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Myphoenixson's Reviews

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    Must have item! (14 August 2008)

    I love flocking! It is so much fun and it makes things have such a unique texture. If you are flocking chipboard, paint it the color of the matching flock first. I have also painted it after and it had an equally good, but different effect. Also, spray adhesive works well when flocking large areas, but for small images a glue pen works very well.

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    Gorgeous paper! (23 May 2008)

    This paper is absolutely gorgeous! It has so many possibilites. You can make a layout on it or cut out the individual butterflies and birds. The colors are so rich and bright! I definitely recommend for those summer layouts.

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    gotta love lace! (02 May 2008)

    This is just in time for summer! I love the design with the hibiscus flowers and purchased it to use on a luau layout. After receiving the paper, I decided to use it on an "everyday" layout because it is just that awesome! Great color, weight, and texture!

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    Wonderful product! (02 May 2008)

    I can't say enough about Thickers! AC certainly has a winner with these. These glittery letter stickers are a beautiful plum color and make any layout just pop! The glitter doesn't get all over the layout like others will, and they are a great fun font!

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    Awesome Font! (02 May 2008)

    You can not beat the price of these letter stickers and the font is one of the best I've seen. These letters mix and match so well with other black letter stickers and are very versatile.

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    Great basic Black letter stickers (02 May 2008)

    In these hard economic times, who doesn't like to save money? These letter stickers are not expensive, and when you buy them in basic Black, you can mix and match with other Black letter stickers if you run out of a letter! They are basic enough that they will coordinate well with almost any layout and a great size for subtitles.

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    These are awesome! (02 May 2008)

    I love THICKERS! I can't say enough great things about them. I use a lot of chipboard, and these are very durable and come in great colors. It's so convenient to have chipboard already painted and the perfect size. This font is also versitile. I have used it on fun and serious pages. I recommend this product!

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    Very nice variety! (19 April 2008)

    This little book is a great tool to have when you need a just a little journaling block like for a name or date. The stickers are amazingly tacky, so what I did was put them on coordinating paper first so I was able to the element around before I made a commitment to it's spot on my layout. These are very colorful and go with a lot of AC papers. I recommend.

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    Great addition to their paints (17 March 2008)

    I got this because I was out of glimmer mist and needed to add some sparkle to my layout. This worked perfectly. I just added a little bit overtop of my painted chipboard letters and it turned out great! I would recommend this product to anyone who used chipboard a lot (like I do!) and wants to add just a little something after they paint or stamp it.

  • Can't live without this! (17 March 2008)

    I had a regular tote before and I could not fit all of my items in it. Never again! I bought this and was a little put off by the cost, but I do not regret shelling out the money. When I first got it, I was late for a crop so I just threw all of my stuff in it. Guess what? It all fit! I zipped it up and was on my way. There is a compartment for every little thing and tons of pen holders. The thing I appreciate most about this tote is the fact that it is sturdy. It does not tip over when you add a lot of things to it.

  • Great item! (17 March 2008)

    I love this item and I wish I would have thought of it! It is very easy to use and holds a ton of ribbon. I thought I had a lot of ribbon, but I still have much more space to fill this up with a bunch more. I love the different colors the purse comes in and I got mine in red. If you have a lot of ribbon, this item is a must have. The best thing to do is start at the bottom when you fill it up. I just started with my pink ribbon, then went to my green, and so on. That way all the same colors are in the same location on the purse. Go buy one NOW!

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    Love all of these! (11 March 2008)

    The making memories journaling books are one of the best new products on the market in my opinion. Why didn't they think of this sooner? It comes in different shapes and styles and all you do is rip it out of the book and add it to your page. It is that simple! You can cut of the frayed edge or just leave it for a nice edgy look. If you struggle with journaling (as I do) this will make your life a heck of a lot easier. Go ahead and buy one today. You won't regret it!

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    This is awesome! (11 March 2008)

    If you don't have it yet, go get it! This has so many possibilites it is amazing! You can make this into a 4x6 mini album or do like I did and just use it as some of the pages in a 6x6 album. It is 12x12 so you can put lace cardstock on it and create your layout directly on the overlay. It is heavy enough that it is easy to work with, but you can cut it with your trimmer easily. Just remember to take both sides of the protective backing off. I forgot and my edges were not straight on one of my cuts. Other than that, have fun!

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    Great letter stickers! (11 March 2008)

    I love these letter stickers! You get a big bang for your buck with these. They have about 3 to 5 of each letter, which is nice. The other thing I like about this pack is that they threw in some other chipboard elements like frames and tags and even litte sayings. These are great for making a long title that uses many letters. They are just the right size for long titles and the color mix is fabulous! Highly recommend!

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    They are very pretty in person (11 March 2008)

    When I first saw this pack I thought, uh no thanks! But when I got them in a kit I was amazed at how pretty they actually are in person. They soft colors and fun designs are very inspiring. That being said, I did find them a little bit difficult to work with. I really had to think "outside of the box" with these! If you like a challenge, these papers are for you!

  • One of the best new products I have seen! (07 March 2008)

    I love love these! I think I have used every ki lace cardstock in the collection and I can't wait the new ones that just came out. They possibilities are endless with these bad boys! You can cut them up or you can just create your whole layout on it. I like to put them on a transparency and let the lace really show through! I love the look of that. They are very sturdy and do not tear easily. The come in a protective sleeve, but I have some that are just laying in my paper storage and they haven't gotten bent or anything. I highly recommend this product.

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    I really like this product (07 March 2008)

    I love these letters and I have them in white as well. I love the color of these letters and the texture is great. I have doodled on them with my white uniball signo and the results were fantastic. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the protective backing does not come off of the frame completely every time, which makes it difficult to get an accurate view of my lettering before I glue these down. The white backing sometimes peeks out the side after I pop the letter out of the frame. I do appreciate the ahesive used on this item. Once the letters are down, they are down to stay. Don't try and rip them up or you'll just rip up the letter and the adhesive will still be stuck to the page with a layer or chipboard attached. All in all, good product.

  • Good item! (26 February 2008)

    This is a good product to have when you have scrappers block. All you do is follow the grid and cut out your pictures, embellies, title and the like. Then you just arrange the pictures and elements under the template. It is good to use with a magnetic mat if you have one. You can also turn the template 90 degress for a different layout. I like this item a lot!

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    It's okay (26 February 2008)

    Like the other reviewer said, this paint is very thick. If you are used to using MM paint, this will be a change. But I will say that a little definitely goes a long way with this paint! And it paints chipboard beautifully! All in all, this is a good product and I would recommend this paint.

  • Best book ever! (25 February 2008)

    I love this book! It has made me an Elsie fan for life! Any time I am stumped, I can always count on this book for inspiration. Definitely a must have item!

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    I love this so much I bought two! (25 February 2008)

    Great patterns in this pack. I have made so many mini albums for my girlfriends and my daughter using this pad. The colors are so versitile and fun. I adore this collection!

  • Great item! (25 February 2008)

    I love these little pads. You get so much for your money. I have made at least three 6x6 albums with this one pad. I have also used it to make great layouts. It's also great if you don't want to shell out the money for the full sized collection. You can see what you are working with for half the price and then just get the 12x12 papers you like individually.

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    LOVE IT! (25 February 2008)

    This is one of the best scrapbooking investments I've made yet. I love this mat and all it's capabilities. The magnets are super strong! I have trouble keeping them apart at times, but I still recomment the product. The only thing I wish was that I could set eyelets on the mat. I put a small hole in the mat trying to punch a hole with my silent setter so don't attempt to set eyelets on the mat. Other than that, it is a must have!

  • Must have! (20 February 2008)

    I love this thing! I use it often and espcecially for ribbon! It's perfect for adhering ribbon!

  • Best tool ever! (20 February 2008)

    I love this thing! I took it to a crop and everyone kept asking to borrow it. It was a big hit!

    The only thing I didn't like is the reach of it. I have the silent setter to get holes punched in the middle of the paper. And when I tried to set an eyelet for the first time, my eyelet got stuck on the tool. I had to use my scissors to pry it off. Ever since then I haven't had a problem with it. I do recommend it.

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    Nice (20 February 2008)

    This stuff adds a great little touch to your layout. I would recommend shaking the bottle up first and testing it on a scrap peice of paper before you apply it to your cardstock etc. It gives a nice little shimmer to anything!

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    Amazing! (17 February 2008)

    I've never used this type of trimmer before. I've only ever had the guillotine type. I was skeptical and thought there would be a learning curve. There isn't! This is the best thing I've ever used! I love the preciseness of the blade. It makes beautifully thin mats! I am in love with this trimmer!

  • A must have for chipboard (17 February 2008)

    I use a lot of chipboard. I mean A LOT! I never really liked the way the letters turned out when I covered them with paper. With the BG file set, the problem is solved! It is a must have for chipboard letters and books! Great for distressing too! I love this item so much and I wish I would have bought it sooner.

  • The best brads on the market! (16 January 2008)

    I think MM makes the best brads. I've used many different brands and MM has the best colors and are the most durable I've seen. They work well on almost any layout and have so many uses.

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    Must have! (16 January 2008)

    This an item on my essentials list. I must have this whenever I go to a crop. I love chalk because it adds dimension to your lo, but it is more forgiving than ink.

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    LOVE IT! (16 January 2008)

    I love these ghost hearts. I have used them on so many of my layouts. You can do so many things with them, like paint them or stamp them. They add a great little element to the lo.

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    Great tool! (16 January 2008)

    I've had this for a few years and I love it. It's a great product and it really is silent. I do most of my scrapping at night when my kids are asleep and my traditional setter was way to loud. This was the perfect solution to my problem.

  • Great! (16 January 2008)

    I bought this item from my local craft store because SB.etc was all sold out. It is so great! The color and the texture are very unique and makes the page pop. The only problem with it is it is a little hard to work with. Other than that, I love it and I will be buying more.

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    Great adhesive system (15 January 2008)

    I was a glue stick user until someone recommended mono to me. I have never looked back! It is the best adhesive ever. An essential product for every scrapbooker.

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    Worth the money! (15 January 2008)

    I'm not one for spending $5 on one pen, but this is certainly worth it. It is the best pen I own. It writes smooth every time, the color comes out evenly, and it dries very quickly. It is a must have!

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    One of the best! (04 January 2008)

    I purchased these rub ons in black and white and have used them on several layouts. The best lo I think I ever did had these on it. A great item.

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    How could you scrapbook without them? (04 January 2008)

    This is by far the best and least expensive addition to my scrap tools. I only have one pair, but I have had them for years and they are still sharp as ever. You can not go wrong with this product.

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    It's nice (04 January 2008)

    I like this paint, but I find it is very thick. It does the job, but I prefer MM paint.