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Program: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0
Kit: Amelia’s Garden by Barbie Chewning at 3S
Fonts: Baskerville Old Face, CK Peeking Posies

Journaling reads:
Life sure has been interesting lately, with
two active toddlers in the house! I feel as
though I rush to clean up one mess after
another. If you’re not sneaking into the
bread, taking a bite out of every piece
then scattering it all over, you’re bringing
apples through the house or “helping” me
cook. I’m constantly watching to be sure
the bathroom doors are shut, lest you find
more things to drop into the toilet, and if
the cupboard door is unsecured, I’m sure
to find flour, popcorn, and sugar all over
you and the floor. I have to clear off the
table after every meal, or there will be
juice, and cereal poured all over the floor.
You are delightful, creative, and busy little
babes, and I love the challenge of keeping
up with you!
Pictures, Jan & Feb 06.
Journaling March 13, 06