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Katiemylady's Reviews

  • So many things to do with this! (23 September 2010)

    I love these keyholes...I use them mostly on mini albums, but I also made a necklace out of one! They look so vintage and mysterious, and look excellent with one of the Tim Holtz keys nearby!

  • Verified Buyer

    Just gorgeous! (23 September 2010)

    I can't get enough of these leaves! They go so well on so many projects, and I love the variety of sizes included. The texture is great as well.

  • Best Buy! (23 September 2010)

    I am so happy I waited to buy an ATG gun until they came out in pink! I love it! It is so convenient...I can't lose it, it doesn't need to be refilled every few cards I make, and it adheres so well! Definitely recommended!

  • I am OBSESSED! (23 September 2010)

    I have had this trimmer for over two years now and LOVE it! I found it very easy to learn to use and that was before I was a scrapper that I bought this. I bought it on a whim after my first dog died and really didn't care what it cost or if it would work well. But I am so happy I did purchase this! The self-sharpening blade is FANTASTIC and is the best part of this. I also like that it folds i half so I don't have to open it up most of the time.

    My only complaint is that it is hard to cut under 1.5 inches. The safety guard that is there takes up that space. Other than that, no complaints here!

  • Best White Pen on the Market (23 September 2010)

    This is my absolute favorite white pen. All other pens I've tried have had an uneven stroke and boy is it annoying! This pen, however, is fantastic. It has an even writing stroke and doesn't have those "stripe gaps" that many gel pens I've tried have had. It also lasts a good long time. I have yet to replace my first one!

  • Gorgeous! (01 May 2010)

    I love this is just gorgeous in every way. The texture is amazing and I love the details. Recommended!