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Shelly_Anne00's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    awesome product (23 May 2015)

    great service from and quality products by Prima

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome product (23 May 2015)

    great service from and quality products by Prima

  • Verified Buyer

    Love it! (23 December 2011)

    I ordered this punch because I have seen it on so many projects and LOVE it! It is so nice and punches cleanly the small details. A little hard to punch at first so if you have any issues with strength in your hands, might not be the best punch for you.

    Other than's GREAT!

  • Verified Buyer

    I like it! (04 December 2011)

    So, I finally got myself an ATG for my birthday. I do love that the adhesive lasts forever. The thing I don't like is it does tend to clump and stretch the adhesive instead of sticking to your project. Maybe it's more user error. LOL! I didn't have trouble loading either. Written instructions seemed pretty easy to follow, but I know there are youtube videos as well.

  • AWESOME!! (13 September 2011)

    I love these new texture trades. They are just the right size for tags for my mini albume. I purchased every set available.

  • Cuts great (10 May 2011)

    I absolutely live this die! It's got detail and cuts so cleanly! I can also use in my original sizzix which is the only cutting machine I had for dies until today. My cuttlebug just arrived! Yippie!

  • Awesome!! (10 May 2011)

    I love these! They are great and the best ones I have found.

  • Verified Buyer

    Wonderful product (01 November 2010)

    I use this product anytime I need to punch wholes or set eyelets. It's amazing and punches through chipboard as well. I recently used to make a mini album and it worked great!

  • Glue Arts - Glue Glider Pro (25 August 2010)

    I do like this product, but only with the perma tac adhesive. I have tried the other and I do not like them as well. I do love the size and how easy it is to roll on my adhesive. I would not recommend the other kinds of refills. Only the perma tac.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this album! (25 August 2010)

    I have completed one of these mini albums and plan do at least 4 more.

  • Great and easty stitches (18 August 2010)

    I like that there are different options on this template for straight, dotted or dashed stitches!!

  • Great for water effect (18 August 2010)

    I got this because I thought it looked like little waves swirling around. I masked some of the template to only use portions of it at a time. It's grea to use the whole template at one time as well. love it!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love the Shape (18 August 2010)

    I got this mainly for the shape, but I love the entire thing! Great and many options on one template!

  • Great for Embellishments (18 August 2010)

    I love this for my small embellishments and small ribbons. I haven't purchased any of the boxes for the larger ribbons. Maybe I need to buy some of those boxes. I also use it for eyelets, clips...etc.

  • Verified Buyer

    I love it! (18 August 2010)

    I got a gypsy when it first came out. I haven't used it that much because it does take time to learn what to do and how to get everything the way you want it, but the times I have used it and figured out what to worked perfect. I would definately recommend investing in this product!

  • Date Stamp (18 August 2010)

    Well, I have of my first purchases, but I have only used it about 3 times. Its in a drawer and honestly I forget to get it out to use it. I'm sure if I had all my supplies organized that I would remember to use it. It fits your date in smaller spaces and gives a neat look to the page.

  • Love it! (18 August 2010)

    I have the original sizzix machine. I will be honest it sat in the cabinet unused because I didn't have that many dies for it. Then, when the sizzlits came out I got it back out and started to use it again! I love the idea of the converter and I use it more often with this product.

  • Spatula (18 August 2010)

    I love the spatula...I can use it for more than just the cricut. I love this more than the other tool kit. It's flexible and scrapes your cut out right off the cricut mat!

  • Verified Buyer

    Nice addition to chipboard (18 August 2010)

    I like this paint...the only problem I have found is it sticks to my page protectors. Not sure how to fix that...maybe apply a sealer to it? Not sure...

  • I like it! (18 August 2010)

    I like this little stapler. I havne't used it that much, but I do like what it added to my pages when I did use it.

  • Verified Buyer

    To buy or not to buy (18 August 2010)

    I got this when it was on clearence recently at a superstore. I had never bought it because I couldn't see paying the money for something I thought I'd never use. I scrapbook with a group of people that are creative memories scrappers and they have used my tool kit. I have used it each time I've used my cricut machine since buying the tool kit and I say it comes in handy. I have also used it for other things as well.

  • If you need stamp storage for not a lot of $ (18 August 2010)

    I got 3 of these to store my rubber stamps...and need one more. I got them from HL with a coupon so they were only $3 and some change. I don't have a lot of stamps, but was getting to the point that I have too many to not have them displayed so I can see them and actually use them. The only thing I don't love about these shelves is I wish they had the option to make one more size shelf. There are options for different sizes, but I needed one more size to really utilize my space the best. But, all in all...I'm happy with this purchase. I had been waiting and waiting to find a good deal at goodwill etc and ran up on these and they work just fine!

  • Glue Arts - Glue Glider Pro (04 August 2010)

    I love this product.