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JustHorsingAround's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    I don't know what happened.... (10 January 2008)

    I've been a Tombow product fan for years, but this new 82 foot long product is making me rethink my loyalty. I don't know what happened since it's supposed to be the same product, but this new extra long roller does not work properly. Not only does it keep skipping long lengths at a time, but gets gummed up too. I'm also thinking it's not as strong of an adhesive as the shorter one.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great compact organizer! (31 October 2007)

    I jumped on this organizer, although a bit pricey. I had 2 huge drawers of my letters, and now have almost everything into this handy, compact, and super cute tote. I love the size of each box, I love how each box can be seperated from the row, and I love how I can see all the letters I have. This allows me to think "outside the box" when it come to titling. Hopefully now I can use my giant stash and get the 2nd drawer into this great organizer too! LOL

    Great product for the money. I frequently scrap on the go, so this is perfect storage for traveling as well as sitting on my desk.

    I would defintely recommed this to my friends.