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Zippadedoodas's Reviews

  • Love this (13 January 2010)

    I have used it in my kid's books, I love the lady. My only issue with some of the older cartridges is that you have to print things over and over again to get layers, where now they seperate many of them that coordinate in same color.

  • TBBM (06 January 2010)

    Love this project, I made valentine boxes with candy in them for my daughter's school. I have made many favor boxes too!

  • A must have (23 November 2009)

    If you are in for a big project and going back and forth from font to pic and so forth, this is a must. Unless you are able to shell out for the gypsy, this is the next best thing for convenience.

  • Spat-u-all (23 November 2009)

    Can't have a cricut w/o having a tool that can finish the job. Have to have to get things off, especially with a new mat.