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Christmas in July is Here! The best of last year and beyond | Details Here.

JaymieLiz's Reviews

  • Stunning (10 December 2009)

    Perfect, just stunning - great on heritage/vintage layouts

  • Gorgeous (10 December 2009)

    Being a lover of all things vintage, they are awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Just Perfect! (10 December 2009)

    Great for coasters, and of course my obsession w/cutting felt and fabric!

  • Verified Buyer

    So Glad I bought this! (10 December 2009)

    I had to scrap my sweeties Golf vacation and honestly I had little to no inspiration, came on here and found this! While I did not use all the pieces, not even on same page, this little set got me going and I swear inspired over half of the book! It was not cheesy like most golf items you find.

  • So Cute! Nice size, easy to work with (17 October 2009)

    Fantastically adorable die! Looks great in felt or fabric as well!

  • Very Easy To Use (17 October 2009)

    Easy to use and adds a great touch - works good with a few of the Storybook cuts at fit to 12x12 page - creates a nice effect if you use floss to stitch around the circle in each of the sets of holes

  • Cute Title Embellishment (17 October 2009)

    Nice touch for a dad layout, cute and easily embellished

  • Finally!! (14 October 2009)

    I have been searching high and low for pearls it seems, flat back and other colors besides white, and wow did Prima deliver with these! Wonderful colors and great the the coordinating stones are with it - A+ Prima!!

  • A+ (19 May 2009)

    Great die, luv all the Sizzix frames and this one did not dissapoint! A nice added touch to the die is that you get an extra bonus cut - if you look at the photo it is the darker blue really thin oval - that's actually a seperate cut from the frame, great to use as seperate little tag frame!

  • Verified Buyer

    A+ (19 May 2009)

    I have really come to like this line of templates and this one is just as fabulous as the others I have bought, easy to use but this one adds more of an elegant touch, perfect with a lot of the common flourishes used - love it!!

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    Add's Fun Element (19 May 2009)

    Easy to use, fun & cute - the numbers were a great little bonus, you don't have to stop what you are doing, grab another and continue, you can just work with 1 - really great!

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    A+ (19 May 2009)

    Very nice, and great that you get your option of sizes, easy to use too!

  • Verified Buyer

    Easy To Thread (19 May 2009)

    Very great, easy to get the floss or multiple strands of string through.

  • Verified Buyer

    A+ (19 May 2009)

    So cute! Perfect touch for kid's pages or just plain fun!

  • Verified Buyer

    A+ (19 May 2009)

    Very easy to use, great touch, possibilities seem endless!

  • A+ (14 May 2009)

    Very nice die, and you get two really nice cuts, the outer is the perfect heart frame - the inside is a nice heart that has too many uses to list here but this one is a great die to add to your collection. Great on wedding pages!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Die - Perfect For Baby and Kid Pages (14 May 2009)

    This one was a bit larger than I thought it was going to be, so I was pleansantly suprised, plenty of room to embellish and the slits in each corner are great to put another color or pattern behind! A+

  • Verified Buyer

    So Very Cute! (13 May 2009)

    Lives up to the reputation of the maker, very cute, detailed, great accent for your page!

  • So Very Cute! (10 May 2009)

    Very cute, adorable for spring pages of course!

  • Cute (10 May 2009)

    Very cute, could have used a bit more glitter :)

  • Very Nice Glitter Cardstock - Good Quality (10 May 2009)

    Very nice in color and quality, this does not rub off like glitter papers of the past - very vivid colors, you do have to make sure that you adhere anything with either liquid adhesive, a few stitches or brads as anything else will pop off - but a small price to pay for glitter that does not fall off and to the bottom of your page. Best way I can think to describe the nice texture is the effect of lightly embossed glitter, for a whole 12x12!!

  • Love It! Want More! (10 May 2009)

    Will be getting more, great set of brads - very nice touch to add to page as a stand alone, on photo or embellishments - very nice!

  • Very Nice Line of Die Templates (10 May 2009)

    Very cute, easy way for paper piecing photo holders and tag holders - worked well with the bigshot and bigkick

  • Very Nice (10 May 2009)

    Very nice brads, great touch - esp. look great as the center of a flower

  • Great Colors (10 May 2009)

    Very nice pinks, as always Bazzill quality colors!

  • Great Colors (10 May 2009)

    As always the Bazzill color reputation and quality stands up! Love them!

  • Nice Die (10 May 2009)

    Great Die, cuts fabric really well

  • Very Cute (10 May 2009)

    Very cute little Strawberry, works well

  • Fabulous! (03 May 2009)

    I'm in trouble! I will now have another addiction, this was so easy to use, and can reach inner corners so great - brush is easy to handle - nice color - all great!

  • Verified Buyer

    Very User Friendly (14 April 2009)

    This is a very great machine in that just about anyone can use it's basic features, right off the bat! I have a friend who just hates computers, electronics are a nightmare for her and she did actually enjoy using this. I enjoy that each one has a feature, and very easy to do layered matting now where I used to have to bust out the ....ugh....templates for cutting with that...ugh.....knife - well that be no more!

  • So Great! Easy To Work With (30 March 2009)

    I'll start by saying I am a big fan of the Making Memories Paint and this one does not dissapoint! As usual easy to use, dries fast (considering it's paint!) and the clean up time is less than working with stamp inks and sponges, the colors are rich, and once dried can be layered very nicely.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fabulous! (24 March 2009)

    Such pretty colors, easy to use, was the perfect touch on the spring animals and easter items - want them all now!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect As Usual For This Line! (24 March 2009)

    Again a great product, great colors and very easy, comfortable to use - and wow can you really get into corners with this one!

  • Nice Frame Die (24 March 2009)

    It was like sizzix was listening to me and answered my prayers... releasing new frames! I do like this one although I think the frame itself could be just a little bit thicker (at least like the 1st bigz frame) and given that it was not, you are kind of limited to just a bow or the flower accent it came with, but it does layer nicely in the middle the original bigz frame, and the flower vine has more uses than just w/this frame so all in all, pretty good!

  • So Cute! Nice size, easy to work with (23 March 2009)

    Love this Die! The flower is not attached to the bunny which is great, the bunny paws can hold little treat bags, tags or even your photos (pre-cut that way). Very cute, and for the money you get a lot of different uses. Also looks fabulous in felt! You can even fluff the felt and get a cute little furry bunny!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love It! (22 March 2009)

    I am a big sizzix fan, most of all I truly adore that I can cut such thick materials and this one carries on that & more - my felt and fabric cuts are so smooth! The bigz dies they have for these are so much fun to work with, and so big that your ideas almost have no end! Very great machine to have!

  • Verified Buyer

    Very Nice Color (22 March 2009)

    Again perfect size for holding, matting touch up's made easier and the colors are very rich - great little item!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect Touch! Great size, color! (22 March 2009)

    Very nice, easy to hold, quick to just touch up the edges of your matting before putting down, this set is prob the best and most versatile pastels I have used.

  • Add's Fun Element (22 March 2009)

    Very fun to work with, nice vivid pink color. Great for winding w/satin ribbon and weaving through your page or a frame. Pretty tough for tulle too!

  • Adorable & Easy Colors To Blend (20 March 2009)

    Very fun, great colors to blend with each other, I used the bazzill pastel texture stack w/this and it turned out fab, the colors matched perfectly!

  • Perfect Touch! (20 March 2009)

    So fun to use, I want more sheets! Very nice quality, not flimsy at all considering how thin each point is.

  • Perfect As Usual For This Line! (20 March 2009)

    Great Ink! Used it in the background of hand stitched grass, it added so much depth to it!

  • Nice Tag Set (20 March 2009)

    Very nice, all are a decent size and big enough to cut w/pattern scissors and layer!

  • Not Just for Halloween! (20 March 2009)

    Great Die, while yes it's label is Halloween, I cut it for easter lo's and such, the candies are adorable in pastel and the candy corn is easily rounded into little eggs - esp. on glitter paper! (hint: use the little swirl and dots from the candy to decorate the egg & bag) You can also make a great pocket out of the base of the cut - perfect size for inserting a little journaling tag! Also the little "eggs" already have slits, so can easily be inserted into something or hung from a tree ("easter tree"). Lot's of fun!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fantastic Tool! (07 March 2009)

    Great item, very useful, perfectly create holes without stressing your paper and this bad boy cuts through some pretty thick items like it's nothing at all!!

  • Great Die to Embellish!! (06 March 2009)

    Fun die, the size and cut make it so easy and fun to decorate! So great when used lining the top of brick pattern paper, and enough room to put initials!

  • Even Better In Person (06 March 2009)

    I really wanted this die, but was even more impressed when I got it, so cute and detailed, endless possibilities.

  • Such An Inspiring Stack (25 February 2009)

    This stack is so cute! I used it for more than baby girl, the little animal pages w/deer & bunnies were so perfect for easter, the argyle so great for spring theme - great value!

  • So Easy & Fun to use! (24 February 2009)

    These add a nice touch to your page w/out busting out all the embossing tools!

  • Adorable Ghosts! (24 February 2009)

    Nice size, so much fun!

  • Cute Little Present! (24 February 2009)

    Very cute little present!

  • Cute Tags! (24 February 2009)

    Nice size tags & the scalloped one also matches the older original red die scalloped frame.

  • Great For Petals! (24 February 2009)

    I have used this for flower petals & it creates a cute poinsetta

  • So Fun For "Spooky" Layouts :) (24 February 2009)

    Very fun die, so great for the "spooky" layouts, use w/the ghosts & you have such a complete halloween layout!

  • Great Halloween Die (23 February 2009)

    Very cute!

  • The perfect touch! (31 January 2009)

    Adds a nice dimension to your pages

  • Cute Snowflake (31 January 2009)

    So great to have a large snowflake die! This one looks fabulous in light blue patterned felt - or any felt for that matter!

  • The cutest!!! (31 January 2009)

    This has got to be the cutest pack I have bought in a while, I am actually going to get a few now to have in stock!! The bear is just precious, and all else is just a great bonus!

  • So Fun! (31 January 2009)

    I had so much fun using these, easy & cute!

  • Perfect! (31 January 2009)

    So detailed, pretty & easy to use!

  • The "sweetest" ever! (31 January 2009)

    Ok, this is my favorite stack of paper I have ever bought! This has got to be the cutest!! Only papers that don't make me giddy in this stack are the cupcake one w/accents in the corners, yes I luv the pp & all but the accent barely stands out- still good to use w/stickles to make stand out though! I actually have the 12x12, the 8x8 & the 4x6 - and I never buy the entire line - but this one was so cute!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fun Template! (28 January 2009)

    This one was so cute as a whole, or if you look closely @ the center it was the perfect pattern for an orange or grapefruit cut in half, I only had to use stickles (glitter most def!!) on the outer edge of same to create the peel - or use onlyhalf for orange/grapefruit wedges so cute!

  • Verified Buyer

    Really Nice Template (28 January 2009)

    Fun & easy to use, and you can combine w/the circle one for the greatest layered effect.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great template! (28 January 2009)

    This template is so much fun, and the possibilities are endless, just in one day I did a few 12x12 pre-made pages with it and learned you can use the bazzill stitching tool, just have to center it in the hole, but anyway you can make anysize circle stitching w/it - or eyelets - and the sizzix original circle fits just right in the middle - this template cuts down so much time/work - great!

  • Verified Buyer

    Fabulous!! (28 January 2009)

    Just got it today, w/the piercing tool & could not wait to bust it out and use it! It was so easy, under 20 minutes to have a hand stitched border- and w/this set I got 4 strips with each having 2 different designs, easy to use and a variety how great!

  • Verified Buyer

    So easy to use! (28 January 2009)

    Just got mine today and I luv it!! Fast easy way to get the holes for stiching!

  • Good blend of colors! (15 January 2009)

    As always bazzill paper standard is great!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great For Vintage (15 January 2009)

    Another color of this line I just loved!!

  • Perfect for Vintage Holiday pages! (15 January 2009)

    I used this ink in a vintage x-mas lo, great color!

  • Verified Buyer

    I love this Die! (06 January 2009)

    This was one of those purchases that was just so great! I have used this cake so many times, and it never gets old! The photo for it while being still cute, does not even begin to do justice for how you can embellish it.

  • Verified Buyer

    The Perfect Ink (03 January 2009)

    This line of inks is fantastic!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Stack (30 December 2008)

    Great x-mas stack, although having both both the glitter and non glitter, I really would have liked to see more variety in the glitter stack, it seems all you get is extra busy stripes, argyle or dot/doodle varieties, which are great for matting & still beautiful don't get me wrong, but given how creative all the other stacks are, this lacks a bit :), still good to add a boost to your paper collection for the holidays..

  • Such a Lovely Stack! (30 December 2008)

    What a great stack, one of the best coordinated stacks I have bought!

  • Verified Buyer

    Wonderful Die! (27 December 2008)

    This die has so many uses! You can either do a playful/girly page, or use just the accent/flourish parts for elegant/heritage, the little stars are great for b-day cakes & stars in a night sky, even in a snow scene, so many uses you really get your $'s worth with this one!

  • Verified Buyer

    Finally! (27 December 2008)

    It was so great to use these inks, it makes the antique/vintage process so much smoother, cleaner & even. Great product!