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Keleia's Reviews

  • Love these for scrapbooking! (01 August 2007)

    I purchased this set a while back and have been using it quite a lot lately. They give you enough room to journal in smaller places and add a distinctive flair to each page I've used them on. I also plan on using them in making cards! These ink up very well and make a fine impression.

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    I'm so grateful that I purchased this! (07 August 2007)

    I love the layouts, the ways in which you can change things around and it helps me with "layout block". I really appreciate these wonderful books and use them everyday. I have books 1, 2 and 4...Is there a 3 out there? I would say, get this, print it and USE it!!

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    WARNING: Daily use will bring fabulous results! (26 August 2007)

    This is truly a much needed product in today's fast paced world! I have printed this e-book to use in my daily journaling/faithbooking/scrapbooking. I plan on keeping it next to me when composing journaling to give my faithbooks more depth and emotion.

    Written in step-by-step instructions with worksheets, this will help unleash the great potential that each of us has inside us to journal in our scrapbooks. Some of the chapters include: "Overcoming Writer's Block and Your Reluctance to Journal", "Journaling about Yourself", "The Importance of Journaling". I recommend this book to all new scrapbook/faithbookers as well as the advanced scrappers.

    It has humor and wit, and takes a fresh look at everyday life and how to make every memory count.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

    The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 are because the chapter titles don't match exactly to the page numbers listed.

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    AMAZING white pen!!! (08 September 2007)

    I was so excited by the reviews that I had read that I purchased (4) FOUR of these pens so that I could keep at least two and give two away to other friends. I love to use pens and my own handwriting for many of my personal layouts and this is no exception! This writes very well; with ease and very little pressure. It is a joy to have a product that does what it claims to do, and a true, brilliant white on all colors of paper, especially the darker tones. Thanks for carrying a great product!!

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    Gorgeous Inks! (09 September 2007)

    I love these little inks. They have so much more ink that similar "little inks". What I love is that they cover the stamps perfectly and completely with the most beautiful ink! I can't wait to emboss with them. I used them when I made my own papers recently and the colors are so rich and warm. I plan on getting more of the sets in the future!

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    Sophisticated Journaling stamps for those "Perfect Pages" (02 October 2007)

    I have both this set and the hand drawn journaling panels. The hand drawn journaling panels are used in a different type of layout than these journaling stamps. Journaling stamps have a much "cleaner" line to them and are absolutely beautiful to stamp with. They emboss perfectly! I love to stamp with many different colors other than just basic black. I find that you can get quite a lot of journaling in one little journal box as well as a very unique look. I did a whole page layout with these boxes for my cat, Midnight, using each journaling box for a different letter of his name. It was quite fun. I plan on using these in card making as well. I have used the versafine stamp pads as well as versamark for these. Clear, concise stamps. Journaling stamps are more than worth the investment!

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    I love this product! I actually punched a hole through a CD! (02 October 2007)

    With my arthritis, I never thought I could use a tool like this one! I am amazed at what the crop-o-dile can cut through! Oneach side of the handles they have a 1/8" hole cutter and a 3/8" hole cutter. They have even made it so you can adjust the depth of your hole punch for making all sides even. (I figured that out on a video on YouTube!) Then, setting the eyelets is quite easy, however, I really like the large eyelets versus the smaller simply because it is more comfortable with my fingers! I have used the crop-o-dile more recently to make holes in defective CD's so that I can make mini-scrapbooks out of them! Cutting through them was a snap. Some things are better done within the domain of a paper sack, so that the pieces don't fly out at you or your eyes, so just be careful! I also used it to add an extra two or three holes for my leather purse. Couldn't have been happier to cinch that bag up! I make the little Post It! note holders and use it to punch the small eyelets in them to put ribbon through. Beautiful, soft and gentle on my hands with very little exertion on my part. What a wonderful product. I forgot to mention that it is also very quiet!

  • Fabulously rich-looking vellum with GOD and faith abounding! (23 October 2007)

    This is a wonderful vellum! It has strong, clear words that are SILVER and shining bright on deep black vellum background. You can even cut it up to make titles, strip-of-words, borders, mat backgrounds, etc. I was even considering just having this as a left or right page on a two page layout design. It would look brilliant as a mat against a strong landscape layout as well. I would highly recommend this product. Way to go, SB.com!

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    This glue sticks to the product, not to your fingers! (28 May 2008)

    I love this new glue pen by Tombow! I actually bought a set of six to pass out to some other friends. It is a wonderful glue, strong enough to really hold your embellishments and die-cuts without sticking to your fingers and making a mess like other glue pens have in the past. I would recommend this to everyone who loves to add embellishments without a hassle! I love it for the intricate designs that I can make using my Cricut Expression. Wow. Thanks for having this in the store!

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    Great quotes for almost everything! (05 July 2008)

    I really like this quote book. That being said, there are a few areas that weren't covered that I was surprised NOT to find. One would be a Hobbies/Craft quote section, say perhaps, "Scrapbooking"! Another would be for Channukah or Hannukah as there is also a Christmas section. Religious quotes would also be nice in each section. I know these books take a lot of time and effort to compile, so please don't take this critique harshly. It is meant with gentleness and respect. This would make a great gift for someone. I already downloaded, printed double-sided and tabbed each section for ease of reference. Blessings, Keleia