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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

This is means alot to me because I made it for my best friend Amarilis. I havent seen her since I moved to Florida in June and I miss her so much. We still talk about 3 times a week but I was used to talking with her 3 times a day! I miss her so much and hopefully she will come over this summer.
Journaling reads:
get so busy sometimes,
That it must seem like l've forgotten you,
My day passes in a blur of people and places,
So much to do,
So little time,
Not even a chance to call you.
I may not always get the chance
To speak to you as often as I want,
But you're in my thoughts constantly.
I wish I had a direct "mind line" to you
So you would know
How many times I think of you
And your friendship,
And how much I miss talking with you
And laughing with you
And sharing the myriad of events and emotions
That make up the mosaic of our lives