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Mindilynn's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Unique powder (05 May 2020)

    I love this powder because of the pearlescent sheen that it has. It is unlink my other powders. Perfect for baby, wedding, spring, so many uses.

  • Versatile design (09 July 2019)

    This is one of my favorite dies, because just looking at it, I can imagine a million ways to use it. Cut out metallic gold or silver cardstock, use it as a mask, make it into a shaker, use it to create a pattern... It isn't very often that a new die comes out where the possibilities seem endless. It is high quality and cuts well (be sure to use a metal shim). Highly recommend.

  • Super cute (09 July 2019)

    These stamps were high quality- like butter. I especially love the versatility of the sentiments and the just for you with heart is great for gift tags. My favorite was the handmade stamp. I highly recommend, especially if you are just getting started in cardmaking and need a variety of basic sentiments.

  • Average ink (09 July 2019)

    I was interested in trying the inks because they have a foam pad. However, being a dye ink, it pools up into tiny beads on a solid stamp and is splotchy. I tested each ink pad using a solid stamp and it performed the same as all other dye inks that I own. The colors were also different than the cap. The limoncello is more orange than yellow. It did add to my collection of more colors for a great price, so it was a great way to try out the product, but I will not be finishing out the collection.

  • Beauty in the Details (09 July 2019)

    This is a very intricate die that I used to frame a circle shaker on a baby card. I had to run it through the die cutting machine with a metal shim a few times, but it came out great. I layered two together for added dimension. The only downside are all of the tiny pieces that are cut out, but I use a mini desktop vacuum to clean up. Overall, love the elegant look and the detail.

  • Verified Buyer

    Very Useful (04 April 2011)

    I have already used this product on several projects with my cuttlebug and it cuts very well. It is also very easy to position the paper onto the die. I use self-adhesive sticky notes to stick the paper in place before I run it through my machine.

    Overall, this is an excellent tool to use on a variety of cards.