Antenucci's Reviews

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    Staple product (11 July 2019)

    This one is never leaving my drawer! It is juicy, yet doesn't smudge. The impressions are crisp and clear with little to no effort. I even used water with the ink and it didn't smear!

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    Sturdy (11 July 2019)

    This is a great stamping block; not too big or too small, fits just about everything. Love the lines so that I could line up my days on my calendar spread. The stamping block has a ridge making it easy to grip and use.

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    Be Still My Heart (11 July 2019)

    This is my new found BFF! I love the speech bubbles, the boxes made a perfect calendar set-up in my canvo bullet journal. I was able to get perfect designs; the edges were smooth and my pen never messed up.

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    Perfect details for July (11 July 2019)

    Such a great summer/July stamp set. They have thought of everything giving you plenty of options to stamp away and make pretty things.

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    You Need These! (11 July 2019)

    I have tried many ink pads, but these really take the cake!
    1. They are juicy and cover the stamp designs with one tap.
    2. They don't smudge! Can't figure out how since they are so juicy.
    3. I watercolored with them both with a paint brush and smooshing technique with no issues.
    4. They give a crisp impression without any bother.

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    Staple product (11 July 2019)

    I LOVE the script font for the days of the week that alone was the selling point for me on this set. The Notes, Goals, etc were just welcome benefits. These are stamps you will reach for over and over again.

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    What Fun! (11 July 2019)

    I love a stamp set that is versatile and this is it. The zig-zags made a lovely sewn border on my page. The push pin is perfect for my planner bringing attention to my notes section. The cake made its way on my calendar for all those birthdays. And that is just the start!

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    Wow, no warping! (11 July 2019)

    I was so impressed with this journal...
    1. The paper is pure white!
    2. The paper is smooth and a dream to write on.
    3. The paper does not warp when using wet mediums.
    4. The paper does not show stamping/watercolors/or anything on the other side!
    Totally won over.

  • Holds Mixed Media Well (03 January 2018)

    The tags are so nice for so many projects; the variety of sizes is perfect. I was able to mist with water, I used embossing powders, and perfect pearls without any buckling or trouble. The tags held up to everything I did to it.

  • Great Coverage (03 January 2018)

    The ink pad is a great size for stamps. It is not overly wet, but more than enough to get great coverage with the embossing powders.

  • What Fun (03 January 2018)

    I used these on some Christmas tags, perfect touches! The color really sticks well and shows on both dark and light surfaces.

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    Fun color choices (03 January 2018)

    I love this set of colors, nice choice in a set. The ink is crisp and does not smear which is huge for me.

  • Great colors (03 January 2018)

    I love these colors! The Gunmetal is dark, but not black. The navy has a nice color of blue. They all melt so nicely and leave a smooth finish.

  • Definitely Needed (03 January 2018)

    These pens allow so much freedom to emboss anything! I was able to draw a string of lights and emboss. Words came out great too with the embossing powders (I used the Letter It brand).

  • Nice stamps (03 January 2018)

    I enjoyed the crisp detail I was able to get with these stamps which I paired with the Letter It inks. I love the various fonts.

  • Nice pens for everything (03 January 2018)

    These pens really have a nice metallic shine on pretty much any surface. The color doesn't leak through papers. I was even able to use the pens for my journaling as the point is easily used for writing or color.

  • Wonderful glitter! (03 January 2018)

    These embossing powders are really good, they easily melt and still retain their sparkle. Coverage is good and doesn't get on other things. I've used my gold tinsel for my December Daily and it added the perfect sparkle.

  • Perfect Inks (03 January 2018)

    I love these inks, they DO NOT SMEAR! I am able to use these in my planner and can turn the page and no problems. The colors are crisp and true.

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    This will make you want to go next year! (28 January 2009)

    Careful, this book really makes you want to join in for the next Creative Escape. The pictures are really nice, directions are all spelled out and downloads are listed so that you can complete the project exactly as the participants did. Maybe next year I will go and not have to buy the book!

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    Project 365 - homemade version (28 January 2009)

    I bought these to participate in the Project 365 that I missed out buying. I needed the 3 ring ones, but they vanished right as I went to buy so I bought the post bound. They fit the American Craft 3-Ring albums perfectly. I can't wait to get all my pictures from the month of January in the album.

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    Great letters! (16 July 2008)

    I now have evey color of the loopy lou letters, they are wonderful to use on layouts. The colors match so many things, the font can work on fun layouts, romantic layouts and even serious ones. I would defintiely recommend these letters.

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    Cropper Hopper and Photo Freedom (17 June 2008)

    I decided to try this after taking Stacy Julians class and reading the book Photo Freedom. These are working great for me to store my different catagories in. The pictures don't fall down, the sections hold a lot, and 5x7 pictures actually fit in. Would definitely recommend this.