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Skarletbegonias's Reviews

  • a little small (04 January 2009)

    They look nice and they're perfect for just a little journaling, but if you want to do anything in depth they're a little too small for that.

  • Great Gobs! (25 June 2009)

    I love this adhesive. I like the way it closes shut and that it rolls out smoothly. Although sometimes it gobs up or it only leaves half the adhesive it should. Overall I like it and use it with almost every project.

  • works, but (04 January 2009)

    It seems to work very well, but I think I need to buy a glass mat and it would work great! I'm not positive though. I don't know if I push to hard, but the blade tends to get stuck in my self healing mat and then it shifts and my circle isn't perfect, close enough, but not perfect. I'm going to try it with a glass mat and see how that works.

  • Lovely flowers (08 June 2009)

    I've used up most of my pink ones. They seem to be the perfect accent to little girl pages and the center of flowers. They're a nice size too.

  • I really like the Slice! (27 April 2009)

    This is a great product! I don't like that I have to hold it while it cuts, but I like the flexibility of cutting anywhere on the page. I like how small and light it is. I really like how portable it is. I can't wait for more cards to come out because I feel limited in what they offer right now; it seems like only flowers and swirls are out there.

  • pretty (04 January 2009)

    I really like swirls, so big swirls are even better!

  • works great (04 January 2009)

    I have great results with this punch! It's so cute I just wish I had more ideas for using it.

  • Cute! (04 January 2009)

    I bought this in the 8x8 because I couldn't find the 12x12 anywhere! Many of the papers are very cute and I really like the glitter accents. I almost bought the 12x12, but I'm glad now that I have the 8x8 I think I'll get more use out of it as accents rather than background.