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    Lots of Christmassy Goodness (03 January 2021)

    I am a card maker and this sticker sheet has a great selection of images for my cards.

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    Perfect for My Space (24 December 2020)

    I have a small desk so this smaller travel sized media is so much better for it than the original size. I like too that I have the option of taking along with safely (due to the wonderful travel sleeve) me if I ever wanted to do that as well. The black works really well for me since I tend to make and start with a white surface but it is also really handy to have the white surface readily available as well. And so far nothing has stuck to it either - except some staining on the replaceable sticky sheet of course.

  • New Version Not Good (27 September 2020)

    I heard great reviews of Purple Tape and wanted to try it. Unfortunately, I ended up getting this new lower tack version. It wouldn't stick to anything! I was so disappointed! What a waste of money!

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    Pretty Set (25 May 2020)

    I saw these and immediately knew I needed them. Thankfully, I was also putting in an order at the time. I really like the big wreath of stars look. The straighter piece is also a nice addition, although I just wish there were a few more recognizable star shapes throughout... especially toward the bottom. The wonky shapes of the three smaller accent stars fit well with the patterns of the multiple cuts dies. And of course the star (pun intended) is that big shining one that will look great on certain Christmas cards no doubt. Broke them out and used them already for a graduation card and look forward to using them many more times. They cut well of course.

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    These are super pretty (04 January 2020)

    These are super pretty. They are fairly small. The bigger fluffy ones are probably about an 1" to an 1 1/4" in size and the green centered ones are only 3/4" in diameter or so. And again... so pretty! I want more of these!

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    Basic Cloud Dies (04 January 2020)

    I have had a hot air balloon in my life for a while now. So, I bought these to help create scenes with stamps and photos. I have to say that I was bit disappointed in the size (although the printed description is completely correct). Unfortunately, the customer pinned product images aren't all correct (not Sb.com's fault of course). They will still work for cards I think, but won't be nearly big enough to use on a 12 x 12" LO's. Still, they cut well and are not a bad investment for the price.

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    Pretty Fall Add-Ons (04 January 2020)

    I love the Autumn Splendor Collection and had already purchased several other pieces of it. Of course these will match beautifully with those papers and stickers, but I think I can use them very nicely on their own if I desire. After all, there are 49 pieces in the set. I do make a lot of Thanksgiving and fall welcome cards and look forward to using these as embellishments or focus pieces. They appear to me a little less bright in real life (than my computer monitor shows), but the details and colors are still going to make some gorgeous cards I think.

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    Not Refillable (05 September 2019)

    I received mine as a promo when I ordered other products here and was honestly quite impressed with it. I saved the casing (which opens very nicely on a hinge system so that the used up adhesive cartridge can be removed very easily) and thought I'd eventually order some adhesive refills for it. That is when I realized that it doesn't work that way. There are no refills for it, and so, one is expected to just throw the plastic casing away. The fact is though, I can get another product that works much the same for a cheaper price that is more eco-friendly as well. Although these are just a bit smoother, unless and until they do make refills, I would rather go with those.

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    Great Quality (31 August 2019)

    I needed some baby quotes. I had to make a few cards with the baby theme and these are great for that. The quality was better than I expected and you get a nice selection of verses.

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    Fantastic Set (31 August 2019)

    I was a little surprised to discover how nice these are. They seem to be a great quality, and they stamp well. Of course the sentiments are wonderful too.

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    I love this paper! (31 August 2019)

    This works so well with the collection and is so versatile. I like both sides and keep buying more when I think about it. :)

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    Great Vintage Images (31 August 2019)

    I like the front (images) and back (soft olive gingham) of this paper... both could be very useful for my card making. I think each of the image blocks could make its own start to a great card. The only thing I will note is that the red/green contrast isn't quite as striking in real life as I see it on my computer. I know each computer monitor can present differently, but I think this is something that should be considered when purchasing... in case others have the same issue. A more tinted (duller) image coloring isn't necessarily a bad thing when one is wanting a vintage image though... and they aren't way off of course.

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    Bratwurst Brown is a Hideous Color Combo (22 June 2018)

    I was thinking it would be fun to try a bit of mixed media experimenting. I stumbled across these powders on this site and thought that it would be nice way to start since they are already mixed. But when they arrived, I was very unimpressed. The powder is interesting and blends as it is shown on the videos. They are quite pretty and shimmery indeed and a small bit does indeed seem to go a long way. Those are the pros.

    Once dried though, the powder doesn't really stick to the paper and can be easily rubbed off... including the pretty shimmery part. I don't know... maybe there is a good way to seal it on that I have not discovered yet. Also, unfortunately, the color mix on the Bratwurst Brown is NOT appealing at all. While the brown/copper base is pretty (complete with the lovely shimmer), there are three other garish colors (hot pink, bright yellow and a sort of psychedelic blue color) thrown into the mix as well. It looks like somebody put cupcake sprinkles in the bottle. Trust me, it doesn't look a thing like the product photo. I was hoping for a brown coloring that would compliment outdoorsy sort of scenes, but I truly have no idea what I could use this for. In addition to all that, the bottles come unsealed (some of the fine powder escapes in route) and they are only about half to three quarters full in the first place. Also, they are not nearly as large (white bottles) as the YouTube videos depict them to be. They also do not include any markings as to their true weight on the labeling.

    I will not fault Scrapbook.com though since they did show the little black bottles that you actually receive in their featured video. Further, they wisely packaged them in a resealable zipper baggie so that the rest of my order wasn't covered with powder. I was appreciative of that from them.

    All that being said, I would not order these again.... but especially not this awful color.

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    Nice Paper, Great Design, Low Glow (09 June 2018)

    To me, the real life version of this paper doesn't "glow" quite as much as the product image. The light blue nebula cloud surrounding the bottom portion especially seems to be darker... as is the section in the upper right hand corner. It still has a very interesting design of course. The paper is a nice medium weight, and it is printed on one side only. I think it will work nicely among my other space/star themed patterned papers for my project.

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    Fun Starred Design (09 June 2018)

    This paper is medium weight. The real thing looks much like the product page. It is a little bit stylized of course, but I thought it could still be interesting pattern to add into my upcoming project featuring star/space themed papers. If you like what you see here, I don't think you'll be at all disappointed in this purchase.

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    Stupendously Colored Space Paper (09 June 2018)

    I really think the colors on this pop and look quite similar to what the product image shows... at least based on what my computer monitor shows. In fact, if anything there might be a little more depth on the real life version. I like the sparkles on the stars in this one. It will be a great addition to my star themed project. The paper is a medium weight with printed side.

  • Beautiful Paper (08 June 2018)

    The images on this are beautiful and vibrant. I think the paper is even more impressive when seen in person. The buyer should be aware though that the paper is quite thin and won't work for all projects with perhaps backing it.

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    This is Navy (08 June 2018)

    This paper is OK. It is not as vivid and varied as the product photo appears. It is Navy and not the rich blue I see on my computer. Plus, I can't make out much in the way of the "cloudy" parts of the paper. Those are only faintly visible in real life. Neither is the other side as bright in appearance as the photo seems to be. The triangles show less blue in both the aqua/turquoise triangles and those that seem to be dark blue or navy in the image. Some of them appear almost black on the paper I received in fact. The reds are also darker and less contrasted. The weight is decent, but I probably would not have bought this for my star themed project if I'd seen the real life version first.

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    Nice colorful paper (07 June 2018)

    I am using this paper with a group of star themed papers for a project. This one will add a nice pop of color. To be precise though, while the colors look pretty similar on the product and in real life, I think there appears to be a bit less blue on the real life image both at the top and towards the tree line, but it is pretty close otherwise I think. It is a mid-weight/ sturdy cardstock. It is printed one side with a white backing.

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    Favorite Space Pattern Paper (07 June 2018)

    I have a project I'm doing for my niece and she is very interested in astronomy (one of several interests she has to be fair). She wanted the project to be done in night sky/starred paper. This will be perfect for my project. It has lots to look at. I like the different color and sizes of the many stars. It is a true they are a little wonky if you really look at them closely (not precise pinpoints), but the overall effect of the paper's image is amazing enough to make up for that for most paper projects I should think. It certainly works for me. This is mid-weight and printed on one side.

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    Nice color mix (07 June 2018)

    This paper is a mid-weight cardstock with one printed side and one white side. The colors on my monitor (the only one can compare the paper to of course) are fairly close to what the paper I received. It is quite pretty.

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    Little Muddy (07 June 2018)

    This is a nice paper. It is a mid-weight cardstock with one printed side. The color seems a little duller in real life to me based on my computer monitor image of the product. It is darker than royal blue and the whites are not very bright on this either. So, I will call it a bit muddy. That being said, it still has the neat pattern that I think it could work for a lot of projects well enough.

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    One of My Favorite Star Papers (02 June 2018)

    I purchased quite a group of individual star themed sheets recently. This one is one of my favorites. To me, it appears darker in real life than the product image. That really works for me. It would seem to be the sky as you'd see it flying above the cloud cover at night. Super excited about this one. The weight of the paper is probably described as a mid-weight.

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    Nice Images, But Very Light Weight (02 June 2018)

    This is a double sided paper so of course I was expecting it to be heavier in weight. It is quite thin. I think the image quality is pretty good though. On my monitor, I don't see as much contrast to it as the product images show. The tree outline is sharp except on the left most side where I can barely make out the outline of the farthest tree due to that lack of contrast. Still, it will work for me.

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    I am Really Pleased (02 June 2018)

    This paper is one sided. It is a medium thickness. It is a smooth printed paper but the bricks almost seem to have shimmer to them or maybe a lit up effect. I do think the colors appear slightly less vibrant in real life (in comparison only to my computer monitor image of course). The warmer colors especially just don't seem quite as bright. Still I really think the colors show up well against the black background.

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    I lLike It (02 June 2018)

    This paper has a nice weight to it for a patterned paper. It is only one sided which should be obvious based on the representative photo for the product. I am a little bit disappointed in that it seems just a bit less vivid than my monitor has it appearing. Of course computer monitors are all different. Still, it should work nicely for my project.

  • Pretty But a Little Bit Purple Toned (06 May 2018)

    I bought this product thinking it would be a really true blue (based on how it appears on my computer). I've been looking for a collection like that and have discovered that it is hard to come by. Unfortunately, while this paper pack is still very pretty and will still be enjoyed, it is NOT the true blue I was hoping for, but instead (to my eye), has tones of purple in it. The white does seem fairly bright and was as expected. The paper quality is nice as far as I'm concerned. I would describe it as a mid-light weight cardstock. I don't know how the pack will work for my original project since it was for a decor piece (and may not match now), but I know it will all get used for something.

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    Cute Stickers but Dull Coloring (26 January 2018)

    I thought this looked really dull and dark in coloring when I received it. The dark blues and greens are really hard for me to distinguish. And the reds aren't as bright as they appear to me on the computer. They seem to be a nice quality though and may appear better against the right papers so I'm sure I'll still manage to use them well enough.

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    Great Die and Stamp Combo (26 January 2018)

    I have been watching this set for quite awhile now and finally decided to get it. I love the little deer and the pine tree and snowflakes are always useful. I haven't tried the stamps yet, but the dies of course work beautifully so far.

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    Great Size for Cards (02 December 2017)

    I thought I had already found a Merry Christmas die solution for my seasonal cards (for when I want it) and then realized that what I have will be better suited for larger projects like LO's or other decorations. This is a much better size for my A2 cards. I am a huge fan of this basic, versatile font too. I have use it twice already (haven't had much crafting time lately unfortunately), but I was able to cut the "Merry" off and just use the "Christmas" part and it worked well for my purposes. It is a sturdy die and has a lot of pin holes in the back (just where they are most wanted) for easier removal of the smallest of pieces.

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    Usefull Paper for Woodland Travel (02 December 2017)

    I bought a couple of sheets of this paper thinking that I may use either side or cut out one or more of the creatures on the second side even. The subtle coloring of the second side might not make it readily apparent in the photo, but there is wording across some of the animal shapes for added interest.

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    Pretty White Glitter Tape (02 December 2017)

    I noticed that I was missing white glitter tape in my collection and that wasn't acceptable to me. I really did have more than a few instances when I was wishing I had some, so when I saw this, I got it. It is nice and thick. It doesn't have any backing so it is very easy to apply and it seems quite sticky. The main sparkles appear to be greenish in color with a bit of a pinkish tone as well. I, personally, wish the green wasn't so forward in it, but others may disagree.

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    The Buffalo Are Roaming (02 December 2017)

    I am a frequent visitor to the land of the bison, so I was pretty excited when I found this paper. The bison on this paper are quite dark.... almost black while the background appears more of rust color than at least my computer image is showing it to be. I think that if I don't end up using the bison paper, I'd be able to find a good use for that side as well.

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    Nice Royal Blue Color (28 January 2017)

    This is actually what I was wanting. I have a lot of friends with kids graduating from schools which feature the royal blue coloring as one of their colors. So, I thought that having some glitter tape in that color might come in handy when I went to designing/decorating their graduation cards. This product will fit the bill so nicely. It seems to be sufficiently sticky as well.

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    Brown Dots (28 January 2017)

    I have been wanting some brown enamel dots. I find myself looking for them in my stash and realizing I don't have them. I do a lot of wilderness/ scenery sort of scrapbooking so I knew I'd make use of them. I have several off brands and so I was expecting these to be a better quality. Unfortunately, in the package I received, one of them is not really round. It is shaped like a pear. None of my off brands have this same problem even. Also, although there seem to be three distinct colors in the advertisement, in real life, the two lighter shades are very close in color. I don't know what I will do with the pear shaped one (maybe I'll have a project that calls for it after all), but I think I will be able to use the rest well enough in any case.

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    Gorgeous! (28 January 2017)

    This paper is so pretty... even more so in real life. I plan on making one sheet wonder cards with this printed paper so I don't waste a bit of it.

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    Beautiful Butterfly Dies (28 January 2017)

    I had been eyeballing these for a while and finally decided they were so pretty on the projects featured here that I had to give them a try. I have finally done that just now. I first tried cutting all three of them with a magnetic platform on my Big Shot. All three produced cuts that had absolutely no pieces still left wedged into the steel dies. The paper pieces did stay put in the paper die cuts and had to be poked out with handy paper piercer, but all of them were cleanly cut loose. I can't remember the last time I've experienced both of these things with such an intricate wafer die. These are indeed really intricate. So, I did try them again without the magnetic platform and did experience more pieces needing to be removed from the dies afterwards, but the paper dies were still very cleanly cut. I think I am going to love using these quality on my cards for sure. I may have to see what other dies Bo Bunny offers now...

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    Cracked and Stained (21 February 2016)

    I was horribly disappointed with this template. Mine arrived cracked and stained. It had blue stain on the plastic that had no business being there and the cutting machine that produced it apparently burned brown marks into the plastic all around the holes. Worst of all though is that between the holes the plastic is cracking, and I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I'm not sure if my tools (daubers and spatulas) will end up catching on the product when I do try to use it. I have no doubt that it won't last very long.

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    Great Stamp Set (21 February 2016)

    My first set of clear stamps was from Technique Tuesday, and I became a fast fan of their products. They make a very nice stamp. This product was no exception. It stamps nicely. I am really looking forward to using this particular stamp set on my projects in the future. I am really liking that the words can be switched up so that various different sayings can be produced with mixed fonts included.

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    Nice Stamping Ink (21 February 2016)

    I ordered this ink because the Hero Arts description called it a Hybrid Ink with the qualities of both dye and pigment inks. The site does describe it as dye ink however, and it does seem to behave more like a juicy dye ink. It penetrates porous papers too quickly for embossing to be possible it seems, but it does give a nice coating for a fairly good stamped image. The Indigo color of ink does appear a lot darker than it shows on my computer at least. It is a color like the name would suggest. It is a dark blue.

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    Nice Stamping Ink (21 February 2016)

    I ordered this ink because the Hero Arts description called it a Hybrid Ink with the qualities of both dye and pigment inks. Also, Summer Sky sounded like a nice soft blue. The site here describes the ink as a dye ink and yes, it seems to behave much more like a nice and juicy dye ink. It has really good coverage of the stamp, but it dries or sinks in much too fast (at least on the porous papers I've tested it on so far) for embossing that would be possible with a pigment ink. It will still work quite well for basic stamping. The Summer Sky color is quite a bit darker than it appears on my computer at least. It is a medium to dark turquoise color. The name and image did make me think it would lighter, but it is a nice bold color that will still be fun to stamp with...

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    Darker Than Expected (07 February 2016)

    It is hard to tell from a computer photo sometimes what exact color you are going to get in a product. I was looking for a medium pink and thought that this color would be the right choice, however when I tried it out, it appears much more of a magenta or fuchsia color and is maybe just a bit lighter than a red. Obviously, it is still a wonderful Stickles product. I am sure I'll use it and enjoy it, but it wasn't quite what I was hoping for.

  • Great Storage Piece (06 February 2016)

    I bought this to hold beads originally and then changed it over to brads and eyelet storage. It is a very hard plastic. Indeed, like the other reviewer commented, the sliding lid is a bit stubborn when first used. It even squeaked. However, I've had mine for years and the lids slides better now and with no major noise. What I especially love about this piece is that even beads of the Indian bead sizing (tiny) don't jump compartments. The lid does not buckle or move to allow for compartment escape. I've never seen that in any other product of this sort. I'm super impressed.

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    I Saw These On a Layout and Had to Have Them (19 January 2016)

    I saw these featured on a few layouts here and decided I really wanted them. I finally decided on a few other products I needed too and ordered them. Because they have real wood, they have slightly different color variations (in both the natural finish and the darker stain, but they are smooth and nicely finished with no noticeable cracks or dents or the like. I am looking forward to breaking them out for a project.

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    Glad I Got It (19 January 2016)

    I see the other reviewer on this says it is a great size and that was exactly my thought when I received it. Although the measurements are listed I had it pictured in my head that it would be larger. Obviously I'm glad it is small enough to allow plenty of options for placement on a page. Otherwise, it is very much as pictured.

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    Cute Sheep Paper (09 January 2016)

    I have been searching for sheep themed products for an extended family trip in which each of the branches brought its own stuffed toy sheep along. This paper will work so well in that album I think. It is single sided patterned paper; not a cardstock. It has a dark teal background which seems to have some sort of tone on tone geometric pattern going through it. That is subtle though because there the appearance of brush marks in darker teal over that. The sheep also have brush stroke marks on them in pinks, blues, grays, and spearfish yellow. The black sheep has described by another reviewer as not being as cute. He doesn't' have round eyes and instead has two different sized half circles for eyes and bright orange ears. I too might cover that one up or alter it.

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    Not as Pictured (09 January 2016)

    I have been debating about buying this for a long time. I really liked the look of it, but I was unsure how easy it would be to decorate since it has an inner frame. I finally decided since the description said it was two pieces this must the place they were separated and that that would make it fairly easy to decorate. However when it arrived today, I realized that for some reason my front cut out frame is longer than the back mat part. They don't fit together as they do in the photo. Instead, the front frame lies across some scrolls on either of the sides lengthwise. I can still use the frames separately, but I certainly would not have bought it if I'd known they won't work together. Otherwise, it is just as pretty as I originally thought. I am kindly giving two stars because I am disappointed.

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    Scallop Circle Die (28 December 2015)

    I bought this die thinking it would be perfect for making circular shaped easel fold cards. I couldn't be more pleased. It cuts very easily through the necessary two layers of cardstock that I need it to in order to get these cards made. I haven't used it for other things yet, but I know it one of those go to pieces I'm going use and enjoy for a long time to come.

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    Cabbage Roses Embossing Folder (06 September 2015)

    I bought this because I have some sort of mad addiction to rose stamps and thought this would be a nice addition to some of my cards as a background. It is indeed a beautiful design that comes out deeply embossing - no subtlety at all. My one concern with it though is that because of its two-in-one design, it is thicker and a little bit of a challenge to get it through my Big Shot machine than other embossing folders. The first time I wasn't even sure I could make it happen. It so tight it warps my plates almost every time on the thickest setting of my platform. My machine is a manual one. I don't know if it would even work on the electric versions because of the level of resistance . I have not tried any of the other Spellbinder folders and so don't know if it is only Cabbage Roses that has this issue.

  • Very pretty mini album (02 May 2015)

    This is great pre-designed mini album. You can just add embellishments and photos and your are ready to go. Each of the thick chipboard pages is already covered in decorated papers. I used this together with the chipboard shapes and the Misc Me Pocket Contents in a class I took at my LSS. The only problem is, once you add these things, the book is too bulky for the tiny rings that are supplied. We did have to replace those with larger versions. Otherwise, a very pretty book.

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    Pretty Butterfly Paper (22 June 2012)

    I thought this was a very sweet sort of paper. I liked seeing all these different sized and colored butterflies put together on this interesting pp. Each of them (no matter what size) has a lighter monochromatic butterfly shape printed inside of them that kind of reminds me of an embossed image (although there is no actual 3-D texture to the page). The background featured creamy yellow swirls and little black dots that kind of look like pepper scattered across the paper. All in all it creates a very nice pattern. It is nice solid weighted paper.

  • This paper is an Absolute HOOT! (22 June 2012)

    I saw this paper and had to have a piece because it is so Cute! Of course I think all the angled, smiling pigs on this are just adorable. And the detailing on them is very nicely done. I think it is even more impressive in real life than the image I'm seeing on my computer at least. The background is a little bit brighter blue and the pigs pop out as more pink against it. I had to think a bit about what I might use this for... but maybe it will be a LO about things I want to do but am not sure I will ever get to do.... would be better still if I get to say I accomplished one or two of them anyway. The paper is a nice, heavy weight.

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    Cute Naughty Cat Sheet (22 June 2012)

    This is a sort of a photographic image of a chalkboard and frame. To me the framing stuck out a lot more than I was expecting. I guess I was expecting the footprints to be the dominant focus of the paper. They are little bit more blurry and faded. Also, as pictured, there is indeed a black border all the way around the paper. I think I might cut this off and remount it to another sheet to add some dimension when I scrap with it. Also, it is a not very thick and sturdy.

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    Cute sheet (22 June 2012)

    I saw some of the LO's done with this paper and decided I had to have some. It has a really cute tree design on the front (of course) that features little round treetops that have kind of an appliqued fabric sort of feel. If you really you look really closely you can even see the printed stitching around the edges of each one. On the back is a nice dark walnut colored wood grain/plank pattern. On the bottom of this side is a border strip with red and green tulips printed across it. Although it is there to point out the identifying border piece for the other side, I think it would make a nice little border piece for projects. It is not super thick but has a bit of weight to it.

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    Nice quality piece (22 June 2012)

    I haven't used this a lot yet but love the feel of it. It is nice and solid and rests well in my hand. I did try it out with the MS scoring board (which comes with a much flimsier version) and really appreciate how nicely this one works. Also, it does fit nicely into the compartment in the top of that tool.

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    Neat Tape (22 June 2012)

    Although I haven't had a chance to use this on a project yet, I'm really liking the look of it. It arrived with a sample piece stuck to the outside of the package and I played around with that a little. I don't have any other decorative tapes and so can't compare them. This one does have some nice quality. It seems like a neat kind of cross between painter's tape and masking tape... being more papery. It is not very transparent. It comes unstuck again well... at least from the packaging piece. I did a little experiment with applying some distress ink coloring to it just to see if I could create some additional variation when I do go to use it. It did pick up some of the color eventually but the ink of course is very wet and didn't sink in quickly... so I chose to wipe most of it off rather than make a big mess. Still, I think it will be lots of fun and looks like a versatile style for a beginner with this tape thing.

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    Buffalo Sheet (13 June 2012)

    This has a very nice print and looks much as it appears online. It is a bit thin if that is a concern.

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    What you see is what you get (13 June 2012)

    This is a nice teal/aqua, dotted/striped paper. It does have a very subtle distressing in the teal coloring as well.

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    A cute, whimsical design (13 June 2012)

    I thought this was such a cute sheet of paper. The moment I saw it I had the idea of cutting the branches out and creating a 3-D effect with the hanging hearts and only later noticed that one of the projects associated with this paper already featured that idea. I do think the colors are fairly close except that the red hearts are tad duller in real life, but they can be altered easily if that is needed.

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    Nice diecut page, but darker than expected (13 June 2012)

    I like the diecut pattern of this sheet paper, but was a little surprised to find that it was so dark. It is what I would describe as a DARK teal with a tiny cream graph pattern printed on it. I realize that every computer monitor picks up colors differently, but this color is much different than other paper pieces I received in the same color range in the same order. As long as the buyer is aware.... That being said, I still like the design and will find a good use for it I'm sure.

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    Collection Not a Bargain (13 June 2012)

    I love this paper collection and was very excited to finally get in the mail today. I had lots of difficulty however trying to figure out how many sheets were included in this set since the description on the package doesn't really say it clearly. Instead, it starts out counting full sheets and then reverts to counting elements on the pages, which isn't helpful at all. There are in fact 12 sheets of cardstock paper included. Four of those are double sided 12 x 12 sheets while the rest are also double sided but are designed to potentially be cut into the various sizes. Also included are the alphabet stickers, the element stickers and the transparencies. And although the transparencies are described as a "bonus" item, they are in fact something that costs extra when compared to individual sheets prices of this collection. If you really love transparencies (unfortunately, I don't) this package is the only way you can acquire this matching set if you do want them and might make the collection worth something to you.
    As for me, I still really love this whole collection and am happy with the pieces I have and do look forward to using them. However, if I'd known what I do now, I would have just bought them individually instead of in the package since I would gotten value for my money by not selecting some pieces and ordering duplicates of others. (I both love and hate those double pages sometimes).

  • Not what I was hoping for (07 January 2012)

    I saw some good reviews of this item and thought it might be a nice alternative to a larger punching system for heavy duty purposes. Space, for me, is at a premium. However, no sooner did I get it out of the packaging than I noticed a huge weakness that actually makes me regret getting it. It punches less than 1/2 inch away from the edge. Plus, one of the first times I used it on something more challenging than mere paper, I managed to whack my pinky finger with the handle when I released it from the lock. (No doubt my extreme clutziness was more to blame for that than the product itself.) On the positive side, it is compact, solidly constructed and does punch smoothly through chipboard at least.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Fun with Star Wars (19 November 2011)

    My DH and I actually used this to create a fun baby book... sort of. I did like all the the preplanned and designed pages because it did mean that extra embellishments weren't very necessary. The pages however, were very thin and needed backing. Overall a great album and the recipient was so happy with it, he wouldn't let it out of his sight afterwards.

  • Verified Buyer

    I've wanted this punch for years (09 January 2011)

    I finally got this for Christmas after years of wanting it. Of course I think it will be great to use as a ribbon or paper strip threading mechanism, but it is also a great stand alone sort of border punch. This is one that could work very well in a masculine sort of LO or card. I have yet to use it on anything, but did break it out of its package to test how well it punches. As usual with my Fiskars border punches, it lines up nicely with the grid and punches smoothly. I like the negative pieces as well and think that they could make very cute confetti bits cupcake designs or for when you want to add just a bit of celebration to card you are sending. :)

  • Verified Buyer

    Good punch (09 January 2011)

    I purchased this punch with the thought that it was another one that is fairly basic and could be used on a lot of LO's and cards. I saw immediately that since it has two layers of punching, you create different looks by simply concealing the dot layer (either with a ribbon or paper strip or with a whole larger sheet of paper). Further you could use the dots for Stickles placement or brads or even for threading. It punches cleanly and easily and is fairly easy to line up with the grid.

  • Nice notebook style edge (09 January 2011)

    I have seen the notebook/binding edging punches used here several times and finally broke down and purchased one. Although this is my first EK Success border punch (all others being Fiskars) I decided on this version because I liked the shape produced the best. I think it will work nicely for LO's with lists and as a more masculine sort of punch style. I think the negative that this punch produces is interesting also... although it only has five tabs. I am certain that something neat could be done with those. It lines up nicely and punches smoothly. I do find though that the silver on grey guides can be just a bit harder to see at times... in my poor lighting...than the white I am used to. Still, the slimline design is a very nice option that makes storage in a drawer (my choice for it) just that much easier.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice versatile design (09 January 2011)

    I was excited about this punch because it looked very useful for a variety of LO's and cards and such. I like the half circle punch out in each scallop shape and think that this could be used nicely with colors showing through them. I have also used it to create a paper "ribbon" strip that has the scallops punched along each edge. I have no problems lining this one up with the front grid, and it punches through very nicely.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice Lacey Sort of Design (09 January 2011)

    This is the first border punch I purchased - even before they became so popular. I like the design very much for creating girlie sort of projects. Almost has a lacey look. I has a nice display for lining up your next punch and punches easily. I do find a little more challenging than some to line up perfectly because of the detail in the design but it will still normally end with a nice enough line of punching. It could very well be operator error that causes the punches to be off just a bit.

  • Verified Buyer

    Good product but not perfect (09 January 2011)

    I'm one of those people who doesn't get all the excitement about this product. Either it is the learning curve thing or I am just not able to make mine work quite right. It did take forever to get the thing to open and let me put in a roll. I thought I was going to break it. When I finally did, I guess I didn't get it put in right the first time because it popped out and the roll exploded all over inside the gadget eventually. Thankfully, I was able to rethread the roll and not waste too much adhesive. I also find that I have some problems with the adhesive stretching (instead of sticking to the project) and balling up so that I have to remove it and get my fingers all gummy. It can be very frustrating because it happens fairly often. I do have to give it credit for being a very reasonably priced adhesive - since the roll does last forever and also can give it even more credit for the adhesive being very good at holding. If you put something it place, you'd better really want it there.

  • We think they are great. We have 24. (31 July 2010)

    I decided to purchase a bookcase as the main piece of storage furniture in my scraproom. I made sure that it was a large one that would accomadate 12 x 12 products such as my paper and albums.

    I then had to come up with a good way to store templates, pages and page protectors, photo papers, photo storage sleeves, various products for my current and future projects and so on since such things don't just easily sit upright on the shelves. Since they are clear they don't even have to be labeled.

    I found these and bought four. I was very impressed. Compared to similar products, these are much more sturdy, the clasps are more secure and they have the useful handle. Plus, they are fairly deep at about 3". I addition, they have large, flat plastic dividers pieces that can help organize papers and the like more easily. I decided very quickly that I needed four more... for a total of eight (since they fit perfectly on one shelf).

    So, I took a couple of them along with me to a family crop with my DMIL and DSIL. One held my current project and the other included paper that I thought might be useful to me or one of the others. The handles made them especially easy to transport.

    Shortly after, both of my family members decided that they too needed to own 8 each for their own spaces. So, we obviously think they are great and now have a total of 24 between the three of us.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nicely operating punch (17 July 2010)

    As soon as I got this, I broke it out of the package and tested it on some junk mail typing weight paper. It worked beautifully. I next tried it on some cardstock weight papers and again had great results. The circle is indeed the 2" described at the largest point but the casing of the punch is considerably larger than I was expecting. Finding proper storage for this will be a concern. I intend to use it for making gifts tags for one thing but am sure it will have many other uses for cards and scrapbooking.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice design to a background sheet (17 July 2010)

    This has a nice greyish tan coloring to the somewhat subtle flourishes and a what I would call a cadet blue (a little greyer than what my computer is showing me) coloring to the paper. I think it will serve well as an interesting background paper to a LO's. I can easily see photos coordinating with the coloring.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for a wedding with Blue and Purple Coloring (17 July 2010)

    I purchased this to use for a wedding page with purple and blue colors. Of course, this will make a great title for my wedding party page. The swirls have a little (but not too much) dimension and the letters and blues have a nice glittery sparkle.

  • Verified Buyer

    Bit darker than appears (17 July 2010)

    This paper is a bit darker than I was expecting based on my computer image of it. It appears very dark navy or almost black. It still matches the other Blue Awning pieces quite well and will work OK as a background page. It just doesn't have the pop of blue coloring I was hoping for.

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful Collection (17 July 2010)

    I finally decided I just had to have these papers before they went out of stock. The blues, greens, tans of them are some of my favorite scrapping colors and the papers are just gorgeous. Some have embossed texture, some have foil and some have glitter to make them that much more eye catching. I don't know why I put off purchasing this packet for so long except that maybe I know that it will be very hard to actually use such pretty pages for my LO's.

  • Verified Buyer

    Glittery Brown Brads (11 July 2010)

    I bought these hoping I would finally be getting the brown glitter brads I've been searching for. I was not disappointed. They look as my computer pictured them... kind of a brown/bronze color as opposed to the traditional copper color I would have associated with their color name. The glitter does seem to be firmly adhered to the brad (all over) and the prongs seem to open up well. Also, they have the nice "medium" size in that the tops measure about 5/16". I am very pleased with them and can hardly wait to start using them on my projects.

  • Verified Buyer

    Just a bit Pink (11 July 2010)

    These are a nice tiny little brad to add just that little shot of red color to your page. They measure about 3/16" of inch on the top. They also appear to be ready to use... no painted bottoms to hinder that. The only issue I have was that I was really hoping that I had found a true red. These appear to be a bit of a berry or maroon coloring to them.

  • Verified Buyer

    Don't know how I went without for so long (11 July 2010)

    I haven't used this on any projects yet but did test it on some of my most stubborn rub ons. It worked great! They actually stuck! I am so impressed. I don't know how or why I went without for as long as I did.

  • Verified Buyer

    Interesting shape but crooked! (27 June 2010)

    I bought this template with the idea of using it for its outside shape. I've done this with a few of my LO's and like the results. I still look forward to coming up with ideas that will utilize the rest of the design.

    I've used this a little and thought that all this time I was not holding it still when I copied the outside design onto paper, but I finally took the time to really look at it and realized that the points and curves on it don't line up correctly. They are different sized and crooked in some cases. I think the other markings are still nicely designed and arranged but since I bought it for the outside shape, I am disappointed.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great circle cutting aid (27 June 2010)

    I bought this knowing that I wanted something to aid in making large circle shapes. This works pretty well for my purpose. I like the guides in the center that allow for pencil marking to keep the template in place for use. I am a little disapppointed in the somewhat flimsy material the piece is made from. Thankfully it doesn't create huge difficulties in use. I just have to be a bit more careful about storage so I don't bend it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Day of the week Stamps (27 June 2010)

    These are pretty small... not unexpected for the price, but it does make them a little harder to work with. They stamp without undue prep though.

  • Verified Buyer

    As good as I've found (15 November 2009)

    This marker is great for writing identifying info on the back of a photo. It lasts for quite a few photos and more importantly it dries very quickly. So, you can put your info on the back and stack the photos as you go without worry that you'll end up with any black marker smear on any photos.

  • Nicely made 3 Ring Binder (01 November 2009)

    I have one of these that I purchased awhile back and have only recently started using. It is nicely made. The cover material seems very durable. It even includes metal corners to keep those looking nice through the years.

  • Verified Buyer

    Beautiful Shimmer to this product (02 May 2009)

    I finally had the opportunity to use this product and have to say that I am really impressed with the coloring of it. It has lots of irridescent shimmer to it. It really spiced up my Wheels layout nicely, and I think it will add great finish to my up and coming Las Vegas album layouts. I'm very happy with this product

  • Verified Buyer

    Xyron adhesive is a great product (22 April 2009)

    Xyron adhesive works so well for adhering things with irregular edges especially. This one is a good size for slightly bigger cut pieces. I don't know what I would do without it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Straight Cuts (22 April 2009)

    My favorite thing about this trimmer is that the blade is self sharpening. I don't need to worry about having replacement blades handy. Also the included magnetic ruler helps keep the paper in place very nicely so that it is easy to ensure a straight cut. My one issue is that cutting strips from thin scraps is not very easily done. There is a guard in the way that prevents this.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great tool not much money (14 February 2009)

    I just bought this the other day and put it to use immediately on my LO. I decided that I either wanted doodled stitching or rub ons for it. This guide cost almost the same amount as the rub on package cost, and I figured I would be able to use it lots more times. It will be great for centering of course, but my favorite feature is the ability to use it as for measured distance placement - for stitches or piercings or brads etc. I'm also thinking I might use it to draw lines for borders and journaling also. All in all it looks like it is going to come in handy a lot. So, lots of bang for the buck and easy to store and take along too.

  • Verified Buyer

    Lots of pink for my project (31 January 2009)

    I needed some pink for a project I have in mind. Mostly I intend to use it as mats for photos and accent pieces. When I saw Bazzill Basics had a stack in the right color (sort of a light to medium range) I figured that I couldn't very well beat that. This of course has the thick, textured appearance that Bazzill does so well. This particular version has irregular lines (instead of cross hatching - as some others do) going vertically down the page. It will work really well for what I have in mind - of course.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice aged quality (31 January 2009)

    This has a nice sort of distressed look IRL that you can only faintly see here. It kind of looks like a tea stained fabric rested on the paper briefly and left its image. I like with browns and other earthy colors and think that this paper will be put to good use on the project I have intended for it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love the font (31 January 2009)

    I really like this font and thought that these would make a nice addition to my alphabet collection. I liked the basic black and white coloring because I thought they'd be pretty versatile. So, strangely enough the first time I got them out to use them, I decided I indeed didn't want a white or black alphabet. No problem, I inked the white alphabet and happily came up with the perfect font and the perfect color. They are a little on the thin side and picking them up and placing them is a little delicate although I did manage to move one letter several times and still keep it intact.

  • Verified Buyer

    I've been looking everywhere for this size (28 January 2009)

    This is the perfect sized circle punch for me. I don't even know why. It is a bit hard to find this size however. I was very happy to find it here. I already have a 1.5" and maybe will someday get the 1" size. What I was most happy to discover about this one is that it is a thumb lever type. Those work so much easier than the other versions. Another very nice feature of this particular brand is that the size is actually printed on the circle image on top of the punch. So, just looking at the punch, you can quickly see that it is a circle and it is such and such a size. I think that could be very helpful when searching through your various punches. I can hardly wait to put this to use.

  • Verified Buyer

    A nice way to add a little bling to your brad (28 January 2009)

    I thought these brads would be a nice little touch of bling for my flower centers or just as accents on a page. They are pretty basic in construction. They are pretty much just as they look... three different sizes of brads with a plastic rhinestone center and a metal ring around that. I like the basic clear coloring because I think they'll be pretty versatile.

  • Verified Buyer

    Go to distressing color (28 January 2009)

    I have a couple of Tim Holtz brand distress inks now. I had a lighter brown and decided I "needed" this one. It is a dark, dark brown. It looks so go for edging and other paper inking techniques. I am very happy to have gotten it. I use it quite a bit. I did try aging with my other ink pads and it just seemed so much more difficult with them than the Tim Holtz style pads make it. I think this would be my suggestion for one of the first few colors to put into your arsenal for the inked and distressed look... if you had to limit yourself to just a few.

  • Super Easy to Use (03 January 2009)

    I purchased this when I got my original big red machine. It allowed me to use Sizzix embossing templates... and also would theoretically allow me to someday use Sizzlits and dies from other manufacturers. I've done neither of those however. It is a little heavy - as has already been indicated - but I think it helps add to the pressure for even better die cutting once it is placed. And all one has to do to place it is just turn it correct side up and slide it until it is underneath metal plate on the Sizzix machine. The stong magnet in the converter will snap it right up into place. It won't come loose until you want it to.

  • The usual Technique Tuesday quality product (03 January 2009)

    I purchased these a while back thinking that I'd get a nice, versatile product with good quality. The quality is of course just what one expects from TT. They don't require prepping, and they make a nice, clear image. But I have to confess (although the size was acknowledged), they are a little smaller than what I find really useful. Most of the flowers are around a 1/2 inch size. I have managed to use a one or two of the flowers as little accents, but have yet to find the project that I can really use them on. Someday, I think they would make nice borders or group designs.

  • These are beautiful coppery color (28 December 2008)

    I really think the coloring and design of these are gorgeous.

  • Verified Buyer

    The coppery color is gorgeous (28 December 2008)

    I love the color of these. Of course the designs of these are really pretty too. I just used them and had a bit of difficulty getting the image to go on smoothly. It kept buckling and breaking. I did eventually get the image to come out complete though so its still a better result than I've had with some other rub-ons.

  • Verified Buyer

    Very pretty and bright flowers (28 December 2008)

    I just received these for Christmas, and I have decided that the colors are even prettier than they are appearing on my computer screeen. The greens are more an olive green (less pea/neon colored) and the reds are more of a berry/maroon color. The oranges and browns appear pretty true to the color I am seeing. They come with several little flowers and some big ones with the smaller flowers already attached to them. If the little flower center was not wanted or needed, they could just be flipped and applied that way. They have the usual paper flower texture and are not bulky at all.

  • Verified Buyer

    Changed my mind... decided I love the color (28 December 2008)

    Admittedly, I am not as addicted to Stickles as many people out there are. I only find needing a few of the colors. I bought Icicle with the hope that I would have a nice basic white color to add to my collection. At the time, of course, the Stickle experts weren't around to answer such color questions. Unfortunately, this one seems to be translucent and filled with green and pink sparkles. As a result it only suits certain LO's... it clashes badly with others. So, I have since realized that what I really wanted was the basic Frosted Lace (white sparkling and opaque). I have hardly any use for this color. However I do think that for anyone else who wants to add to a large collection, it does add variety and could be useful in the right situation.

    Edit: I apparently have found several LO's to use this on now... it works great with pinks and pastels and greens of course. It has a thicker tip (think the glitter pieces are a bit larger in this color than some others) and so it doesn't make for as precise placement as some of the other colors, but it is a great choice for a smear to cover technique (my favorite use for it). It adds lots of bling that way.

  • Verified Buyer

    Another Stickles Color I Like (28 December 2008)

    I just got this for Christmas... off my wishlist of course. I don't have a huge collection of colors. But decidedly absent had been the silver. I just tried it on a piece of white paper. It comes out beautifully (very smooth) and has a nice coloring to it. I know I will make good use of this one as well.

  • My quicker picker upper :) (19 October 2008)

    I use this thing all the time. It works especially well in conjunction with the Xyron Sticker Maker - which will sometimes leave a gluey residue along the edge of something that has been run throught it. It is also very useful in removing ill-placed rub-ons. It does not work to remove adhesive from photos if you happen to goof with your adhesive in that way. It also needs periodic clipping and or rubbing to remove the gunky buildup of adhesive after some use. Even so, the uses far outweigh these issues and the price can't be beat.

  • A true 12 x 12 Album (06 September 2008)

    I love the fact that this album indeed fits 12" x 12" papers without any trimming. I only have the one black one. I have not noticed any problems with its cover becoming disheveled. The pages all lie very nicely. I have not opened it up and added or subtracted any pages and probably won't since the album I have is completed. My biggest disappointment is that I only have to one... and will be forced to buy more of these to complete other projects.... :)

  • Verified Buyer

    These are nice little basic brads. (06 September 2008)

    I purchased these because I wanted to get some very basic style brads that I could use on most any LO. Obviously gold and silver lend themselves to that a little more easily than some of the brighter colors. I am not a huge user of "3-D" embellishments. The size of these does not make them very bulky at all. The top colors do appear to be painted on with a nice, well-adhering paint. I was a little bit disappointed to find that the gold is not quite as pearly looking as it appears here... but the silver does appear very like the photos here. They do not look quite as rounded either though; their tops are slightly flat and then the sides curve down a little. But they still look very nice on the LO's I have used them on so far.

  • Verified Buyer

    I like this arrow stamp set. (22 August 2008)

    I just completed my first LO using one of the arrows. I can definitely see myself using these numerous future projects. I like the choice of different sizes and styles of arrows. They come off the backing well and make a nice clear stamped image. They are definitely worth the small price.

  • Verified Buyer

    Decent Setter (22 August 2008)

    I like this setter pretty well so far... after having only used it a few times. I like the fact that everything comes together in a convenient case. It seems to cut fairly easily and is indeed a lot quiter than my old hammer method. Plus I can get the eyelets pretty flat without worrying about getting too carried away and smashing them (again, like the old method). The only drawback is that the setter is a little bit harder to use on non-aluminum eyelets. Standing above the gadget and applying lots of pressure does seem to manage it OK however. So overall, I still think I'm pretty happy with it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Versatile Journaling (18 August 2008)

    As usual I was impressed with the quality of these TT stamps. Right out of the package they make a fine stamp. The line spacing is adequate for journaling a few thoughts while still having the abilitiy to read it clearly enough. I was also very pleased with the fact that the box/border is removable and can be used or not used as wanted. This is especially nice since extra journaling lines can be easily added above or below the first stamped image when the box isn't used. However, I had more difficulty than I anticipated trying to widen the journaling space by placing the lines side by side. I tried to do this several times, but finally had to give up because the seam is just too evident. This would have been nice since (although they are fairly good sized) they are still a little on the small side for some wordy LO's. The only other problem I have had with them is that "boxes" are a bit floppy and are difficult to place straightly - even with guides on the block.

  • Verified Buyer

    One of my must haves (12 July 2008)

    I have used this product for several years now. I don't think that is a better way to secure small pieces of cardstock (especially those that have detailed edges). It also allows me to place ribbon borders very easily. I cannot be without this product when I scrap. I use it all the time.

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice design (11 July 2008)

    I borrowed this item to use for one of my layouts. I stenciled the doodle patterns with the use of a brush marker. I liked that the design looks a little hand drawn... OK much better in my case. I did have just a bit of difficulty with a few of the stencils since the template was just a bit too thin and moved a little. Likewise cleaning it required that a person be a bit careful not to bend it.

  • Verified Buyer

    These are great! (11 July 2008)

    I got these on the advice of members of this very website and have been absolutely thrilled with them. They are one of my MUST HAVE tools now. They can indeed cut very detailed pieces. But most impressive to me is that when I cut an edge with these it doesn't come out looking wobbly like it always used to with other scissors I've tried. The edge comes out much more defined and finished looking. My work looks so much better for it. I was so impressed, I purchased one for my SIL, and convinced my MIL that she needed a pair too. They get used often too.

  • Verified Buyer

    I love this set (11 July 2008)

    These were the very first clear stamps I purchased, and they definitely helped me become a clear stamp addict. :) I use these all the time. I really like the fact that they range from simple designs to the more ornate. I can use them on a lot of different projects and layouts. The stamps came off the backing with no trouble at all, and they didn't seem to require any conditioning to make the ink take to produce a nice clear image. I have had a couple of instances where the stamp didn't come out sharply in all the spots - but that was probably just operator error. Of course since they are clear stamps, I was easily able to remedy the problem by stamping directly over the original image.

  • Verified Buyer

    Absolutely Beautiful Stamp Set (11 July 2008)

    OK, although I have been tempted by these for a long, long time and did finally break down and purchase them, I have to admit that I haven't yet had the opportunity to use them on my own LO's. However, I did get to help my SIL use them on a few of hers. They easily came off of the backing (something I understand not all clear stamp sets always do). They inked up well and stamped a good image almost immediately (no conditioning seemed to be needed). She had never stamped in her albums before and had no problem with them. She even added crystal and flowers to enhance them even more. They went perfectly with such embellishments. She created absolutely beautiful images with these. I can hardly wait until I can find the appropriate uses for them for my own projects.

  • Verified Buyer

    Swirly Q's Template (22 April 2008)

    I haven't tried this for stenciling yet, but I did trace out several of the swirls and then cut them out of cardstock for just the right flourishes for a LO. I really like the look and think I will use it again and again for more LO's in the future.

  • photo organization made really easy (03 August 2007)

    I really liked this product. I used it to help me organize my family's entire photo history. It is an easy size to handle and actually comes with the individual photo/negative containers which makes for compact collection of all the photos. In addition you could easily transport only the packets you were interested in at any one time. The packets also include label stickers which made for the most organized system. A person can easily find and retrieve individual photos and/or add new photos to the correct packet as necessary. My sister was absolutely amazed at how organized all those photos became.