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Journaling Reads:
The Saturday of Flood Week we drove to Aunt Lisa’s house to shower and do laundry. Outside, the huge farm dog, Peanut, knocked Bryn down. She immediately began screaming and yelled “Don’t put me down!” and “I want to go home!” At first we thought she might have been scared by the dog, but she said her leg hurt and I was immediately worried. We left quickly and Bryn fell asleep in the car. At home however, she couldn‘t rest and constantly screamed. We took Alaina & Claire to Grandma & Grandpa Burris’ and arrived at St Luke’s ER at 12:30am. We took a blanket for Bryn to cuddle with, and every time someone lifted up the blanket to look at her leg, she would scream. Even louder than usual. It was not pretty. Finally, after two hours her leg was x-rayed. My poor baby was held down (mostly) still on a table while I crouched next to her; Kevin had to stand behind a screen. Bryn screamed for me to hold her but when that didn’t work she screamed for her sisters. “AlainaClaire! AlainaClaire!” Another wait and we were finally granted an audience with a a Dr. The xrays showed her leg was indeed fractured. When the nurse lifted up Bryn’s blanket to get her leg ready for the temporary plaster cast, Bryn screamed “Leave me alone! I am a baby!” which brought a little humor to our exhausted minds. After 4.5 hours at the ER and 24 hours awake, Bryn had a cast and we went home.