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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

This layout was a culmination of a bunch of different things...I really wanted to try the kind of quilted journaling that I'd seen lately, and then I had a conversation with my sister that started out with "And just between the two of us..." And it all went down from there.

I wanted to do 12x3 pictures, but working with my standard sized printer, I had to cheat it a little.

Journaling bits are:

Just Between The 2 Of Us....

You make me laugh.

I secretly envy your ability to shut off emotion.

I think it's really cool when you say the same thing I do, at the same time.

These Things Remind Me Of You
Chicken Pie
Surfer Bums
Sappy Movies
Blue Balloons
Chocolate Cake
Mint Chocolate Chip
Lean On Me

I worry about you more than I admit. And I admit it freely.

I see a strength in you that I think you don't realize you possess - and I admire it.

Did you know...You're the reason I'm a writer?

I want to be like you.

When I met you for the first time, your sarcasm made me angry. Now it's rubbed off on me.

Sometimes I'm deliberately quiet on the phone just so I can hear you talk more.

After talking to you, I walk around using an Australian accent for a few hours.

I talk to you during the day like you were right beside me.

I think of your family as my own.

I save the packaging from the mail that you send me.

I had so much fun with this lo. Then again, I really love doing KJ's pages anyway.