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Papermouse's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this machine! (27 October 2011)

    This was my first purchase of an electronic die cutting machine. It was a long-thought-out decision about whether I need one and which one I should get if I do, and ultimately I made what I considered the risky decision - a machine that is relatively new on the market and has limited usage and review information available. I received the machine, have played with it, and my review is in Ė itís AWESOME!! There will always be a learning curve, and Iíve eaten some paper with this machine, but Iím so far LOVING IT. The key here is to use all available resources Ė the eCraft Yahoo group and Purple Paper Paradise have been far above and beyond helpful, and Iíll forever be grateful for their persistence and insistence in the greatness of this machine. Iíve already found it so useful in my work, and Iíll be posting pictures soon. Overall, this machine is very well made (even my skeptical boyfriend noted that it doesn't look like a toy, but a realy "piece of equipment"), arrives properly packaged for transport, and cuts well with the right settings. Keep track of what settings you use for different materials and brands of paper! There is a very useful chart on Purple Paper Paradise that I highly recommend downloading for reference. If you have questions about this awesome machine, feel free to PM me :)

  • Verified Buyer

    Organized ink! (21 January 2011)

    I bought this because it was cheaper than buying the two 24-units individually- I don't use the swivel, I just have them sitting side by side on my desk. However, the swivel is really sturdy/quality should you want to use it. I don't know how much I would "travel" with this thing, other than perhaps from one room of the house to another, it seems like the inks could fall out if jostled too much. That said, all my inks fit (I have all manner of hobby-lobby-sold inks: versa, distress, staz-on, etc), and the sold-separate inserts are an absolute must for the distress inks - makes them fit perfectly. My only complaint is that it's boring black plastic, and I prefer natural materials. I'll have to spice it up, I think!

  • Verified Buyer

    I've seen better... (07 October 2010)

    Pros: The quality and variety of sizes and shapes of divisions on the organizers is good, but...

    Cons: The "flaps" don't overlap the divisions, so anything slippery or with any weight to it will slide out when you turn the pages. They work great for paper die-cuts, single sheets of vellum embellishments, rub-on sheets, thin sticker sheets, etc, but not so well for stamps, metal embellishments, chipboard die-cuts, etc.