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    Not Grasscloth Texture (30 July 2015)

    Just be aware that this cardstock is not actually Bazzill's Grasscloth texture despite being labeled as such. I'm not sure which one it is because I almost exclusively use Grasscloth, but it's one of the more crossed patterns - coarser than classic. In my opinion, American Crafts is really dropping the ball with Bazzill - discontinuing some of the best colors, especially those that are hard or impossible to find elsewhere, and not accurately distinguishing the different textures.

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    Why did I wait so long? (01 May 2010)

    I just got this handy little tool, and I love it. It makes a lovely distressed edge, and it's so comfortable to hold and use. I don't know why I continued to use scissors for so long! It's much safer too -- I highly recommend this product!

  • Great product with one caveat... (18 May 2009)

    The mat itself is great, although I haven't used mine for cutting - only placement. The one problem I've had is that the magnets chip very easily -- I've only had mine for a week, and already three of the magnets are badly chipped. It's easier said than done to keep them separate as they are very strong and also tend to grab on to my tweezers and other tools. I've already had one picture badly scratched from a chipped magnet. That being said, I do love being able to pick up a LO in progress to look at it before gluing anything down. And I'd LOVE one big enough for a 12x24 LO. Getting 2 mats means you have to have room on your table for 30 inches, which is excessive, and then the grids don't meet up for doing 2 page spreads anyway, which defeats the purpose of the measuring aspect and means you can't pick the whole spread up as easily.

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    Simply Gorgeous! (02 May 2009)

    I love these flowers! The blues and greens are rich and velvety looking, and the gem centers make them easy to use! No brads and hole punching necessary -- I just used Zots. There are 3 sizes -- the small have 6 petals, and the medium and large have 5 -- and 4 color variations. Gorgeous!