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Heathershelby's Reviews

  • LOVE GHOST SHAPES IN ANY FORM! (04 February 2008)

    I cannot get enough of Heidi's ghost shapes....so alterable....so FUN! When you get these, you will want to hurry back to scrapbook.com and order up every single ghost shape Heidi Swapp has to offer. You can paint the edges, you can staple them, you can do almost anything your heart desires.
    These are cute for beach pages, vacation theme pages and for birthday parties.....HAVE FUN!

  • Rub-on or Scrub-ON!?!?! (04 February 2008)

    I don't know if it is me or what? The last several Heidi Swapp rub-ons I have bought I felt that I have wasted my money not to mention my time! These rub-ons are so hard to get onto your layout.....cardstock, patterned paper, or photos.
    When you try and lift them off after rubbing hard for what seems like eternity, the rub-on has not RUBBED-ON! Then you try and reposition them.....nightmare.
    Please, Heidi....look into making these more like Making Memories rub-ons or Mustard Moon rub-ons...they transfer like a charm. To me, I recommend getting the Heidi Swapp ghost shapes or chipboard shapes over her rub-ons!

  • Verified Buyer

    Cricut saves you money! (04 February 2008)

    I bought the Cricut because I was tired of investing and yes, wasting my money on sticker letters and cardboard accents. Let's face it, how many z's, w's, q's, etc do we really need? This way I get the exact color, pattern, and size of the letters or accents I need to make my layout absolutely perfect. Don't wait for anything else, this is the product you need. It is self-explanatory and a GREAT investment. Just sit down and add up all the money you have spent on sticker letters alone....pretty scary, huh? I would recommend this to a friend or anyone that is getting into scrapbooking or who is an old pro like me. You won't be disappointed.