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Crystal B.'s Reviews

  • Must-Have! (14 October 2008)

    If you are a multi-photo, 2-page layout scrapper, this book is a must-have! Even if you don't follow the sketches exactly there are a lot of ideas with the sketches and each sketch has several different interpretations...just a ton of great ideas for your pages, and very versatile sketches!

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    Not worth the hype. (14 October 2008)

    I was SOOO excited to get this pen after I read all the reviews, seeing that most of them were positive. Then I got this pen and it works like every other white pen I have tried...it skips and I had to go over spots several times and it just did NOT work for me at all. I have since found a lot of my friends who had similar experiences, so I guess it is a matter of patience w/ the pen and I don't have it! lol.

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    Buttons, Buttons, Buttons... (10 October 2008)

    I am always looking for buttons to match my projects, and these are perfect for altering w/ paint or covering with a coordinating patterned paper to match any project. They are so versatile, and I love having these!

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    LOVE Cosmo Cricket! (09 October 2008)

    I just LOVe this line by Cosmo Cricket! The bright colors are a pleasure to work with and I love the fact that it is double-sided...I would recommend getting 2 of each sheet so you'll have one of each pattern. Beautiful colors and great patterns to work with!

  • Very Versatile (03 October 2008)

    I love, love, love chipboard thickers. One of the things I always hated about chipboard letters was having to adhere each one to the page with something, but these are self-adhesive and just so much easier. There are also a ton of letters in each package.

    And, the white is even more versatile, because they can easily be colored with an inkpad.

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    Can't get enough thickers! (03 October 2008)

    I LOVE thickers! I love the fonts and colors of these. I've had problems with the adhesive on them sometimes, but I still use them, because they are still the best alphas that I have found :)

  • What more do you need? (03 October 2008)

    These are the PERFECT buttons! Already stitched, self-adhesive and in a variety of sizes and color coordinated per set. These things are great, and they coordinate, with other Sassafras Lass products as well as other products. Definitely recommend them.

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    Beautiful (28 September 2008)

    This collection from Basic Grey is like all their others--beautiful! The soft colors are perfect for girl pages, and the other colors included are perfect for a variety of pages, making the pack really versatile. And, as always, MUCH better in person :) love these designs, similar to Blush with a different color pattern.

  • Beautiful Faux Stitching. (15 September 2008)

    I love these! I love the look of stitches, but am too lazy to actually sew on most of my pages, so I can get the look w/out all the work. These go on super easy and they look great. I would definitely recommend them!

  • Not typical HS quality. (14 July 2008)

    I have some of these alphas and I hate them! They are really hard to punch out and mine keep separating (the back and front layers of chipboard separate)...NOT the type of quality you'd expect from Heidi Swapp items. I say, stick with Thickers!

  • Great Designs (12 July 2008)

    I love this collection. The designs and colors are awesome. I am always looking for great boy designs to use on my son's pages. I love the bright colors and stars. However, the paper is SUPER thin. When I first received it and felt it, it was as thin as really cheap dollar-store paper, so that is definitely something to consider.

  • Great Kit! (03 July 2008)

    I love this kit! the bright colors are fantastic and it includes everything you need--paper, stickers, letters, ribbon, 3-d embellies, etc. This kit makes beautiful, coordinated pages and the color combinations are just gorgeous. I would highly recommend it.

  • Best Adhesive! (02 July 2008)

    I LOVE these! They are by far the best thing I have found for adhering 3-d embellies like buttons. They bond instantly and it is really strong (so you have to be sure to put it in the right place the first time). But, it's really nice because it holds things on your page well. I love them!

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    FINALLY! (01 July 2008)

    A great white pen! I have tried many others--Sakura, Signo, etc. And this is the only one that I can get to work for me. Since it is a marker, it always works for me and you don't have to worry about the gel from other pens which doesn't work for me at all. The only thing is that it goes on clear right away, but as it dries it appears and I absolutely love it.

  • Great for Baby album. (01 July 2008)

    I used these papers (and coordinating embellishments) for my son's First Year album. The colors and theme is great for a baby boy. I like the bright colors better than traditional baby pastels. it also helped me to create a coordinated theme album for him so that the pages coordinate while still being different. I would highly recommend this paper and collection.

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    LOVE them! (01 July 2008)

    Thickers are absolutely great! I was hesitant at first because I don't use that much chipboard but these are fantastic. They aren't too thick and don't seem to weigh the page down like I was afraid they would. It really makes the title stand out and the fonts offered are fantastic! I absolutely love them now and want them all!

  • Great Boy Collection! (24 June 2008)

    I love almost anything basic grey, but this collection really raises the bar. It is a beautiful collection for boy/guy pages and I love it. As a mom of a baby boy, I'm always keeping a look out for good boy pages for my son, hubby, father, father-in-law, etc. and this collection is fantastic. They are boyish without being too boyish, so they could easily be used for other things as well. In short, I love this collection. I have several sheets of almost every pattern, but would love to have doubles of every pattern because I know I'll use it so much.

  • Best FLower! (22 June 2008)

    I absolutely LOVE flowers in general, but these flowers are fantastic! They have a wonderful texture and great vibrant colors. They are formed into perfect flower shapes and they actually stay that way, unlike other flowers that get flat really easily. They come in a variety of sizes (1-4 inches) and they are by far my favorite flowers, especially the larger ones.

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    Beautiful Boy papers!!! (21 June 2008)

    These papers are just beautiful for that boy pages. I have looked and looked and found it so hard to find good boy papers, but these are spectacular! I have made several pages for my son and I also used these products to make my husband's Father's Day card. I love them--they are much better in person than on the screen even.

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    LOVE Thickers! (21 June 2008)

    At first I was skeptical about these, but once I tried them I was hooked! I usually don't use chipboard on my pages, but these are light enough not to weigh the page down too much. Also, since they are self-adhesive they are so easy to use. My only problem is that sometimes they tend to lose their adhesiveness to the page and kind of fall around in the package. But, I still love them and want them all :) Great product. ALso, you get a lot of letters in the package.

  • These are nice, but... (14 April 2008)

    These brads are beautiful, but they are kind of "cheap." They aren't really bargain priced, but they are cheaply made. When I got mine, the epoxy tops of the brads are all off-centered, so they are hanging off of one side and there is raw metal exposed on one side :( . I do like the designs though and maybe I just got a bad batch?

  • LOVE Daisy D's (12 April 2008)

    I LOVE this kit! The rub-ons are some of the best quality on the market. They come of on the page so smooth and easily. The letters are great an coordinate with the rest of the package and the papers are just beautiful (as you can expect from Daisy D's!) I loved the kit and for only $7.99 it is such a great value, and you can really do a lot with it, since it comes with several papers & embellies. I can't wait to get a couple more of their kits!

  • Fabulous Kit!!! (10 April 2008)

    This kit is fantastic! The products are of the highest quality, but for a great value! They are perfectly coordinated, and there is a huge variety of different types of items--ribbons, brads, buttons, rub-ons, papers, stickers--so that you can make many pages and cards with just the items from this kit. So much better than a lot of kits that just include flat items. The vibrant colors in this Halloween kit are great as well, even have some lime and purple thrown in there if you prefer dfferent colors than just the traditional black and orange.

    Their unique textured cardstock and patterned paper are a great quality as well.

    In short, I LOVE Doodlebug kits!

  • Great Trimmer (10 April 2008)

    I love this trimmer. I like how the blade arm lifts all the way up, it makes it much easier to get the paper in and situated than in the ones that just lift up sidewasy. The 12-inch measuring arm has been sturdy on mine, maybe other people are hard on theirs. I've just used mine normally and it has all been fine.

  • Great Shape and Punch! (09 April 2008)

    I love this folk star punch :) I just love the shape of the heart. These are the best punches--they are so easy to use! Punches like this are also fantastic in using up scraps! If I have some scrap paper left over after a layout I just use it up by punching out a few shapes for next time.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! (09 April 2008)

    I LOVE this book! I have both of her other books, Volume 1 & Volume 2, but I love this one as well! It's nice to have all of the sketches in the same book, and also nice to have even more examples of how other people have interpreted the sketch. I use this book SO MUCH! I love Becky's Sketches in the magazine and it's so convenient to have them all in a book to reference.

  • Awesome Ink! (09 April 2008)

    I have been looking for a really good, permanent stamp ink and I have finally found it! I tried several that claimed to be suitable for all surfaces (such as vellum), but this is the only one that lived up to that! It comes in a wide variety of color selections as well, so that is an added bonus :) Good luck stamping!

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    Love this Pen! (04 February 2008)

    I have been looking for a great photo pen and this is it! It is safe for photos and will not harm them. It will write smoothly on surface of photos, and dries quickly. This pen is perfect for journaling on your photos or other embellishments printed on photo paper. I have used other pens that did not look very clear on photos, but this pen keeps clarity and color even when writing on them.

  • LOVE this Vellum Adhesive! (04 February 2008)

    I have tried many vellum adhesives and was always disappointed that you can see them through the vellum. Until I found this one. This adhesive is awesome and it truly does disappear on most vellum. I don't exactly follow the directions though. I just leave it on the roll and then stick a small spot to the surface that way, and cut off the backing after I get the adhesive off. I'd prefer to do it that way and not have to get my scissors messy. I've never had any problems at all.

  • Not worth the hype (04 February 2008)

    I have read about this product and heard about it from fellow scrappers here at sb.com. And, it was one of the more expensive adhesive runners. So, I was excited to try it, but was really disappointed with it. The tabs come off VERY irregularly, if at all. Sometimes they don't come off very good, even when used according to the directions, and then sometimes they come off in a big stack of 2-3 on top of one another. This was definitely the worst adhesive runner/dispenser that I have tried to use.

  • Best Rub-On Letters EVER! (02 February 2008)

    I absolutely LOVE these Making Memories rub-on letters. The Heidi font is just beautiful and fun. Best of all, they are in a swatch-book kind of format, with each letter on it's own page! So, when you need a letter, simply flip to the one you need and clip it off the end! No more hassle trying to cut a letter out of the middle of a full sheet of rub-on alphas. These are my favorite rub-on alphas by far!

  • Fantastic rub-ons! (02 February 2008)

    I love rub-ons, and these rub-ons from Making Memories are fantastic. They are great for adding a title or enhancing a page. The selection of words makes them versatile for many themes. They also rub onto the page super easy, unlike some brands of rub-ons.

  • Nice Font (02 February 2008)

    I LOVE clear stamps, so when Heidi Swapp started creating a ton of clear acrylic stamps in big, fun word shapes I knew I had to have them! They don't stamp as clearly and easily as a lot of other clear acrylic stamps I have had, but they are still in great designs and a good bargain for the price.

  • Fantastic! (02 February 2008)

    For a person who LOVES arrows, I was super excited when these came out. Since they are ghost shapes, they are so versatile. You can add them to your projects/pages as-is, with the transparent overlay shape or embellishment, or you can embellish them to your heart's content adding paint, glitter, stamping, writing, etc. The possibilities are truly endless. I will definitely be buying more of these!

  • LOVE Ghost Shapes! (02 February 2008)

    I admit, when these first came out, I was skeptical. They didn't seem that impressive. But, Heidi Swapp pulls off another must-have item with these! They are so versatile. You can add them to your projects/pages as-is, with the transparent overlay shape or embellishment, or you can embellish them to your heart's content adding paint, glitter, stamping, writing, etc. The possibilities are truly endless. I will definitely be buying more of these!

  • Beautiful, Satiny ribbons (02 February 2008)

    These ribons are wonderful. They are better in person than the picture makes them look to be. They have a wonderful satin-y texture and look to them that makes them a nice addition to any page or project. There are several different types of ribbons in this pack, including grosgrain and ric-rac which makes it very versatile.

  • *Bling* (02 February 2008)

    Who doesn't love a little *bling* on their pages and projects? This shimmery cardstock is the perfect way to get that! It is available in a ton of colors. The shimmery coating makes for more muted colors, so make sure you look at the color and not just the name of the color. Overall these are great!

  • Quick and Easy Shimmer! (02 February 2008)

    Glitter Mist is a really fun way to add instant shimmer to your projects. I have used it several times and the shimmer effect it adds is a unique look that can't be gotten with glitter or gems. However, I would recommend using it for chipboard or metal embellies, or to help add an aged look to papers. Since it is water-based it can cause the papers to crinkle a bit.

  • Beautiful! (02 February 2008)

    One word sums up this collection pack from Basic Grey--Beautiful! The picture doesn't do them justice at all and the designs are even prettier in person. There are 12 fantastic designs and 5 solid papers, made of good quality stock. The colors are just beautiful and everything coordinates really well. The matching alphabets and tags included with this pack make creating layouts, cards, and other projects a cinch.

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    Great Vertical Storage System (02 February 2008)

    This is a great vertical storage system. The top-loading and see through containers make it easy to find the papers you are looking for and get them effortlessly. The tabbed dividers make it easy to organize your papers into colors and themes. Overall it is a convenient, easy and efficient storage system.