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Fluttrbies's Reviews

  • Not the Best Stickles (07 September 2009)

    I have a number of Stickles and this one isn't one of my favorites. I love the look but my issue is that in order to make the texture when dry, this 'color' is 'chunkier' than regular stickles and so, in order for it to pass through the tube, the tube is wider. This makes it more difficult to distribute not only a fine line but an even one.

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    My Favorite Stickles! (07 September 2009)

    This was the first color Stickles I bought and it remains my favorite! I like that I can use it over various colors of cardstock as an accent. Since the base color shines through, its really an accent and doesn't change what I am trying to bring out in the paper, be it a design or a stamp!

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    Good for Accents (07 September 2009)

    I normally scrap 12x12 layouts but I picked up this 8x8 stack to try it out. I LOVE glitter but hate the mess and at the time, I really only wanted it to accent a few things I was making on my Cricut, including some titles, so I decided to give the smaller 8x8 a try. I loved it so much that I ended up buying the 12x12 to use as layout base pages as well!

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    Not the Best Stickles Color (07 September 2009)

    I have Stickles in a number of colors, this one, I'm not that impressed with. In the bottle, I thought it looked more purple than dark blue but figured it might look different dry and so I bought it. I really think it does look more purple than blue unless you use it to accent something that is already blue (embellishment/cardstock). So, I'm still looking for a real, blue Stickles option (like a cobolt blue, maybe)

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    Great Glitter Paper (07 September 2009)

    I have this stack in 8x8 as well, which I bought first because I planned to use it to cut out letters, accents, etc. on my cricut to use on various pages and sometimes as mats. I liked it so much, especially the fact that the glitter doesn't rub off the page and get everywhere like other glitter stock I've used, that I went and bought the 12x12 stack so I could use it as the base color on layouts as well. Some of the colors are prettier than the others and I was disappointed that there isn't really a 'red' in the stack but otherwise, I'll buy another when this one's gone.

  • I like this cartridge! (07 September 2009)

    I like this cartridge very much but I can see it having limited use for most people unless you've done a lot of travel around the U.S. that you want to scrapbook. My other thought is for elementary school teachers it might be good or parents with kids that age to make flashcards and teach them about the states, otherwise, the use might be pretty limited.
    I haven't used it as much yet as I like because I've still got a bunch of pics to catch up on scrapping but I've been glad to have it each time I started scrapping a new state!
    The only reason why I marked that I wouldn't recommend it to a friend is that I share cartridges with my friends already and I don't see this one as useful enough for them to own when they could just borrow mine since it isn't one I use regularly.

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    Love It! (07 September 2009)

    When I first saw the advertisements, I really didn't think I'd use a Cricut that much. Then, a scrapfriend got one and a second scrapfriend got the Expression and I was hooked.

    I LOVE it! I use mine not only for scrapbooking for to make Christmas presents, holiday decorations, place cards for dinners, birthday and all other kinds of cards and even gifts. I made a package of personalized note cards for someone as a gift and it got rave reviews!

    I of course wish the cartridges were a little cheaper but I always wait for a sale and have never paid full price and I share cartridges with my two scrapfriends. The only thing is that I wish the Expression weren't so big, since I don't have the space to leave it out all the time, whenever I want to cut something, I have to take it out, set it up and then put it away. Sometimes this has been a pain because I cut a title and put the Cricut away and then I damage a letter or piece and have to drag the whole thing out again.

    If you have a place to leave it set up and ready to go, it's awesome!

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    Pretty but glue is an issue (28 August 2009)

    I have this paper in several colors. It is beautiful and really makes a layout but the one issue I found is that it is difficult to find an adhesive that will hold to the raised velvet design. Even with the really 'good' glues I've used, in time, the pictures slide down the page and out of position. If you can use brads or eyelets as pseudo photo corners, that might help!