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Belldandy's Reviews

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    beautiful!!! (02 May 2009)

    i adore this stack! The pages have more of a cardstock feel to them (not just flimsy paper) and are ideal for card making (which ive used several sheets to make cards out of). I LOVE the oriental designs (but the great thing about this is that its not overdone... it has a oriental "feel" to it but you could use it for anything (valentines day, birthday, get well soon, almost anything). Most of the pages are more muted and have an "earthy" tone to them. The colors represent the four elements of earth... fire (more reds, oranges), water (blue hues, purpleish hues), earth (browns and darker greens) and sky (lighter blues). One page has a koi fish on it in blue, quite a few have butterflies, a few have asian writing, a few have dragons and a lady in a kimono. Lovely! if you like the more muted earthy tones, id say pick this up! :)