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MsAngelasScraps's Reviews

  • LOVE IT!!! (23 August 2007)

    I find myself reaching for this liquid miracle in the bottle over and over again! It not only works great for crafts, but I find myself using it around the home as well. It works perfect for removing the adhesive from price tags stuck on photo frame glass, and unwanted garage sale price tags too!

  • LOVE EM! (23 August 2007)

    I have several of these swatch books and have never had any trouble using them....peeling, cracking, etc. In my opinion they are one of the best and they rub off as smooth as butter! Just be sure to cut out the image that you want and don't try to keep it in the book while rubbing or you could ruin the other images in the book.

  • THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!! (23 August 2007)

    I keep finding myself reaching for this ruler time and time again! I even use it way more than I initially thought that I would! It is perfect for getting just the right curve every time! Thanks Bo Bunny!

  • THE BEST! (23 August 2007)

    These scissors are not only an awesome product, but also very affordable! I own three for paper, chipboard, and fibers/ribbon. Even my children know how important these scissors are and that they are NOT to be used by any of them! lol