! Continuing with out PATTERNED PAPER theme this month I am going to challenge myself and YOU to make a layout using the same general pattern, but different colors, textures, sizes,etc. The pattern I chose is Chevron because I seem to have an overabundance of it at the time. You could achieve this same look with polka dots, stripes, stars, ledgers/graph, even florals could work. To start make yourself a fun stack of patterns that could work on your page….Here are a few tips to use when choosing your patterns:1. Choose a variety of sizes of patterns. You want some big ones and then some small ones. 2. Don't choose all multi colored…choose mostly two-toned…then mix in one or two multi colored.3. Use a variety of finishes…choose some that are clean prints and then some of that are more of a distressed look.4. Don't be afraid to mix textures too!Once you have a stack of papers that will work you can get started. You won't need to use all the papers you have, but keep them handy just in case. I started with a lot more papers than I used, but it's nice to have those choices as you work. Then you don't have to stop and dig.To keep your patterns from overwhelming the page here are a few tips:1. Use your patterned papers as an embellishment…think banners, titles, photo frames, pinwheels, flowers, stars…2. Create your own background patterned paper…use strips of several papers, patchwork, patterned polka dot background3. Put your punches or circle cutter to work.4. Vary the amount you use of each pattern…use just a little of some and a lot of others.On my layout you can see that I chose to ‘house’ most of my patterns within frames. This turned them into more of an embellishment. I used one of the patterns as my background. And then you can see a tiny sliver of one pattern on the lefthand side to add just a dash of color. I had a blast filling each of the frames with little goodies from my recent purchases. Here is a video of my layout coming together and a bit of blabbing to boot…Your challenge this week is to create a page using 3 or more patterned papers with the same general pattern design. Show us what you've got!