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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

sigh. i have been struggling for two days, trying to come up with a way to document my ds recent behavior. In the past couple of weeks he has been quite a handful. Lots of attitude and lots of pouting. Today went much better, but yesterday was a hum-dinger and I just knew I had to document it.

This shot was kind of by accident. I was playing around with the natural light in my living room this morning and tada....a black blackground. I love my new lens.;) Anyway, after I saw the photo in my photo gallery, the LO kind of just came together. TFL!

Journaling: Sigh. I sometimes find it overwhelming when faced
with making decisions that may affect your
future. It is never more obvious when I am disciplining
you for bad behavior. Daddy and I hold so much
responsibility in the palms of our hands. So, while your
punishment may seem harsh or unfair, believe
me baby, it really is because we love you. And let
me tell you a little secret...it’s just as hard on us
as it is on you.