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Puppydog Jammies's Reviews

  • Great Addition! (30 January 2008)

    This is perfect for those little things that you don't want getting mixed in with your big stuff. If you have the Simply Renee Clip it Up base unit you may want to consider this little jewel. You can easily see the small things you treasure without getting them mixed up in the stash of larger items you hang on the base unit. I recommend you buy an extra bag of clips & possibly the 4x4 envelopes if you have any loose items like chipboard peices, buttons, etc.

  • Must have! (30 January 2008)

    This is a must have add on if you are buying the simply renee clip it up. The unit did not come with enough clips to hang all of my stuff so I'm glad I bought 2 extra packs. They are sturdy and hold very well. If you have a medium stash you will need at least one extra bag of clips. I recommend buying two extra bags, especially if you are buying both the base and the additional top tier.

  • The BEST!! (30 January 2008)

    This is the best thing since sliced bread...okay, maybe since Cat's Eye! This is ingenious...right up there with the Cropadile!

    It was a breeze to asemble and I love how it spins. I foudn things I didn't even realize I had while I was putting my goodies on. I don't know how I functioned without this tool! The clips are strong enough to hold just about anything, and the handle makes it really convenient to take along with me. It is much bigger than I realized, so I was able to put much more on it that I had planned.

    I also purchased the top tier, an extra bag of clips and the large & small extra envelopes because I thought I would fill up the bottom tier (remember it is bigger than i realized). I did use both tiers, but I could have fit everything on the bottom. I recommend buying 2 bags of additional clips and one box of the large & small envelopes.

  • Cute but... (16 December 2007)

    These are cute and look great on a variety of projects, but they do not stick. They are supposed to be self-adhesive, but they do not! I can use them by applying my own adhesive, but why should I have to when I have paid more to get these that are supposed to stick on their own? If I wanted to glue them myself I could use my own cutter or paid less to have some that aren't labeled self-adhesive!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love them! (16 December 2007)

    I have and love these and want more!! I have painted them different colors and used them in a variety of ways. They are so versatile and can be decorated to match any project!

  • Verified Buyer

    They don't stick! (16 December 2007)

    These are cute and can be used on many different projects, but they do not stick. They are supposed to be self-adhesive, but I haven't had one letter off of my 3, count them THREE!, packs of these that stick on it's own. No biggie really, because I can just use a little liquid adhesive to stick them myself, but if they are supposed to stick on their own I expect them to do so. Otherwise I could cut my own letters out or pay WAY less for some other letters that aren't supposed to stick and I wouldn't be so aggravated!

  • The best! (16 December 2007)

    I love Heidi Swapp bling! They are perfectly spaced and come in a variety of colors and designs. The knock off versions are really close together and never look right when used. Heidi's line of Jewel Art is as good as it gets! You can use the bling as is or in a pinch take them off and use them individually with a little liquid adhesive! They are very sparkley and just the right touch for many projects!

  • Versatile Item (16 December 2007)

    These butterflies are so cute and there are a variety of ways to use them! I used the large one at the top of the pic on a spring layout of my husband and son potting flowers. I used stickles to decorate the wings of the butterfly and folded them up to make them 3-D. I recieved a ton of compliments on this technique. You can cover them with paper, paint them, paint the edges, etc. There are tons of ways to use these butterflies and a layout is just the beginning. Using on an altered decoration for a little girls room is my next project.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love them! (16 December 2007)

    The Ghost line of products is ingeneous!! These letters are so cute and they are perfect for many different projects. You can paint the edges, ink them with Staz On, paint the back for a shiney front, or paint the whole thing for a matted finish. I have also covered them with stickles and embossed them to make them look like metal! If you use them like they come you can staple them down and they look so cute! I like that they come in other see through colors too.

  • Great Heidi Product! (16 December 2007)

    Many Heidi Swapp are not so great in quality, but this one is wonderful! They come off of the plastic easily and they stick well to your project. They are very versatile and in a pinch you can use them as is or take them off and glue them on individually to make your own design! The flowers are so cute and I love the way the corners are graduated down in size. This jewel art is perfect for many different projects and comes in a variety of suitable colors!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this pack (24 November 2007)

    I have had this paper pack for a long time, but didn't know what to do with it. It's completely different from what is normal for me and I didn't feel comfortable using it. Finally I had to do an altered item and found this paper was just what I was looking for. I used the pink and orange damask looking sheet and heat embossed glitter on the orange parts & used it on a gallon sized paint can. I only wish there was more than one of each in the pack because now my orange & pink is gone!!! I love the quality of the paper. It is not cheap or flimsy.

  • Verified Buyer

    The Best Setter! (03 November 2007)

    This tool is a must have! I waited for a long time to buy a Crop-A-Dile and I am glad that I did. When they came out with the green I knew that I had to have it and that it was the reason I was holding out!

    This tool is perfect for punching holes and setting eyelets and snaps close to the edge of your page, card, metal can or bucket, ribbon, plastic, etc. It punches holes in anything & is the best tool for the job. I gave it 4 stars because it doesn't have a long reach.

    They eyelets that come with it are a really great color selection and can be used with any project idea!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this paper (03 November 2007)

    These papers are the best!! I love Amy Butler and I love that she's designing papers now! These papers are sturdy & aren't cheaply manufactured. They are worth splurging on. I've used most of mine & I can't throw the scraps away because they are so beautiful & I know I can find something else to use them for. They are perfect for any decor or LO idea!

    I altered several items with these papers and they all came out beautifully: paint can, giant clothes pin, a card & wall letters. I covered the paint can and clothes pin with Mod Podge & they just got better! A friend use these papers to alter a clock and another made a paper wall star. Beautiful. They contain so many color that they go with just about anything! What's not to love??

    Some of the papers in my collection are flocked with glitter, but I don't know about these. The ones that didn't have glitter, I applied Stickles, or glitter glue, to make them sparkle too. If these aren't flocked, just add some stickles to highlight special areas.

  • Verified Buyer

    Not my best friend (29 October 2007)

    This adhesive is pretty good, but these diamonds are not my best friend. It holds well & rolls well, but I prefer my Dot n Roller to this one. I find it awkward to hold & roll. If you don't hold this one just right then it doesn't apply very well. I also think it's kinda large for my tastes. Don't get me wrong, it's not HUGE, but it's bigger than my preferred adhesive. I would buy it again because I can get it locally & on sale, but I'll always prefer the DNR over this one.

  • Verified Buyer

    so tacky! (28 October 2007)

    I love Aleene's Tacky Glue. The product holds everything and although it comes out white, it dries to a clear finish in a reasonable amount of time. I've used Aleene's on felt, plastic, ghost products, paper, ribbon & fiber, metal, flowers, chipboard...you name it! This is a good reliable product. The only issue I have is that it's so thick that it's hard to squeeze out of the bottle. I've found that cutting the tip off some helps a good bit.

  • Verified Buyer

    Good Product (28 October 2007)

    This product gives great color and coverage. The color is VERY dark. I gave it 3 stars because of it's size. It's very hard to manuever into smaller places, so you'd need something else or make a complete mess of your project if you tried using this on smaller areas or inside corners. The pad is not soft & doesn't give either so you can't give your work a soft gradual finish as you can with a chalk ink. Once this one is dried up, I probably won't re-ink or buy more because of it's size.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun to work with! (28 October 2007)

    OK, so this was my first time to use it. I altered paint cans and covered my paper with Mod Podge. I really liked it because I could work the bubbles out with my fingers, then run my brush over it and it would look good again. It dried really fast & made all the little edges sticking up from my paint can disappear. I didn't have perfect results, but I expected that since it was my first time. The product deepened my colors and gave my papers a more rich look. I didn't find it sticky or rough. It dried with visible lines from my foam brush and my cans are kinda slick to touch. The matte isn't completely flat, but it's no where near shiney.

  • great product (04 October 2007)

    This is a wonderful product. I love these. I bought the white so I could easily paint them or use them as is. They are such a great size & so different than the normal brad! They give a much different look than a regular brad and many times give the perfect touch to that empty spot that needs a little something. They are not shiney or flat, but the perfect sheen! Fun product!

  • LOVE! (04 October 2007)

    These are so cool! I love them! They come in great colors and I bought the white so I could paint them easily if need be. They are so versatile; they go great on just about any layout you can design. I really like the texture on them. They are not shiney and they are not flat. They are just right. They come in many colors & othe sizes too.

  • way cool! (04 October 2007)

    I normally do not like to use eyelets, but these are really cool! I love the size and the texture they have on them. The colors are great too! I love that they come in multiple color packs that are also coordinating. They also work very well with a few different eyelet setters, which is a good thing.

  • Same old thing (04 October 2007)

    This stuff is no different than other liquid adhesives. I used it several times before I finally figured that out. Do not spend more on this just because it is specified as "metal glue". It is not any different than the other "all purpose" adhesives you can purchase.

  • Don't buy it (03 October 2007)

    Do not buy this. I might have actually set a handful of eyelets with this one that actually turned out decent. The rest of my attempts ended up in torn papers and half mutilated eyelets. The idea is a great one, but the dream wasn't realized in this product. It's hard to find the right setting and even when you have it set to one extreme or the other it doesn't get the job done. It's supposed to set the eyelet in about 3 times, but I've done it more than 10 on some with unsatisfactory results. OH & it's VERY LOUD!! My DH cringes every time he hears it "go off" and I really mean "go off" cause it's so loud it could be mistaken for a gun!

  • UGH!! (03 October 2007)

    Do not do this to yourself. Just buy a hammer tool or plan ahead and use a cropadile! I have torn many papers and ruined many eyelets using this thing on my layouts. The only eyelets this works with are the ones that come with it. It will just about kill your hands to set any other eyelets. The setter may be silent, but all the grunting you will be doing while trying to use it will cancel the silent feature out!

  • SO Different (30 September 2007)

    I love these. I have them in pewter too. They are so different & so versatile. They aren't heavy, which is usually a problem with metal embellies. They are surprisingly light. You get a lot of WOW factor for a very reasonable price.

    The only thing is that they don't come with brads, but two of the flowers have brad holes in the middle. They are 3-D, but they don't stick up too much. I guess you could flatten them if need be.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great tool! (30 September 2007)

    I've had mine for about 2 years & I also have a Wishblade. This is great for die cut letters and other items that need a sticky back, but are really tricky to put liquid or other dry adhesive on. When you roll your letters or whatever through they come out with a protective film on top & bottom. All you have to do is press around your item to make sure the extra sticky stuff comes off on your top layer of film & doesn't stay with your letters. Some other models don't have that extra top layer, which is a pain, because then you have sticky stuff all over the bottom film & it'll stick like fly paper.

    It doesn't come with a laminate, magnet or labeling refill and you do have to remove one to use the other. I've never used it for the other functions mainly because I can't remember to buy a refill cartridge.

  • Verified Buyer

    Cool for some things (30 September 2007)

    I HAD to HAVE these when I first saw them demonstrated. So I bought them at my lss & they sat for about 2 years till I finally came up with a way to use them. I wish I hadn't bought them. They were a waste of money for me. I only recommend them if you have a plan and know what you are buying. They are pretty cool and I have seen them used in ways that will make your mouth drop open, but I haven't had any use for them so far.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love at first dot! (30 September 2007)

    You should never be without these. These mini glue dots are perfect for instantly attaching anything with weight or an unconventional finish that other adhesives might not hold. No drying time or warped papers from using a liquid adhesive. They are clear & small so they can easily be hidden. I've even cut them to make them smaller!

  • Verified Buyer

    WONDERFUL! (30 September 2007)

    Don't mistake these for other sticky dots. They aren't as good as these. These are perfect for adhering anything that you want to stick on & pop up permanently. From flowers to buttons to metal embellies. They don't come off & they hold everything on! They are clear & they can shape into small spaces or mold to your embellishment. I will never be without a pack in my tote!

  • Good Tool! (30 September 2007)

    This tool is so great because it's so small, yet very sturdy. You can easily put it somewhere safe and not have to worry about little hands finding it or falling on it. It does come with a little plastic shield, which I still keep over the tip of the needle for extra protection. I like it because you can control the pressure on this smaller size & lessen the risk of poking yourself. It's a great thing to have, even if you already have a larger piercer.

  • Verified Buyer

    So CUTE!! (30 September 2007)

    These are so cute & perfect for a scrapbooker! They come in a really cute tin tube. The colors are really great for scrapbookers to use. The color well & are really pretty. I had them for over a year before I used them, but once I did, I was so glad that I had them, especially since I do some stamping.

    I only gave them four stars because you can get color pencils much cheaper just about anywhere...but those come in a cardboard box & that isn't a die-hard scrappers style now is it???

  • Convenient & Cute, but... (30 September 2007)

    The font sets are really convenient & this one came with my Wishblade. The font sets were really easy for me to use until I was able to make the time to learn how to use my machine and use True Type Fonts. I would choose this one again, if I were going back in time & becoming a new Wishblade owner. It's very versatile & fun.

    On the other hand...once you've figured out how to use True Type Fonts these sets become obsolete. You have no limitations on font & anything you wish to cut is at your fingertips.

    If you get one free with your machine, go ahead and get it. BUT, if you don't, just take the time learn your machine & to use FREE True Type Fonts!! It's really easy once you read the instructions.

  • Buy these (30 September 2007)

    Many people try to make their own, but it isn't worth it. Buy these. They are from Wishblade, fairly inexpensive & worth the money. It's worth having a couple extra around the house. I'm so glad they come in a 2-pack & that they come with extra O-rings. I've never lost an O-ring, but I think many people do misplace theirs. I get extra life out of my mats by cleaning them with a baby wipe & then spraying it with Krylon Easy Tack after it's dry.

  • Best Purse Ever! (30 September 2007)

    I love this purse! It has so many interior storage pockets that the only thing in the middle of my purse is a wallet. It holds an unbelievable amount of stuff too! It's a good size, not too big and not too small. It's very nice looking, & is well made. Does not feel or look cheaply made. Holds up very well.

    The picture part is so fun! The pics slide into individual pockets in a clear acrylic slide. The pictures stay protected and cannot get bent up or scratched.

    I want to buy a pink one too!

  • Great storage item! (30 September 2007)

    This bag has 2 pockets, and both zip all the way around. When you open the big part, it opens to a 3 ring binder where you can store your 3-ring punched stamps or if you have other brands that aren't pre-punched, slip them in a heavy duty page protector for quick, easy, see-through & secure storage. The inside of the binder section has a couple of mesh pockets for acrylic block, ink remover, ink, or small stamp storage. The top zippered part has more mesh pockets and a lot of room for storing larger items.

  • My ONE & ONLY (30 September 2007)

    The Dot 'n' Roller is amazing! I love everything about it! It's a bunch of tiny clear dots that you roll on. When you stop rolling the dots stop coming off unlike many of the other rolling adhesives who always seem to leave extra. It does not clog or leave dots in the "undercarriage" for lack of a better word. It's so much better than the small rectangular roll ons or the other dot rollers I've tried. It even has a cap that stays in place & snaps over the roller for storage & then snaps back to stay put while you are using it.

    The refill is awesome! It slides in and out with out you having to do anything mechanical! Basically, the refill is the blue & red part that you see in the picture. You just push down on the sides and the whole blue cartridge pops out. Quick, easy & hassle free!

    It says permanent, but if you need to remove something you usually can.

    Don't just try it, buy some refills to go along because you'll never use another dry adhesive after you've tried this one.