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Jennwraspir's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Received it as completely dried up (30 May 2020)

    Ordered this and within a week it was on my doorstep. Excited to start using us, I uncapped it...and it was completely dried up. I tried everything...shaking the pen aggressively, licking the tip...nothing.

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect colors and combination of patterns (09 May 2020)

    I tend to purchase travel paper more than I should and I'm often disappointed with the color combinations and pattern options. This combo hit the mark for me. There's enough travel themed paper and papers that can be used for anything else. The bright, yet muted colors allow me to use the papers without being concerned it's too much.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for Staging pages (30 July 2018)

    I tend to stage my pages before big crops so I don't have to bring a ton of stuff with me. Everything I need to put this page together (paper, doo dads, washi, embellishments, etc). All that goes into these paper pockets really nicely. I used to use ziploc 2 gallon bags and they never would lay flat or not slide all over the place. These pockets are awesome for stacking and getting everything you need to do a project. I had, usually, about 4 pages of 12X12 and a 4X4 ziploc of embelishments/washi etc, and usually thickers of some sort. Excellent for that. I highly recommend these if you stage pages.

  • Verified Buyer

    Questionable quality (13 December 2015)

    I've not had good luck with Crop-A-Dile products. This is the second item I've purchased and has been dismayed by the quality. The top notch of this tool broke off the first time I moved it up to test the tool. While it doesn't effect the operation of the tool, for the price of it I'm surprised at the quality.

    The big tool is a bit unwieldy when trying to make corner punches. I miss my old corner punch.