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An Update From About COVID-19

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We wanted to check in with you again and let you know what we're doing to support our front-line workers, our team and you.  In a previous blog post we detailed some of the measures and initiatives we are taking here at during this time. has donated close to 50,000 masks to over 80 different front-line facilities. These masks have gone to nursing homes, hospitals, medical centers and testing labs in hard-hit areas. We are continuing this effort. 

We also have expanded our Cards for Kindness initiative. Your response has been incredible and we have been inspired and touched by your kindness and generosity. We're still counting, sorting, and preparing the next round of cards for placement, so we don't have an exact count yet, but we estimate that we've received over 30,000 card donations to date! 

Our distribution facility is continuing to operate under carefully monitored conditions and we're following strict safety protocols. We have been, and continue to be, committed to shipping your orders quickly to empower you to make beautiful, handmade creations. 

We know that many businesses and individuals have been adversely impacted by events over the last several months. They are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. We will do everything we can to support our healthcare workers, staff, community and you. We're grateful to be here for you

- Your friends at

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