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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

I had so much fun creating this "camping-themed" tin mini-album! I love the Mr. Campy collection from Cosmo Cricket and it's so nice to finally have all our camping recipes, menus, activities, games, stories, and jokes in one place. Now, we can just grab "Mr. Campy" off the shelf and we're on our way out of town. We have PLENTY of things to keep us entertained for road trips, camping, outings, hiking excursions, and more.

I sprayed the outside/inside front and back covers with chalkboard paint so we can write directly on the tin surfaces - using them for grocery lists, messages, game scores, tic-tac-toe, hangman (hang him from the branches), and more. (Follow the instructions on the paint can.) I added the rub-on words to the rim of the lid (they just fit). Mod Podging everything was the next step; then clear acrylic spray on the branch stickers, rub on words, and "Mr. Campy" letters (I covered the chalkboard painted surfaces with paper so they would be protected.) Now there's no more worrying about if we do or don't have paper and pencils on our outings.

Besides all of the recipe cards, and information in "Mr. Campy" we also store the following inside:
Decks of cards
String - for "Cat's in the Cradle" and to hang job tags) Clothes pins - (for clothespin tag and our job string)
Dice - for "Blisters" and "Farkel" games
A fine tipped marker so we can write on the laminated menu and add new items to our lists for meal ideas.

The tin album doesn't come with page protectors so I searched the scrapbook.com warehouse to find some that would fit. The 8"x8" page protectors from We R Memory Keepers almost fit, so I trimmed off the section with the original holes and punched new ones in the left over section that isn't a part of the sleeve. I also corner rounded the protector corners on the non-hole-punched edge which makes the pages fit inside perfectly. I just had to remember to corner round the papers too when I was making the album.

I laminated the Menu lists and each meal idea list. I hope to laminate the recipe cards soon.

The job tags are for choosing and displaying who has camp jobs. They were decorated with stickers and die cuts from the Mr. Campy collection. We pick a new Mr. Campy Job each day and clip the tag to a string we hang in camp. We each have a colored fabric tie that is our own identifier for the trip. The string also holds the menu.

"Mr. Campy" helps turn our outdoor adventures into cruise-style relaxation and enjoyment. No more thinking of what to grab when it's time to relax.

Thanks for looking! Happy Camping!