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AKgrrl's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    So versatile (18 August 2008)

    I love using Kraft cs for card-making backgrounds, because it's nice and neutral. I also love it for distressed projects, because it already has kind of a grungy look, even more so when inked and torn or sanded.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great border! (18 August 2008)

    I like this even better than the SU! border punch b/c of the holes. I can't believe how many other (more difficult) ways I was making scalloped punches before this! The only downside is that it takes a little pre-planning if you want to carry the border to meet at a corner. It's do-able, though, just make sure the hole at the end (at the corner) is at 1/2 inch from the other edge (around the corner), that way when you turn the corner and start punching the adjacent edge, the holes will line up. Practice on scraps, first. Also, there is no receptacle that collects the punched out holes, so neat freaks be forewarned, you'll get some confetti action afterwards.

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for gifts! (31 January 2008)

    I made a baby's first year calendar from scratch before I knew that MM actually has a whole calendar kit for baby boys and girls! The difference between this calendar and the kit calendars (which I should have used for this reason) is that this blank calendar is 12 months, and the baby kit calendars are 13 months. I made it work out, though. The front and back covers are of very sturdy chipboard, and the pages are thick enough that they'll hang up well as they are or you can reinforce them with whatever paper or cardstock you use on the blank pages. There is ample room for 2-3 pictures on each page. This made a great gift, and I stashed one for myself for whenever I eventually have a little tyke of my own! Have fun with this!

  • Verified Buyer

    My first chalk ink (23 January 2008)

    When I first got this, I thought: 'More ink...big whoop." I soon found out it really IS a big whoop! It's just as opaque as my acrylic paints, only less messy and no globs. If you ink your stamps well with this, it gives the stamped image the appearance of flocking. I love the drop-shape, it makes inking chipboard letters a lot easier. They're nice and "juicy" for their small size, which is also a great space-saver when packing them along to crops. Try these out!

  • Versatile stamp! (23 January 2008)

    This stamp is great for making patterned backgrounds as well as being an accent on its own. The smaller flourish "gap" stamps (as I call them) give a chic touch, and I like to use the small flower gap stamps to whimsy it up a bit. This looks fantastic with a bit of pale opaque ink when up against another dark element or background. Make it as light and playful or dark and sophisticated as you want. I've used this on cards, layouts, and gift bags. I'm so happy with this purchase!

  • VERY Sticky, not just Clingy (21 July 2007)

    I was really excited to use this, it's a great idea for those who don't want to wood-mount their unmounted rubber stamps. However, the clingy surface was so sticky, that when I stamped on my LO, the exposed clingy surface got caught on a nearby photo so strongly, that it ripped the photo as I tried to pull it away. I would recommend this product only for small stamping blocks, not larger ones, to avoid what I encountered. I'm not sure if I'll continue to use this with my 4x6 acrylic block.

  • Verified Buyer

    Best yet! (17 July 2007)

    I've gone through many trimmers, and this one has served me well. The blades hold up well, even through chipboard. The guides are true-to-length, and the cut is exactly 90 degrees from the edge that you butt up against the top. The blades are easy to change out, without the housing feeling flimsy.

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this dispenser! (17 July 2007)

    What I like the most about this adhesive is the easy-to-reload dispenser. The old one just pops out and the new one pops right in! No feeding ribbons, and no tearing off ribbon strips. And the dispensing tip has a flip-top cap that keeps it from catching on stray objects. I accidentally dropped mine once and the cap broke off, but no worries...the refills each have their own caps. I agree that it's a little pricier, but worth your buck, you're paying for the permanence and ease of use.