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Sarah Jean's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Jammed on first attempt - ruining photo (19 July 2013)

    First off, I want to start on a positive note. The shipping was very fast and I was surprised how quickly I received my punch. Thank you.
    However, that is the only positive note I can say as it went downhill from there. I had set my eyes on the WRMK's 3 x 4 punch since January 2013. I was ecstatic. I enjoy Project Life but enjoy making my own cards. It sounded like this would be my go to gadget when I was using project life. The dream was short lived once I began using the punch. I unboxed the punch and discovered it was filthy - with mud and grease. The clear top of the punch was also filthy with some kind of plastic scratches and marks. It was in terrible condition. I was disappointed. And I was surprised this punch would pass any quality control inspection. (Did I mention I am a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer for a major company?)
    But I decided that I would try it.. Even though it was in obvious disrepair. I had a picture from our honeymoon in the Bahamas. It was a regular 4 x 6 print from Walgreen's. Nothing fancy. Not heavy weighted. It was a regular photo print. I have attached pictures of the back of the photo so you can see - nothing fancy. My first mistake was that this is the only copy I have of this picture. Why I used it.. I guess I will never know but fail. I read the directions - opened the magnetic top and stuck the picture in. Closed the magnetic top and heard the sound of latching. According to the directions, I had done everything right. I set it on a solid wood surface and pressed down. I pressed down harder and even though I would consider myself a fit 20 something woman, it took me all my strength and nothing happened. The punch had jammed. The punch jammed! It jammed on my first attempt with regular, nothing fancy photo prints! I was disappointed. I had waited for this punch and it jammed. The worst part came when I tried to remove the magnetic top and it wouldn't "unlatch". And when it did, it was so loud that my husband ran up the stairs thinking something terrible had happened. It was so loud and the quality was so poor. My single print was barely cut. The punch failed. It failed miserably. The photo was ruined. My husband and I were both shocked at how terrible this punch did. (I am buy lots of WRMK things from page protectors, albums, I have many super 8 punches, paper trimmers, cropadiles, corner rounders and even the new envelope board.)
    This punch was not cheap - it was $29.99. And on top of that, I paid $10.07 for shipping. My total order was $40.06. I'm disappointed and I think this may just be my last purchase from WRMK.

  • Cute but not reliable. (12 October 2008)

    I wanted to give this product a fair chance- I loved everything about them. The glitter and font was really, really cute! I bought a few packages and I have used them in many layouts BUT (there's always a BUT) there adhesive is not reliable. Sometimes it gets caught and I get only chipboard. I find myself gluing these letters to layouts with glue and not the adhesive they come with.