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Jette's Reviews

  • tons of room! (24 February 2008)

    so versatile!! when scrapping I pull out about 20 sheets of PP as "possibility papers." I can just drop then in the top slot along with all the elements I'm considering (lettering, flowers, bling, etc...) in the bottom slots.
    when done with a project, I can just put things back. so much easier than having things scattered all over the place!
    also great for permanent storage.

  • bigger is better! (24 February 2008)

    use this one for larger PP designs and lettering. adhesive works very well, so what you stick on, stays on!

  • now this rocks! (24 February 2008)

    wonderful product!! only problem I could find with this is the feed opening is so narrow, so limited on size of object. but they make bigger ones!

  • I wish I hadn't bought this! (24 February 2008)

    I thought time and practice would make it easier. No it doesn't! I've had this for two months and have spent many, many frustrating wasted hours trying to get it to do as it says....If you can wish it, you can cut it" yeah, right!!

    DON'T select anything to cut that is swirled, or thin, or intricate, or on paper thicker than the cheapest writing paper, cause it won't do it. Yes, I'm using the correct blade.....

    I have wasted not only time, but a huge amount of money on pattern paper. Because when you try to remove the object you've cut, the adhesive-from-hell on the cutting board will tear the object long before it will turn it loose.

    It takes hours of study on various support sites just to figure out the basics. Who has that kind of time?????

    It's complicated, NOT user friendly, unpredicable, unreliable and a complete flop. Shame on Xyron for promoting such a piece of junk!

  • black tie is a dull affair (13 September 2007)

    similar bling products from this company already a part of my stash. so looking forward to these. disappointed to find a smudged (as though packaged wet), dull black surface. silver discolored, poor quality.