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Lisn2cats's Reviews

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    Very versatile and plentiful (06 June 2022)

    I keep a pack of these handy - they can be used on so many projects. They are fabulous for vintage layouts and cards but many of the greenery bits and even the flowers are perfect for tucking into bright layouts.

    Note on the weight: These are NOT chipboard (like cardboard) weight; these are cardstock (thicker/heavier paper-weight).

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    So many flowers (10 December 2021)

    Wonderful mix of flowers and leaves - in various sizes - that are perfect for clustering and layering. And the soft watercolor colors are just beautiful. It's an ephemera pack I keep on hand - a couple of flowers, a couple of leaves plus a sentiment makes a very quick pretty card on the fly.

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    Love the mix of wood grains (10 December 2021)

    This is a paper collection I keep on my Favorites list and buy over and over. I love the variety of wood grains - something for everything. On the flip side is the grid pattern, which is equally versatile. In the spirit of FOMO, I always keep a spare, unopened pack in my hoard just in case it goes out of stock or, heaven forbid, is discontinued!

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    My first SB disappointment (29 November 2021)

    First, the positives: This is very sturdy and well constructed. I bought the frosty bins and love that the lid can be used to stack the bins. (There is a con to this coming.). I don't mind the length - these will fit nicely on my elfa shelves and not stick out. And they seem to hold a lot (I use small plastic storage bags to store my packs of ephemera). And I like that these arrived un-warped.

    The disappointment: Turned over, the lids don't really work as lids. Not so great when you want a nice flat surface rather than a tray-like surface. When I finally managed to squish the lid on, I nearly ripped all my fingernails trying to get it off. Won't be doing that again! The biggest disappointment, though, is SB storage is uncoordinated. I bought the index dividers but they don't fit - they are too long. Yes, I could trim them but why would I pay for something just to have to jerry-rig it to make it work. None of the lovely storage envelopes fit either unless you don't use the lid. But then what's the point of giving me a lid? Nothing standard will fit - 3 x 5 is too small; 4 x 6 is too large.

    As someone mentioned, returning these is more hassle that it's worth so I will figure out a way to use these (probably buy new storage bags (more money out the door) and cut down the dividers (and, in the process, ruin my cutter blade).

    As much I like the quality of the SB storage products, I hate that I have to play this will-it-fit-or-will-I-have-finagle-a-solution-to-make-them-work-together game.

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    Better than I expected (24 September 2021)

    Granted, I expected these to be 6x6 because I apparently didn't read the description! What a happy surprise! So many ideas for using these - and I'm not wasting one little bit. These sheets are so versatile; I can't wait to start incorporating them into my LOs.

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    Surprised (16 September 2021)

    A YouTube video using this product popped up on my feed and I watched out of boredom. Yep, by the end, I had looked up the product and impulsively bought 4 different patterns. Then I watched them gather dust (while buying more patterns because...why not?). When a mixed media challenge came along that I thought I could accomplish.... Surprise! It was the perfect opportunity to try out the product and I am sold. It was super easy to use and adds so much to any project - even a paper project! I haven't posted yet but I used it on a layout (gesso the paper first). It has a bit of translucency, which I love. This one has some gold in it - kind of like the alcohol ink on Yupo that I can't perfect.

    Guess what happened next? Yep, I bought more and have more on my Wish List. I have a list of projects I want to try this on including a wood tray, jewelry and glass. Oh! You definitely need some sort of top coat like Modge Podge or one of those spray sealants.

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    Game-Changer (16 September 2021)

    "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." This is so easy to use, is versatile, helps to adds extra shine just where you want it, applies smoothly, dries to the right tackiness under 20 seconds, lasts a long time, no tools required....

    I think the #1 reason is that last one - I love using my laminator and die machine but sometimes I just want a little foiling on my project and it seems like such a hassle to mess with all the machines. Plus neither allows me to foil on 12x12 sheets. This product does! I can add just a bit of pattern on dark papers, I can doodle and add different colors of foil wherever I want (using up those scraps), and I can change the color of foil on ephemera to match my color scheme.

    I think I have 6 of these now because I'm afraid they'll go out of stock!

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    Great quality (26 June 2021)

    I *was* making my own card bases but why bother when these are so affordable and of great quality. Thick enough to withstand some light mixed media, a nice bright white and, again, affordable. Now I keep at least a pack or two on hand (for all the card challenges!).

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    When you're too lazy for mixed media (26 June 2021)

    Sometimes you just don't want to haul out the gesso, paper towels and wait for it all to dry. I love the look of dripping paint and this stamp set makes it so easy! I admit I haven't used it much (yet) but I have a bunch of ideas in mind!

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    Would be great if they cut (26 June 2021)

    The pros of this die is you can create a number of pretty frames. Except for the con: the amount of work it takes to figure out how to get them to cut is ridiculous. The packaging notes that you might need a shim or cardboard to use the about making a die that cuts the way most do is my question. I couldn't find my shim so had to experiment with a number of different cardstocks to make this work (the thicker ones would let the die go through; the thinner ones did nothing). Like the concept of all-in-one frames, hate having to work so hard to get them.

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    Beautiful results (26 June 2021)

    I already had a huge supply of pastes but I saw this on clearance and I know Cosmic Shimmer makes great products so I threw it my cart. I LOVE it! A little goes a long way, it has a neat sandy texture and the color is so soft but it doesn't "disappear" on the page. (I bought the other color on clearance too....hoping ALL the colors eventually make it to the sale section!)

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    Great for cards and layouts (26 June 2021)

    I liked these so much when I bought them the first time around, I bought 2 more (glad I did since they keep going out of stock on Like others, I find there's a great variety of phrases that can be used both on cards and layouts (I like to use 2 or 3 on a layout). My only teeny complaint is they (like so many stickers) don't always stick but a little of the 1/8" tape does the trick perfectly.

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    My new favorite Altenew stencil (26 June 2021)

    All of Altenew's stencils are wonderful but this is definitely my new favorite. The mountain scene is so easy to create - and I can see a lot of potential for mixing it up using different color combinations and mediums. Like all of Altenew's products, this stencil is made of sturdy plastic but not so rigid you can't bend it a bit. I used a my Picket Fence Life Changing brush to keep the hues softer but mostly because I didn't want to accidently bend or distort the finer pine tree part.

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    Great Size - clasp fell off 2nd week (30 October 2020)

    Love the size of this storage box. I bought two, one for my growing collection of Altenew stamp sets and one for envelopes of various dies and die sets. Once I filled both - I am embarrassed to admit, I kind of forgot where I put them as my other purchases took over the shelf. Anyway, with that - it meant I wasn't really opening and closing them that often. Sadly, about the second week, one of closure thingies fell off while closing/locking the lid. It's not like I have super-human powers...pretty sure I used standard finger strength! Still, I love the size and usefulness of these!

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    This Ink Pad Changed My Stamping (07 March 2020)

    WIth this ink pad, I have gone from a terrible stamper to "hey, I can stamp!" stamper. I get incredibly crisp images without any effort. I literally just touch the stamp to the ink and, boom!, crisp and flawless. (Same with the white ink pad.) I ordered a few of the other colors so can't wait to try them out.

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    Great for lining up letters in a shape (10 October 2019)

    This product is great for lining up letters (or any small embellishment) - I think it's the letter products that are challenging (either they don't want to stick to the guide or they won't let go). For anyone who is as clueless as I am, take the thin film off the product before using.

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    Beautiful paper (10 October 2019)

    So pretty that I am using it as inspiration for mixed media backgrounds because I can't bear to cover up or cut any part of this paper. I suppose I could just buy more ... heading to shop now!

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    Beautiful results (10 October 2019)

    I've been using this stencil with sprays and it makes any page stand out. Definitely a thumbs up!

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    Great value (10 October 2019)

    These stencils are so pretty and layer well with some of my other stencils. Just getting into mixed media and don't want to invest in the more expensive stencils until I have my technique down. And these are by the Mixed Media Guru herself (Vicki Boutin)! These are perfect and conveniently store in my mini-binder. Looking for more soon.

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    Magical (10 October 2019)

    Hard to believe the finished stamped image is actually made with stamps! So real-looking. Like most of Altenew's layering stamps, the first two layers are "pretty" - it's the last layer that gets the "oooooooh"! I can't wait to make bows for all my packaging this year!!! Just love love this product.

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    Very magnetic-y (08 August 2019)

    This is a handy product - and with strong magnetic powers (which makes it challenging when your work surface has lots rulers, brands, pens, dies, and other metals on it). BUT, with that being said, the magnets that came with the mat (plus the ruler is also magnetic), keeping paper in place is a breeze! The mat is a pretty heavy magnetic sheet but it's not rigid so the soft surface can get hole-y if you're using a pointy tool and definitely no fine/hard-tipped pens if you have a heavy hand. I use the included 6 (maybe 5?) small magnets all the time though not really with the mat since the ruler does the job.

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    Great value and quality (08 August 2019)

    I can't rave enough about this (these) product(s) and especially this bundle. After playing with the numbers, this really is a value pack. The adhesives are amazing - so sticky and substantive (not flimsy tape that you can easily rub off your paper). The full size sheets are invaluable for those small or intricate die cuts. WTG,!

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    The item that saved me hours of frustration (08 August 2019)

    I didn't know this product existed until I saw someone use it in a YouTube video. Until then, I used my nails, glue on a needle, gum on a pencil tip (gross), and lots of naughty words to get sequins and those teeny teeny jewels on to my projects. Now it's a breeze; now I save my needles for sewing and keep the gum where it belongs. The tip on the non-gummy side has 2 ends - a pointy one for poking and a flat one for (I don't know - I use it to get the paper off my tape strips). Oh one thing to note: don't try to screw off the cap on the blue gummy side - it releases more gummy stuff (which you can't get back in). So don't waste the whatever-it-is and pull off the cap.

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    Just looking at this makes me happy (08 August 2019)

    Love the colorful accents these stickers give to my layouts. So cheery and cute. I'm hanging on to that sunburst for a "deserving" layout (or I could just buy another sheet!). Coordinates so nicely with other Echo Park paper packs (like Best Summer Ever and Good Day Sunshine and Everyday Eclectic).

  • Beautiful on its own or fussy cut (cutted?) (08 August 2019)

    I'm currently obsessed with wide washi tape so I had to add this to my growing collection. To be honest, I didn't really know how I was going to use this - the flowers are pretty big for an A2 card and takes up a bit of real estate on my scrapbook page (didn't want to cover up the pretty flowers). Then I borrowed someone else's creative idea, which was to put them on paper (I like using blue cardstock) and fussy-cutting the flower clusters. A lot of washi comes on this roll (though that won't stop me from buying one more "just in case").

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    Nice wide neutral washi tape (08 August 2019)

    I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this but had to buy it because I'm currently obsessed with wide-washi-tape. It's nice on it's own but even nicer when used with my letter dies. I keep saying, Altenew never disappoints!

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    Gorgeous washi tape (08 August 2019)

    The color combo of this washi tape is subtle yet not subtle. I covered a card topper with the washi and layered flowers on top and also used it to "frame" my scrapbook page featuring flowers from my flowerpot garden. And, like all the other Altenew washi tapes I've purchased, I appreciate the sticking power.

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    So much washi (08 August 2019)

    You get A LOT on this roll of fun washi tape. I was looking for something wide to use for birthday cards (that wouldn't bulk up my card) and this is perfect. Has good sticking power too (hate when my washi tape starts to curl itself off my pages!). Altenew products never disappoint!

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    Gorgeous image (08 June 2019)

    Saw this stamp used in a mixed media journal layout and just had to have it. I was very happy to see it available on (and at a discount). Stamps beautifully (I used Versafine pads) and I love that the stamp is already "shaded" since my coloring skills are pretty basic.

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    Adorable! (08 June 2019)

    Finally caved and bought the magic window changer die and realized all of my stamps were too big or just didn't "go". So much fun watching the magic happen! (So much so that I made a card just for me.) Also a perfect size for paperclip page markers for my bullet journal. Oh! And great quality product - nice, crisp images.