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Colleenco's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Too cute! (24 August 2008)

    Aren't these little birds adorable? They go with so many different LOs and are bold, bright and eye-catching, like most of the Glitz designs. They work beautifully with the rest of Glitz' line. They are heavy cardstock and hold up really nicely. They seem like they are great quality.

  • Verified Buyer

    Best white pen ever! (18 July 2008)

    I just got this pen from the Superstore and I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it is. It writes smooth and consistent. It shows up perfectly on dark paper AND on actual photos. It basically comes out like paint. If you are looking for a white pen look no further because this is the one you need!

  • I prefer other adhesive over these. (18 July 2008)

    I guess i am in the minority here but these aren't my go-to adhesive. I found them a bit tedious to use. For one thing they come in a big roll and as you use them you rip off the paper you don't need anymore. I find it to be a little annoying that the roll flops around and comes open - basically it isn't neat. Then the actual dots have to pressed really firmly into whatever it is you are trying to adhere them to. If you don't press hard enough the dot gets gooped up and makes a thick ball on your embellishment/paper. However, these usually do go on very nice and they are a very strong adhesive. This can be a problem if you are the type that likes to rearrange stuff after you glue it down. For their adhering power I give them this 4 star review. I would most likely deal with a Xyron runner or a Herma Dotto runner before these glue dots in the future. They are, however, a quick and relatively easy fix!

  • Verified Buyer

    What more is there to say? (10 June 2008)

    I don't know what else I can say about the Cricut! It's such an essential tool for any scrapbooker or card-making enthusiast. The only problem is how addictive it is! If you shop around you can get some good deals online for the cartridges. For all that you can cut and create with each cartridge, I think in the end you will save money. I have had mine now since December and haven't changed the blade on it. The blade is cheap to replace, I think around $6 or 7. The mats to cut on are around $10 and I use mine forever before I replace them. Check out the Cricut "board" in the forums for ever more tricks and tips!

  • Verified Buyer

    Will never use any other scissors for scrapping! (10 June 2008)

    I am relatively new to scrapbooking. That being said, I have been using gigantic Fiskars scissors for all my cutting including small precise cutting. I was taking a class at a convention and the teacher said to me, "Oh, no, that will never work!" and asked the class if anyone had small scissors to let me borrow. Well a nice lady in the room let me use her Cutter Bee scissors and immediatley after the class I ran to AC Moore and bought a pair! I didn't realize what a difference they make. They are super sharp and super precise. I can do things with these scissors I thought I couldn't ever do. They make it all possible! Definetly a must-have in every scrapper's arsenal!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect match for the Paper Stack (25 March 2008)

    This is a great box of chipboard all for pets. One thing I really like about it is that it includes dogs and cats. There are 100 pieces and there are 2 of each letter of the alphabet, one capitol and one lowercase. All of the letters are in turquiose blue. A mixture of colors would have been better in my opinion. All of the pieces are pretty neat. There are fire hydrants, hearts, doghouses, circles, squares, flowers, fish, kitties, puppies, bones, and paw prints. There are a few square pieces with designs on them that are kinda pointless but I guess they could add interest to a page in some way. Another plus is that it comes in a heavy cardboard box with a see-thru window on top.