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Julia2000's Reviews

  • Scor-it Baby! (21 January 2008)

    I waited to purchase this product because I wanted one smaller and easy to carry with me. And, I'm glad I did! This tool is the perfect size for cards!! I've tried other products similar to this and this is easy to use! The scor tool can come off the metal bar if you are careful, but it won't make any difference in the final outcome. Also, I have found it helpful to start the tool above where the paper sits so it is already on the bar before it slides on the paper. Minuses is you have to do your own measurements for tri fold or any of those fancy fold cards.

  • Great Sketch! (21 January 2008)

    I have two of these sketches books. They are a huge help to me when I find myself stuck. My only complaint is that the example Lay outs are not very up to date as far as style. but, the book itself is fabulous. I have started getting into sketches one year ago and now find them easier to use. It is hard to think outside of the box for me but following sketches gets me to a starting point. Much easier to follow then just thinking of an idea myself and when there are a lot of distractions around sketches keep me focused.

  • Gorgeous Flower! (21 January 2008)

    I LOVE Petaloo flowers! They are beautiful, come in a variety of colors and are sturdy material. I have one hooked onto my All My Memories tool bag and it's been there for 2.5 years now! In excellent shape. I use Petaloo for all my altered art or items that get a lot of wear and tear so to speak. If you haven't used them before I totally would suggest giving them a try, I doubt anyone would be disappointed!

  • Tote-ally Cool!! (25 September 2007)

    I've got this one in pink~ it matches my AMM tool tote. LOVE both. The bag is very roomy, has a zipper to keep everything safe and sound. It stretches out at the top for packing it all in. I carry my quickutz hand tool, 2 zipper folders AND card stock paper! The handle is very long comfortably sits on my shoulder!!

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    UH, HUUUU!!! (18 September 2007)

    I have found this adhesive to work wonders (where others fail) for adding paper to chipboard! WOW! It is easy to apply and with a little pressure from a bone folder ~ smooths out perfectly. It can be a bit messy but to keep that from being too much of a problem I use old magazines... apply glue stick to project and then turn the page of the magazine for the next project and no mess! I keep these glue sticks all over the scrap room and my scrap bags. It's kinda like chap stick! I've gotta have it around at all scrap times!

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    Bazzill-erific! (18 September 2007)

    I had this for awhile before altering it. I have a lot of other frames that I altered and didn't think this was that special~ UNTIL I opened it up and got to play with it! The frame is covered with the same texture we are all used to, and LOVE, from Bazzill! If I could alter it all over again I would not cover the entire piece but would leave some of the white space to show off the texture. The pic space is a bit small- 4x6, but we all have those size pics laying around! The magnetic aspect to it is just simply FUN! I've had fun turning embellishments into magnets! Also, the magnetic feature turns this otherwise similar sb frame into a "Master piece" waiting to be admired.

  • K & Co Belle of the Bags (18 September 2007)

    I ADORE this bag by K & Company! I have used it to tote scrap-booking supplies, magazines to the pool and beach, carry on for traveling and for carrying gifts over to a party. Everywhere it goes I get compliments! It is very roomy and has pockets on the inside (similar to another brand VB of pocket books). My only issue with this bag is it does not have a zipper and I feel nervous using when I go shopping otherwise I would carry it everywhere! The arm band is long enough where I can wear it over my shoulder as a messenger bag. And, it has a cool little pocket on the outside for my cell phone!

  • Verified Buyer

    Can't say enough about this adhesive~ (31 August 2007)

    For me the 510 size has come in real handy with my cuts from the cricut! It is also very versatile- you can buy the repositional& laminating. My only qualm is that the adhesive seems to get used up quicker than I can keep it around. I find I reach for this with almost every altered project. It covers the back of items completely making sure that items do not lift off the page. I just wish they made the adhesive roll longer!

  • Beautiful! (31 August 2007)

    Scenic Route is quickly becoming my fave paper line! This particular piece of paper is just a simple, beautiful design! Aside from it being the "in" I really, really like it! At first I found it difficult to work on the paper becuase the image really is all that is going on with it. However, after I decided to alter the flower, add a center brad, stickle the flower petals and pop dot parts of it, I really felt like I had to pat myself on the back! Lots of fun and it is versatile.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fantastic Challenges (31 August 2007)

    I have made it thru to challenge #35 only a few more to do! I have grown so much as a scrapbooker by following her suggestions and challenges. At the end of each chapter Elsie has a questionaire to do, to help find your style. Also, at the end of the book there are "bonus" lay outs. Some of the ideas seemed pretty simple, but when I began to put them onto a layout I really liked the outcome.

  • Fantastic 8x8 (31 August 2007)

    I adore anything Rusty Pickle! I have used this little 8x8 spiral album several times in making mini albums! The chip board is very sturdy and easy to cover. I really like the spiral because I enjoy putting ribbons around it for some extra flair. Also, it lays flat when open, making it easier to view and to work in it.

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    Heidi Swapp Masks are the BOMB!! (30 August 2007)

    Really and truly, Heidi Swapp Masks are so THE BOMB!! I was hesitant to get one, wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. However, I have since learned different techniques and I am now slowly on my way to collecting all her masks. Different uses: use alcohol inks over the image, trace with color pencils, spray over with spray paint, make little holes around the edges of the images (mimic sewing holes). I have used them on top of craft mirrors, scrapbook page Lay outs, journal covers, the list just goes on and on. I think this little gem is over looked, especially for all the different uses you can get out of one inexpensive "embellishment". They are re-usable, after all!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect size! (30 August 2007)

    Okay, I own 3 of these 6x6 albums! I think they are the prefect size for mini albums and recently I purchased one for a circle journal! Small enough but BIG enough!! VERY easy to decorate the cover and the pages. The album is very sturdy and stands up on a table with out any effort. I used one for a Christmas Ornament album another for Favorite Christams Family recipes. The pages are easy to cover and it has refills too! Can't go wrong with this boBunny!!

  • Gorgeous! (30 August 2007)

    Another hit from Basic Grey! I LOVE this paper pack! The colors are very different from other paper packs they have done in the past. Also, I like the new textures that they are printing on this and others. Basic Grey, in my opinnion, is ahead of the industry with their design and staying in the forefront of what's "IN". The colors in this paper pack are perfect for all kinds of photos. I have used it for family, masculine, beach, home and other Lay outs. Way to go Baisc Grey!!

  • easy set (17 July 2007)

    I love my MM magnetic stamp base set. It is easy to transport, light weight and easy to use. Only complaint is the stamps are small and hard to get back in the case after use.

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    LOVE Clip it up! (17 July 2007)

    This product is easy to assemble and I have found it a fantastic way to keep products organized and close at hand. Only down side is it is much larger than expected~ it has some height to it (with both tiers) and I have had to be careful how to balance the items hanging on it so it doesn't wabble or get lop sided. I thought I would hang my sticker strips but found I wanted to use it to keep more things that I use more often. Also, I like to place items in a ziplock bag if I no longer have the container it came in.