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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

These are the gifts I sent to Geraldine. Only one cigar box is showing but I actually used two cigar boxes to wrap the gifts in so that she can alter them someday. Some of the items are Glue gun, stamps, lace, Halloween paper, flowers and shaker gold leaves. Since she lives out in the country I added a bird feeder and feed. Filled up a cigar box with lace. A package of flowers, Lots of Renea Bouquets butterfly's, snowmen and winter ladies. And Renea Bouquets little beads. Also a cute little chipboard booklet to alter. Then a few snacks such as peanuts, a bag of recee's (not shown) and a few animal treats. I think there's a few things in the little baggy but can't remember what I added. I had fun shopping online and enjoying everything when it came in.