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AllAmy's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun and fresh (25 June 2009)

    Love this beautiful fresh blue colors. The stickles flow easily and are a great sparkle accent. Fun and easy to use.

  • Verified Buyer

    Elegantly beautiful (25 June 2009)

    the lace detail of the edges of this heavy cardstock are lovely! I love this paper in every color they make. This cream doily shade is so versatile.

  • Verified Buyer

    mascarading as a mask (02 May 2009)

    well, the butterflies are perfect masks but i would have preferred less "black space" on the bigger butterfly. I think I could have used a punch to get the same effect, so not really worth themoney. But it was fun for someone who has "everything" and wants to try something new.

  • Fun and festive (31 December 2008)

    The bright bold shapes and colors are so fun and perfect for kid and birthday pages.

    The adhesive on the back is easy to use and really sticks. The punctures for popping them out is clean. Love the depth of the chipboard.

    not the most versatile lot, but that's kinda what I like about it- specific to kid's birthdays

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    elegant and versatile (31 December 2008)

    I'm not a huge stamper, but these stamps are so versatile that I use them again and again and store them in my small everything holder. The elegant swirls work for a fancy page as well as a homey page behind some country flowers. I'm so in love with these stamps.

    PRO: The acrylic stamps are easy to use and easy to place.
    CON: Hard to find an acrylic block large enough for the big swirl

  • Verified Buyer

    warm and wonderful (31 December 2008)

    Have you seen it! This stuff is so warm and wonderful. The sunrise colors of a fancy Mexican drink mixed with the elegance of black and white. The papers can be used for adults, kiddos, vacation- the possibilities are endless. When I look at the Ambrosia paper line, I feel like I'm looking at a cheerful smile paired with an elegant black dress.

  • Verified Buyer

    buy it (31 December 2008)

    If you haven't tried this- give it a try! I'm a total adhesive snob trying to find the "perfect" thing so use lots of different adhesives for different jobs. I found this great for laying down paper (or thin stickers/scraps) and then going over again with another coat. Gives that finished glossy look that looks so high end.

    Easy to use and clean up. Great effect.

  • Verified Buyer

    Buy the Cricut (04 November 2008)

    I haven't even used the Cricut but this Xyron isn't great. You have to replace these sticky cutty mats ALL the time and usually only get about 4-5 uses out of them before their sticky just doesn't work and then the whole thing doesn't work.

    I got my machine for free or else I wouldn't be wasting money on these mats. Argh

  • Verified Buyer

    White Sharpie- love it and hate it (03 May 2008)

    I haven't found the perfect white pen but this one is pretty good. I use it soooo often because white shows up so well on darker pps. Great for doodles or larger journaling. The piont isn't solid paint and will sometimes need to be traced. You need to wait to trace until paint dries though.

  • easy and fun (29 March 2008)

    Not only are these scalloped papers super easy to use- they add so much to a page. And they are thick enough to use as templates for regular cardstock to add scallops too.

    Use as a full background or cut for just a touch of scallop.

  • Verified Buyer

    My favorite scrap product (29 March 2008)

    Super strong and easy to use.
    These keeps your fingers from being sticky and then messing up your pages with adhesive. Wonderful product. I love these. I've bought different sizes of this for different things and love them (except the vellum ones).

  • Verified Buyer

    doesn't hold ghost shapes (29 March 2008)

    This might be strong enough for very small/light vellum but it is not sticky/secure enough for heavier ghost shapes or transperencies which is what I was hoping to use it for.

  • Verified Buyer

    waste of money (29 March 2008)

    Not a single "tool" on this mulit tool works well. The blade is fine, but you have to remove it to put the cap back on. the twizers don't work well at all. everything else is kinda a waste.

    Very disappointed with it