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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

The journaling reads...
Braodway at the Beach is an amazing outdoor shopping center surrounding a beautiful lake. It has tons of fantastic shops, as well as an aquarium, playgrounds, an amazing miniature golf course where a dragon pops up every 15 minutes and tells a story and breaths fire, and in front of the mini golf cours is a fountain. The water shoots up out of the ground at different times and in different directions and makes beautiful patterns.

As soon as the girls saw this they wanted out of the stroller and into the water. They had so much fun trying to catch the water and running through it. They even drew a crowd! When we got there it was just the four fof us, and within minutes people who were walking by stopped to watch Allison & Skylar playing. Some people even took pictures of them! It was so much fun to watch them playing with my mom in the water. The simple pleasures of being a child and playing with your grandmother turned into a beaugiful memory.