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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

The pic to the left is my nephew @ 9 mon. and the pic to the right is him @ 3 yrs. Ham Ham is a nickname I gave him because of how chunky he was as a baby. He had the biggest thighs I had ever seen on a baby, hence "HAM HAM". The journaling reads: No matter how much of a "Big Boy" you become, you will always be Te-Te's Ham- Ham. I love you so much. It's amazing to me how much I do. I could never see my life without you now. You have become my "Big Boy" over night. I am still getting used to how much you are changing. You are still affectionate as ever but now you are more independent. You have such a silly personality. You get joy out of making us laugh at your silly antics. We were connected from the beginning. Where people would say you were so serious, I could always get a smile from you. You are a charmer though so maybe you were playing with my emotions but you made me feel special anyhow. Te-Te loves you Ham-Ham.