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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Another beautiful kit from Gina Miller's "Perfectly Pastel" line called "Spring Whisper" (available at SBB). Stitching from Gina's "Stitch Essentials 1" pack. Title inspired by a wonderful comment left by my sweet friend Shanah on one of my previous LOs. Color Wash photo action from Photoblast. Fonts are CK Cosmopolitan and CK Mama O.

Journaling: Kyla - I will never be able to find a big enough word to tell you how much I love you. You will, in all likelihood, be a middle child and I know that is not an easy family position. You were not brought to this world simply to be someone’s sibling. You were a cherished and desired person to our family. Now that we have known you for six months, I can tell you that you are everything we’d hoped for and more than we had dared to dream for our second child. You are perfect for your place in this family. I want you to know what a special joy you are to those around you. You have a sweetness about your spirit that I know was breathed into you by God Himself. You have the ability to light up any room and melt any heart. I can already tell that you are destined to do something remarkable and my gut tells me that it will be a ministry of love, mercy and kindness. No matter where you go in life, know that your Mommy and Daddy have always believed in you from the very start. We love you Ky and we are thankful that God chose YOU for our family.