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Sheshie37's Reviews

  • Keep or Give Away? (15 August 2011)

    I bought 2 of these journals and thanks much for the video cause I was so afraid to use them..I don't want to wreck them..I get it-- supposed to just smash stuff in it but I love it sooo I will give one to my Grand-daughter off to college and the other to daughter starting a new job..and I will buy 2 more.. Ya thats it

  • Verified Buyer

    Dotted Swiss (13 November 2008)

    This is so amazing to scrap with. Its soft and subtle. I initially wanted it for new baby boy but wound up using it on adults halloween parties..added scallop strip so pretty. Scrapping is all about the paper and Bazzill has it down pat!

  • Verified Buyer

    A Cricut Bit Me! (11 July 2007)

    Yes that is correct, I got bit by the Cricut. Like most bugs I tried to avoid it for a very long time, I researched and read everything I could about the little critter. I used to go to its website every day to read what the humans were saying about it....
    I already had 2 die cutters, both really fine. They weren't bugs and very red. So why on earth would I "need" another?
    The little scrappers out there were raving, they were wild about the Cricut they were selling off everything all for the Cricut. I was so unsure but took the big plunge and bought one of these amazing bugs. It exceeded my wildest dream. It cut clean, it had amazing features. I simply type in what I want, what size, set the dials and I cannot help but sit and watch the magic begin.
    Any negative thing I read is long forgotten now that I have my bug. I can do anything in scrapbooking I want...nothing holds me back. I get titillated when I buy another cartridge or as they call them in the craft CARTS.
    So yes, I have been delightfully bitten & loving every second of it!

    sharon barrett
    proud cricut owner