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PinkTiara's Reviews

  • Take your time, read the instructions... (03 June 2008)

    Got my Wishblade earlier this week...LOVE it! I'd done my homework; read the reviews, tips, tutorials, etc...while I was waiting for it to arrive. Read the manual & all other info included before even thinking about installing the software. I was cutting a welded word within the hour.

    Lots of details to remember...resize the image, place it on the page where you want it to cut, change the pressure, change the cap on the blade...but ooooooh it's worth it!

    Try more simple shapes/fonts at first, while you're getting used to the settings. My 1st cut was with a font that wasn't smooth, and I was scraping tiny pieces of paper off the mat for quite a few minutes. Learned my lesson quickly.

  • No chips! (14 February 2008)

    These Bazzill Basics brads are absolutely the best quality brads I've found. The color does not chip off as soon as you bend the prongs...if you want a clean look, you've got it. At the same time, they distress easily if you want to go shabby.

    The fact that they perfectly match the cardstock is an understated bonus...I never realized my old brads clashed with my papers until I used these. I wish I had pictures of before/after of some cards I made...you'd think the difference would be subtle at best...I'll never go back to dollar store brads again.