Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Sorry, it's hard to see the pic on the left because it's a scan of an old photo. It looks better IRL, I promise! I just love that I got a shot of Rowdy in the same position as my husband was in the other photo! So cute!! Rowdy loves his rocking horse! It's missing the ears and most of the tail now but it's still fun to rock away - so much that Daddy had to add extra legs on the back so Rowdy wouldn't flip it over (my husband and niece used to do it all the time on it when they were little)!

***"Your Great Grandpa Romer made this for your Daddy! Now you get to play with it. Maybe, someday, you will pass it on!! Daddy - 1976, Rowdy - 2008, 18 mos." *** TFL!!