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Bobbij's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Love these velvet minis... (15 November 2011)

    I love that these velvety flowers come sith a little stem and that they can be made into a vine, such a pretty rich color, and a nice variety of sizes...definitely would recommend and buy again!

  • Lovin the Fiskers Apron Lace Border punch! (19 September 2010)

    Oh, I have got to tell you this is such a versatile and easy to use punch, I almost always reach for this punch for all of my vintage projects, absolutely love the pretty borders when punched with this, and this is such an easy punch, punches through cardstock as well as thinner papers like smooth butter, and is very easy to line up!!!!!! One of my favorite punches of all time!!!

  • How did I ever live without these scissors? (01 May 2010)

    I have got to tell you, my friend Betty bought these cutter bee scissors for me, and I thought they were just something else I didn't need! Well I use this pair of scissors before I grab any other scissors, they are very sharp, and smooth cutting. and very precise. I misplaced mine one day and started panicking, like I couldn't do another project without them, I place these cutter bee scissors as a high priority on my list of must haves!!!! Can't live without these, you will absolutely love this pair of scissors and I highly recommend
    to anyone in need of new scissors!!! Worth every penny!

  • Verified Buyer

    Alissa paterned paper (29 March 2009)

    Love this new line of BoBunny Alissa papers and die-cuts, everything matches so well, and there are alternating pink printed papers to match! Love the versatile pattern, can go with many girl or family themes! I used the blue flowers and black cardstock, along with the pink patterned BoBunny Alissa paper! These papers are heavy wieght paper not the thin flimsy ones, love the feel of these too! Thanks BoBunny!

  • Aqua stickles, an absolute must have! (11 March 2009)

    Absolutely love this soft color, I am on my third bottle. The Aqua is so pretty and soft, with a very litght sparkle to it, looks great as a touch of color in flowers, borders and alphas!
    I used one whole bottle just for my winter bookmarks, in the bookmark swap, to add the stars! Just the right amount of sparkle for the snowmen too! Oh and used them on my snowflake punchouts on the bookmarks as well. I love how easy the aqua stickles are to use, no messy mixing wither, just squeeze lightly to get the right amount, let dry about an hour and there you have it, sparkle without the two step method of glitter and glue!
    Positivily recommend the Aqua stickles to evferyone!

  • Verified Buyer

    Signo-White Uni-ball Impact Pen (08 February 2009)

    Love this white pen, would highly recommend, have used on my stamped and embossed images to make it look like snow on my bookmarks, used for doodling in LOs, for making stitching on LOs and tags! Love thi flow and that you can mark on the dark paper and the ink shows up with out the lines in it! Recently did bookmarks and added snow on my embossed birds to highlight, the white ink really looks like a paint on my projects! Yes I would buy again and again!

  • Verified Buyer

    Stickles glitter glue- Diamond! (08 February 2009)

    Love, Love this color of Stickles! I am on my 3rd bottle of the
    Diamond, gives such a nice sparkle to cards, tags, lay-outs and other projects! I have even used to add sparkle to stickers, and for my grandchildrens projects for school! If you let dry and apply again you can add great sparkle demension to your creative project, we used this diamond sparkle for borders of cards and tags as well! definitly recommend this color of stickles, has alot of sparkle and the price is right too!

  • Stickles, Icicle (09 January 2009)

    Love, Love this color of Stickles as it does resemble Iciles when applied, I am currently using on punched snowflakes and the effect is amazingly beautiful! Really gives that extra punch to the snowflakes and makes them sparkle and shine!
    Definitely need to get more as this is one of my most often used products, so easy to use and instead of 2 products (glitter and glue) Stickles is an all in one product you just squeeze where you need it!!!! Would definitely recommend to everybody and anybody!!!!

  • Love this versatile punch! (13 November 2008)

    I waited such a long time to get this threading water punch, definitely worth the wait! Now I can't put it down! absolutely
    loving the scalloped edges and the small circles! I have used mine for card making as well as scrapbook pages, I even used this punch to do a pretty edge at the bottom of a letter I wrote my mom! She thought that to be so clever!
    Also have threaded embroidery thread through the holes, and ribbon! Have also used with brads alternating in the holes, really cute! Love how I can make a plain border into a piece of art! I don't know who thought up this punch, but definitely one of the best!

  • Verified Buyer

    Appleton Collection-School (12 August 2008)

    Recently purchased the pps and die-cuts, to go with this
    collection, everything coordinates perfectly. Extras are so versatile!

  • Verified Buyer

    Another Great Product (13 July 2008)

    Another great product from Fancy Pants, Very versatile and affordable chipboard. I found that I could paint on the fancy pants chipboard and it kept it's original form! Can't wait to use the rest of my pack! I have the wild flowers, so much in one package!

  • Verified Buyer

    Another favorite stickle, even the name is catchy! (13 July 2008)

    Love this stuff! I used the cotton candy pink on a LO recently and it really added a lot of glittery demension, and texture to my page. The tiny tip on the bottle gives you the control to put stickles in tight spots, and they don't take forever to dry!
    I used them for borders that look alot like embossing without all the work!

  • Verified Buyer

    Can't live without my stickles! (13 July 2008)

    Stickles are one of the easiest products to use, I have tried other glitter glues, and they would glob on the page or they would just spread everywhere.
    Stickles are so vibrant ind colorful, and stay where you put them, I love the control I have with the stickles, I don't know who invented the little bottle they come in but this is ingenious!
    so much fun in one little bottle.
    I have used stickles to add demension, glitter, and glue to my pages. Just do the design with the stickles and add chunky glitter for added texture, Stickles are one of the first products I reach for, more fun on a LO!

  • Highly recomend these binders (04 March 2008)

    I have 3 of these and all 3 are full of stickers, rubons and word stickers and embellies. I bought my first one about a year and a half ago and very quickly filled it up, bought another and received my 3rd as an xmas gift, this is the best way of organizing my stickers, rubons etc. that I have found, there are dividers for each color and style, so it's easy to see what I already have.

  • My Favorite adhesive (04 March 2008)

    Absolutely love these, I use them for adhering ribbon to my pages, I've used them for metal embellishments, buttons, chipboard, this is the best adhesive I use they never fall off and don't get stuck inside of dispenser, my daughter has even used them just to make small home emergency repairs when in a pinch....