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TarynLeah's Reviews

  • Beautiful and Classy (16 December 2008)

    I just love these cards. Lately, a page is not complete for me until it has some kind of journaling spot or card on it, and these are the most beautiful ones I've found. I love to use red on my layouts, so these are my favorites right now. The only problem I've found with them is that they're so pretty I want to save them just to look at instead of putting them on a layout. Guess I just need to buy more.

  • Verified Buyer

    Amazing Little Things! (09 April 2008)

    I have always favored post bound albums, because I like to have my 2-page layouts continuous (right up next to each other). And, I like to be able to switch pages around and expand my albums. I don't create my scrapbook pages chronologically (rather, what inspires me while I'm scrapping), but I do keep all the pages from one year together randomly in one book.
    The Snap Load system allows me to easily add pages, move pages around, and lets my albums hold TONS of pages without looking awkward or wobbly. It is fabulous! I'm changing ALL my albums over to Snap Load, and I recommend it to everyone I can!

  • Verified Buyer

    how fun! (12 September 2007)

    It took me a while to get myself to buy these, as they are a bit expensive in my eyes. But, oh my, they are so fun! I love the black for bold journaling, and use them all the time to accent designs in patterned papers. Even the clear pen is kind of cool to use to bring a shine to draw attention. I'm sure I will be buying many of these, as I'm using them all of the time now!

  • Verified Buyer

    My favorite paper line! (12 September 2007)

    Urban Couture is my favorite line of patterned papers available. I purchased these as soon as they came out, and I have purchased them several more times and used them over and over. I love the colors and the variety of ways these papers can be mixed or used individually to create so many different looks. It took me a while to even cut into them because they're so beautiful, and I really think it would be impossible to make a mistake with any of these papers. I think they will forever be my favorite...

  • Verified Buyer

    Makes a big difference! (11 September 2007)

    What a great combo of files for every nook & cranny a scrapper could want to smooth! The different shapes of the files (triangular, curved, flat...) are great and really allow you to make a roughed up edge look nice, or rough up a smooth edge--depending on which look you prefer! These are so great for using on chipboard letters when you adhere paper to them!
    I would like a sturdier case, but the tools themselves are quite sturdy and seem they'll last a long time. I also appreciate that this set is quite affordable!

  • Verified Buyer

    Handy & Cute! (11 September 2007)

    I like these journaling spots because they are a great size for that people/place/time info. or little tidbit of journaling you want to add to your layout. I like the casual look of them as they can be used for so many themes. It might be nice if they had a little adhesive to them, but the fact that they don't actually makes them more versatile, I think. I plan to buy more!

  • Verified Buyer

    My absolute #1 favorite of all my scrap supplies! (30 July 2007)

    These were the first clear stamps I ever bought, and they are also my absolute favorite thing in ALL of my scrapping supplies! I find myself reaching for at least one of them to use on almost every one of my layouts. Even after all that use, they are still in great shape, and not wearing out at all!