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ClassiclyAmber's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for Storage! (23 July 2007)

    The description calls this a magazine file, which is true...but it's also the perfect size to hold all of your 8.5 x 11" cardstock and papers!

    You can't see it in the pic, but on the other end of the file, there is pull hardware (just like on the other Memory Dock products) it's easy to pull it off the shelf in a crowd of MD CC products! =-D

  • Verified Buyer

    Colorful Storage (23 July 2007)

    This is a neat little box! I love the Memory Dock Cargo Collection - and I love it in Sage!

    I could see tons of uses for this box, but I personally use it for either storing my scrap pages once I'm done with them and don't want them ruined before I decide which albums to put them in.

  • Verified Buyer

    LOVE these! (23 July 2007)

    I have a few things from the Memory Dock Cargo Collection and love it all! I can't wait to get more!

    This vertical paper file is pretty awesome and easy to use. I've got some patterned paper in mine...and have it on the shelf. When I need to find a sheet, I just pull it out (it's even got a pull on the front of it) and quickly thumb through the papers. I think that this may be a better option than those really big paper holders where you lay the paper flat on multiple shelves. This is certainly more compact and comes in pretty colors - and makes your craft space look less like a paper store.

    Quality-wise, I'd say that this is decent for the money. It's fairly sturdy and the corner are reinforced...just don't turn it sideways and stack heavy stuff on it (like somebody did with mine recently when we moved). The metal edges *can* bend if you make that kind of mistake. However, I'd say that most people aren't going to be doing that with their paper file. =-D

  • Verified Buyer

    You Need This! (23 July 2007), I *could* go into detail about everything that's included in this kit, but it's already listed in the product description so I would just be repeating it - - and that's a LOT of stuff!

    To put it basically, this distressing kit has EVERYTHING that you need to instantly add antiquity to your LOs or other crafts. I've heard someone else say that they've even used this kit to distress small furniture items!

    I have a LOT of those foam brushes around here! They have so many uses! And the tools in this kit work great, too...and the inks are really good - it's ALL good and worth the money!

  • Verified Buyer

    Perfect for Making Tags (23 July 2007)

    Everyone loves those cute little metal rimmed tags, and they can be used in ton of different ways! I'm excited that I can now make my own tags like that.

    Just pick out any cardstock, use the provided stencil to trace out the shape of your tag, cut it out, pop it in one of the provided rims, pop THAT into the tag maker, press and voila! A tag!

    This kit comes with both square and circle metal rims...and the stencils needed for both shapes. After you run out of rims, you do have to purchase more, but they are inexpensive so it's no big deal.

    The MM tag maker is easy to use, comfortable to hold and even locks shut when not in use. 5 stars!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this Paint! (23 July 2007)

    I have really started using more and more paint on my LOs! And this MM paint set is really awesome! The colors are brilliant, and I love that it comes with it's own foam brushes and you are totally ready to paint when you pick up this kit!

  • Verified Buyer

    A Must-Have for Every Scrapper! (23 July 2007)

    I have to agree and give these 5 stars!

    Glue Dots - especially the mini size - are very versatile and make just about any craft project go a LOT faster! You can set up a LO in no time using Mini Glue Dots to adhere everything down - from papers to just about any embellishment! And I LOVE that I don't EVER have to wait for anything to dry! And it is never messy! Gotta love that!

  • Verified Buyer

    AWESOME Scissors! (23 July 2007)

    These are great scissors for that detail work that your regular, chunky scissors just can't handle. I've used these Micro-Tip scissors for cutting out more intricate work that I'd NEVER be able to do with regular scissors.

    I LOVE that they are super sharp and come to a teeny point on the end...the blades are thinner and locks closed...and it has that rubbery soft stuff on the handles so it makes cutting comfortable.

  • An Okay Cutter (23 July 2007)

    I like this cutter - just okay. The first times that I used it, I didn't cut quite right, so I agree that there is definitely a learning curve to it. Also, I wish that there was a better way to use the templates that you can get for this thing. It can be kinda tricky to try and hold the template in place AND push down on this shape cutter to cut at the same time.

    I do like that it has a tiny storage compartment built onto the product to hold extra blades...AND the blades are really easy to change out.

    With all that said, it's been a while since I've even used my ShapeCutter because it wasn't as easy to use as my Creative Memories shape cutter. Maybe I'll give this Fiskars cutter another go here soon!