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Scraprabbit's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    sticks HARD! (14 January 2011)

    I'm always looking for something that will STAY STUCK. This stuff wins. If you like repositionable, this is not for you. I love it. I love that the rolls are so long that I don't have to keep replacing them all the time, and it's really economical. It's so economical that I used it to seal the envelopes on all of my Christmas cards this year (I hate licking those things). Great value, great product.

  • FAVE adhesive!!! (15 September 2010)

    I LOVE this stuff! I do agree with the other reviewer who said the hinge on the case breaks easily, but mine is still good enough that it clips together just fine still. This stuff is super sticky - it is NOT repositionable unless you don't care if your paper rips. It's easy to use and super easy to refill. I was crushed when Walmart stopped carrying this because I used it for everything - paper, cardstock, ribbon, chipboard, metal, etc. I'm STOKED that carries it now! The refills aren't super long so you refill it more than others, but the price per refill is so cheap that it doesn't bother me.

  • Side pocket too long (08 August 2010)

    When you stack three 4x6 photos like that with the seaming inbetween, you get a side pocket that's more like 12 3/8" long inside of 12". And that means your 12x6 paper that you cut will be too short and apt to fall out. I've been putting cute scrapbook-y clips on the outside of the page protector to hold the side paper in. It does work great for brochures and other things you want to keep off of your photos. Works great mixed with other page protectors in a d-ring album. I will likely buy these again even with the measurement problem.

  • Great idea, but long pocket not to scale (08 August 2010)

    I have the exact same problem as another reviewer here. The "12x2" pocket is not that. It's more like 12 3/8 by 1 7/8. My 12" long paper falls right out. The 4x6 pockets are to scale though. I've remedied the problem by putting those cute metal clips on the top and bottom of the 12x2 strip on the outside of the page protector to hold in the cardstock. It works - but it's too bad I have to do that.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great basic (08 August 2010)

    Can't be without kraft cardstock! This is a staple in my stash, and the bazzill brand is nice and thick. This pack is NOT textured though, but I love it anyway!

  • Verified Buyer

    Frustrating (04 August 2010)

    I love the Signo white gel pen, but my last one started skipping when it was getting low on ink and this was highly recommended to me (plus cheaper). When I saw "better than Signo" I couldn't believe it. I shouldn't have. It skips and doesn't write consistently. I've tried everything I could think of and nothing seems to help. I'm going back to the Signo. WAY worth the extra $$. I gave this 2 stars because it's usable and does look good if you are very patient and don't mind going over your writing 2-3 times, but I won't buy it again.

  • Verified Buyer

    Excellent quality! (04 August 2010)

    These really cute felt stickers are just great! They have a good adhesive over the entire back, not just a little half-sticky pop-dot like some other 3-D stickers I've gotten before. They are sticky though, so make sure you know where you want it before you stick one down. Nice thick felt and well put-together pieces too.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun embellishment! (01 May 2010)

    These buttons are so fun! The holes are big enough to get some thread or even smallish ribbon through them and there are some really fun patterns!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun fun fun! (02 May 2009)

    I'm not into bling, but I thought I better try Stickles since it's all the craze right now. I used it on a winter page and WOW did it add a lot! It's so easy to use, and the tip is narrower than other glitter glue tips so you get a beautiful thin line. If the bottle gets clogged take thin pin and poke through the nozzle. This is a really great color too--although there's a slight purple tint to it that you can't tell from the picture. It would be great on winter pages, girl pages, or anything where you just want a little sparkle.

  • Verified Buyer

    My favorite template yet! (18 April 2009)

    I have a couple Crafter's Workshop Templates and I like this one the best! You can use a pen/marker to make faux stitches on your layout, or you can use it has a paper piercing template with a needle/pushpin/paper piercer and poke holes so you can handstitch. I used the wavy part to draw flower stems that I handstitched and it looked really cool. I love that it has the scallop and zig zag and all the different stitch shapes. Highly recommend!

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome! (12 April 2009)

    First of all, you can never go wrong with thickers. That said, I have the worst luck with getting "self-adhesive" chipboard...never sticks! This does though, and well! I knew I liked the color and font, but the great adhesive on the chipboard is why I'm going to buy more of the chipboard thickers. Love this product!

  • Verified Buyer

    Tons of stuff in the box! (12 April 2009)

    There are so many different flowers and shapes/sizes that all coordinate. The buttons are also many shapes and sizes. It's so easy to get those gorgeous layered flowers just by stacking these together and finishing it off with a button. They look awesome with all sorts of papers too. I like the blue/green combo here...easy to add to boy pages too without making it all 'girly'. I can't wait to get the other colors!

  • Nice images (05 April 2009)

    I really like this ecut--the images are so pretty and have a great color scheme for a beach page. The only reason this got 4 stars instead of 5 was that because the edges on some of the elements are jagged, and it's difficult to cut around them and make them look authentic. However, if you carefully rip around them instead of cut it works a lot better.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great template! (02 April 2009)

    Great product. The template is very flexible plastic but sturdy. I've drawn around the scalloped edges, traced around and cut, used the swirls to doodle, etc. You can also line up things exactly with the dots. Very glad I got it!

  • Verified Buyer

    Better than I expected! (09 January 2009)

    These looked great, but I thought they were probably difficult to use. Not so! They run smoothly along your paper. It really helps to put a mousepad or some kind of foam under the paper though to allow the holes to be punched better. I have used them freehand and also along the edge of a ruler with good success. I also love that the heads pop in when you're not using them so you don't poke yourself unintentionally. These make handstitching so much easier--with one row of holes or two. I can't believe I waited so long to get them!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun! (07 January 2009)

    Fun little journaling papers with different designs. So easy to slip on a page quick w/o cutting anything down to size. Looks great with the frayed edged exposed or slipped behind something.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice variety (31 August 2008)

    I like the variety of colors that come in this pack. However, you probably can't make too many words in all one color, if you're looking to do that. They are cardstock stickers, so they are nice and thick and easy to work with. Numbers and punctuation is included too which is always good. I'd buy them again.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun! (08 August 2008)

    These page protectors are so much fun to use! They are a great way to "hide" extra pictures of the same event. They will fit in any post bound 12x12 album...they have the three holes at the spine, with the 1st and 3rd hole a bit longer to accomodate different post placements in different album brands. The 6x12 pieces are in style right now and so easy and fun to work with. Rhis is an easy way to use an interactive element and still have all the pages safely covered. I'm sure I will buy more when I use these up!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great idea! (04 July 2008)

    I "ditto" all the good things people said about this. The reason I gave it 4 (and not 5) stars is that I notice the bigger I expand my album the more wobbly it gets. The posts seem to hold it more steady than the straps do. Also, the adhesive on the clip parts is pretty lame--get a couple mini glue dots to help hold it to your album more securely. (If you don't have mini glue dots--you should!! They're great for EVERYTHING. LOL) Oh, and the written instructions are confusing--check out the video listed with this product here and it'll make it so much easier. TAKE CAREFUL NOTE of which way the ridges are supposed to be facing--if you do it the opposite way, the straps won't want to stay snapped in place when you try.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love them! (03 May 2008)

    Technique Tuesday stamps are excellent quality, and these are so fun to use for different things. Use the big stamps as petals for flowers (same or different stamps) or leaves or anything else you want! The circles make great flower centers and the hearts are great accents anywhere on the page. These come in large and small--this small set measures 2.5" across the length of the petal/leaf.

  • Verified Buyer

    Good for distressing (06 April 2008)

    I really like the Tim Holtz inks. The ink pads are raised up so it's really easy to rub them across edges of paper or even across a flat page. The tea dye is a great color to add that old-worn-paper look to your items. Or you can crumple a piece of paper and rub ink on the raised creases to get a look like is shown on the lid of the ink pad.

  • Verified Buyer

    Looks great and easy to use! (06 April 2008)

    I love these photo anchors--I've used them to hold a pic in place and also to close a hinged panel of hidden journaling so it's easy to flip open to read. They are so easy to use also--make a small hole (with a paper piercer or needle) where you want the brad to go, then put the brad through the hole and adhere to your page. The tighter you fix the brad, the less the anchor will move around.

  • Verified Buyer

    Lots of variety! (06 April 2008)

    I love this pack of undressed chipboard. There are so many fun shapes that I can find something to use on just about any layout. It has a nice finish and is easy to adhere with glue dots. I've painted them, inked them, covered them with patterned paper (place top side down on back of paper, trace around and then cut out with sharp scissors). Chipboard gives nice dimension to your pages without becoming overly bulky. I'd definitely buy this again!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun as an adhesive and an embellishment! (05 April 2008)

    This is a strong glue to adhere many things, but I really like to use it as an accent on my projects. You can cover an entire area to live a glossy finish, or you can leave raised dots (I used it in the middle and tips of snowflakes I stamped). It just adds that little extra and so easy to use! Hint: don't cut off a lot of the top! It will come out fairly quickly even with just a small hole. If it becomes glued shut just take a needle or tack and poke a small hole back through the opening. I wish I would've gotten this product sooner!

  • Verified Buyer

    Easy to use (05 April 2008)

    I bought this in the last order I placed here--I had never used felt before. This is really easy to use because it's peel and stick--although if you're using a long length, you may want to peel and stick a little at a time so it doesn't get away from you and stick to itself. :) I also like how you can cut off exactly how much you need. I even added a little ink to some with a brush tipped marker to match a page I was working on and it turned out great. Like someone else mentioned, it's a shame that it comes folded and creased and not in the rolled ball that's shown, but I haven't had any problems after I've stuck it to a page. I'm definitely going to try some other designs/colors of the felt fusion ribbon!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun to use! (05 April 2008)

    These lined squares are so fun to use, and they make journaling a breeze. Such a classic way to write on your page--works great for school pages, or any pages where you have a lot of journaling. And since they're cardstock you can ink/distress the edges or stamp on them to have a little more fun too. I recently used two side-by-side and tied some fiber through the holes linking them together which was a cute effect too.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these stamps! (07 March 2008)

    Autumn Leaves has great quality stamps. I really like these journaling ones--and they come in the clamshell (harder plastic case) for even easier storage than some other clear stamps. This set is a great way to add a great-looking spot for journaling on your page.

  • Verified Buyer

    I have lots of these types of brads. (03 February 2008)

    MM mini brads are great! I have several packs. These antique copper ones are so versatile from heritage pages to outdoorsy pages, to just about anything! They are so easy to use (just like the brass fasteners you used in art class in 1st grade!) and they are removable if you make a mistake.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these stamps! (03 February 2008)

    Autumn Leaves makes great clear stamps, and these are no exception. I love that these are larger stamps than many alphas too. So easy to use - line up on a clear block, stamp away, and clean off with water or stamp cleaner. I can't wait to get more of the Autumn Leaves stamps!

  • SO helpful! (15 December 2007)

    I got this book at a point where I was no longer enjoying scrapping because I never liked my finished product anymore. I started at the beginning of the book and just finished the 5th workshop (Don't Let the Tail Wag the Dog). I love the layout I created using these methods! It's fresh and definitely different than the other pages I've been creating lately--but it's still "my style". I plan on doing that particular workshop over and over. Most importantly, I've had more FUN scrapping since reading the book! Simple and easy to do things that made a lot of difference in the way I scrap. Definitely recommend!

  • Verified Buyer

    Good variety (11 October 2007)

    I have a couple stitching stamp sets, and I really like this one because it has some basic stitches plus some really fun ones. I especially like the wavy ones as I didn't see those in other sets. And the flowers are fun too to add a border to something. Great quality and easy to use. I use them a lot.

  • Verified Buyer

    Some of the best stamps ever! (11 October 2007)

    Wow, wow, wow. These stamps are so fun and so versatile! I don't have a sewing machine, so I tried these out and it really does look like stitching. The ends of each stamp are made to match up with the beginning so that you can repeatedly stamp and "sew" as long of a strip as you want. They are sew easy (hehe) to use too--stick on a clear block and ink and stamp away--you'll have no problems lining them up since they are clear. This brand is good quality too (unlike some other off-brand clear stamps I've tried). No more doodled stitching for me--these come out perfect and look really professional.

  • Verified Buyer

    definitely recommend! (10 October 2007)

    I had to ask the staff here if this was textured because I couldn't believe the price for this much Bazzill! It IS wonderfully textured and the papers are thick and the colors are gorgeous. This definitely lives up to the Bazzill "hype" and I can't wait to buy the other collections! The colors in the pack aren't listed but I got (in my terms, not actual bazzill names--LOL) light blue, indigo, light and dark sage green, yellow, rust, light and dark violet, gray, and black.

  • Verified Buyer

    Good for just a touch of glitter (10 October 2007)

    I got the pearl color thinking it was the most versatile. I tried it on some medium blue cardstock and the effect was very subtle. I am now wishing I would've gotten a color with some actual "color" to it. It does add a fine mist of glitter, but you also have to watch where that fine mist goes--cover your work space! If you get closer to the paper you tend to get bigger splotches--like a raindrop effect. I covered full sheets of paper and the paper did curl a bit from the moisture. It's a fun product to use, but I don't think I will be using it for as much as I originally thought.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love love love these! (10 October 2007)

    I can't believe how well these work on glossy surfaces! I did a test on some scrap glossy photo paper before I tried them on a project to see how fast I could smudge my hand across it without it smearing. You can't touch it immediately, but seriously only 2-3 seconds later you can rub across it (with a firm touch too) and it won't smear a bit! I can't believe it! They write really well too--just like a regular sb'ing pen. I only wish I could get more colors--I'd stock up for sure!

  • Many uses! (02 September 2007)

    I love the BG monogram sets--they are thick paper and match perfectly with the BG paper collections. I use them for initials, to highlight a certain letter, or to make very big (short titles). I also keep the "negative" leftover paper so I can use it as a stencil when I want a letter in a different pattern. Flip upside down, trace around the back of the paper, and cut out! The letters are big enough that cutting with a scissors isn't too much trouble. Very versatile!

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    One of the best things I ever bought for sb'ing! (01 September 2007)

    You can unstick photos from your page, paper from paper, photos from those old acidic "magnetic" albums, stickers off your windshield, price tags off glass, bumper stickers off of a wood dresser (know that from experience-ha!), glue dots from metal, xyron adhesive, etc. All w/o damaging a thing! It looks like a big oily stain when you apply it, but don't panic--it'll dry completely clear and you can restick whatever it was that you unstuck. Also, applying to a cotton ball and wiping off your scissors or cutting blade will un-gunk them if you cut something sticky too. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!

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    Easy to use and looks great! (01 September 2007)

    I love stitching on pages, but I don't have a machine. These rub-ons are perfect--and the white looks so elegant on any color page! They are 12" long so you can "stitch" an entire length of a page and they are very good quality rub-ons. They look just like stitches on your page and add so much to the look. Tips: cut out the rub on that you want to use before you use it so you don't accidentely rub on extra ones, and when you put them back in the container, tape the edges of the remaining rubons (just over the wax paper) to the backing sheet so they don't slip and stick to each other when you put them away.

  • Verified Buyer

    My most used coluzzle template! (08 August 2007)

    This is a great investment (but you really need the coluzzle mat and swivel blade for the best results!!). The biggest circle is almost 4.5" in diameter and the smallest circle is slightly under 1" in diameter. There are 8 sizes total. This is the only circle template (I've tried others) that I will use for these size circles. Easy to use. Take the thin plastic covering off of BOTH sides of the template when you first get it (not always easy to notice if you're not aware they're there--if you miss one it will make cutting harder!), line up the clear template over whatever you're cutting to find which size circle is best, put all that on the foam coluzzle mat and cut with the coluzzle swivel blade (using the blade almost exactly vertically gives the easiest cut). Snip the little uncut spots with small sharp scissors and voila! You'll use this over and over for all those circles that are so popular!

  • Verified Buyer

    Improved quality! (08 August 2007)

    I've been using this product for years now, and I was about to give up because it just wasn't holding even cardstock to cardstock well. Once the new look of the packaging came out, they must have switched their formula or something because it holds strong now and I'm back loving it! This is great for photos, paper, and/or cardstock. The only drawback to this product (and it's not enough for me to stop using it) is that you kind of have to be careful when applying the little tape doesn't always go exactly where you want it (takes a little longer to come out of the dispenser when you are rolling it along that you might expect). Once you get the hang of it, it works quickly but it's a little frustrating at first. The refills can be a little confusing at first to put it, but there are pictures to follow which makes it pretty good. Love this adhesive!

  • Inconsistent quality (08 August 2007)

    I love this product for the first half-roll or so. I use it to temporarily stick things down before I turn to my permanent adhesive, or to run scraps of cardstock through the printer by sticking them to a full sheet of printer paper and then easily removing it. After about half a roll my dispenser clogs up (cleaning it out hasn't helped) and the tape does not run smoothly at all. It's, in fact, very difficult to get the tape to run properly and it's a pain to use the last of what is otherwise a great product. I've talked with several other scrappers about this product and some have had this same problem, but most have no problems at all. The one thing I LOVE about this product is that if you want the adhesive off your paper, you rub the little dots with your finger and they come right off and your fingers don't get gummy or anything! That's what makes me keep coming back to this product even though my dispenser gives me a headache.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great heavyweight paper! (06 August 2007)

    I love how thick this paper is. The quality is great and the packs go so well together. The only thing is that you get one of every sheet--and sometimes I find a sheet or two to be not quite my style. The tags and alpha stickers are great and make for some really stylish yet quick layouts. You can also get Bazzill cardstock to match the different BG sets! Can't go wrong with BG!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great quality! (06 August 2007)

    Ecuts in general are fun to use, but this black/white collection is the best! This doodling flowers one is great for doodle challenged people (like me). I love the b/w because you can print it on any color cardstock you want so it automatically matches your lo! Also, it's easy to resize the elements using Word--just copy/paste what you want and shrink or enlarge it in Word. So easy to use and prints out wonderfully! So cheap too!

  • Good system! (01 August 2007)

    If you are using the coluzzle templates, you definitely need this inexpensive mat. I know many people who have given up on the coluzzle system because it wasn't working for them (when they used different cutting boards/mats). This mat has a long life (I've had mine for years and haven't had to replace it yet), and you can extend the life even more by adhering cardboard to the side you're not cutting on to make it stay together even longer. Use the coluzzle blade and the coluzzle mat, and the system works like a charm. I love mine!

  • MM is great quality! (20 July 2007)

    I love rub-ons, and the MM brand are the best brand I've ever gotten. They rub off easily and have a nice crisp look to them. Do make sure you cut out the letter you want (instead of taking the whole sheet and rubbing one letter) so you don't accidently rub an extra letter off somewhere you don't want it! I've also gotten some other brands that have a clear-ish backing that rubs off too that makes it look like a clear backed sticker, but these don't have that. Very clear and work great on paper, cardstock, photos, or even on overlapping different elements on your page.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great brand of clear stamps! (20 July 2007)

    These clear stamps are just so easy to use! Peel them off the backing, stick them on an acrylic block, line it up, and stamp! They work great with all kinds of inks too. The designs in this package are so versatile and fun that you can use them on all sorts of different layouts. I would recommend getting one big acrylic block (so you can use it with any clear stamp) and one small block (so you have more control over the smaller stamps). Fabulous product!

  • Great letter stickers! (17 July 2007)

    I rarely use stickers, but I love these! They are thick and give more dimension than lots of "regular" stickers. They match the BG lines of paper...including the distressed look and color variances. I've even "abused" them, and they've held their own against inking, chalking, and even heat embossing without tearing or losing their stick. They don't have a clear edge like some stickers, and the two different sizes you get on the page are really versatile to use for different spaces also. Also comes with handy punctuation!

  • Verified Buyer

    Such a great product! (13 July 2007)

    These stamps are so versatile...I can't believe how inexpensive they are! I use them with paint and ink. The foam allows you to put pressure on each part of the stamp to get an even image (unlike my experience w/ some wood mounted stamps). If using ink, you just need a very light layer of paint--use a brush to brush it on instead of dipping it in the paint. I've used them with dye and pigment ink, both times with good success. I've stained them with so many inks by not cleaning them right away, and they still work as well as they did brand new. I use them all the time!

  • Verified Buyer

    Good embellishments (13 July 2007)

    This is a great pack, but I would have been disappointed if I hadn't already owned some paper from this collection. The 8 papers that come with the pack are fabulous, but you only get one of each. It's great for variety, but if you do two-page layouts and want matching background paper you can't do it with this pack alone. This is the only drawback to the pack in my opinion The embellishments can't be beat. The photo corners are so fun and there's such a variety of them. I love it because everything matches perfectly and the it's so bright and fun. I would definitely buy one of these packs again!

  • Verified Buyer

    Must have! (13 July 2007)

    I have been scrapping for 5 years and just got the little X. I have the xyron 500 (which is also great), but I don't know how I lived w/o this one for so long! It works great for those little hard to adhere die cuts or letters, and it also works great for ribbon. Even though I have a larger one, I love this for when I only have a few things to put through so I don't waste the adhesive. Definitely get a glue eraser though, as you will sometimes get extra adhesive around the edges of what you put through. Even with having to use the glue eraser, it is still faster and more convenient than dealing with trying to put adhesive on such a small thing. Highly recommend!

  • Verified Buyer

    So glad I finally got this! (13 July 2007)

    I had researched trimmers for awhile, and this one came highly recommended. It is BIG, but it fold for easy storage. The blade is super sharp and will cut the tiniest slivers of paper. The magnetic ruler is great too. Also, Making Memories has AWESOME customer service if you ever have a problem with it. It is pricey, but it is the one thing I can't live without when I'm scrapping, so it makes it worth it!

  • Great product (09 July 2007)

    All the Colorbok Perfect Scrapbooks are great...good quality and nice 12x12 page protectors that actually fit 12x12 lo's.

  • Verified Buyer

    Excellent! (09 July 2007)

    Excellent quality and works wonderfully with the chatterbox line of paper.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these! (09 July 2007)

    Couldn't scrap w/o these. They are SHARP!!

  • Verified Buyer

    This is a must-have!! (09 July 2007)

    You will not regret getting this pen. It is so opaque and writes wonderfully on dark cardstock w/o skipping or fading into the paper. And it dries fairly quickly for a gel pen too. I use it all the time for journaling and doodling.