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So it really helped me to do this lo and get over my shock and subsequent numbness the day I found out that I have hip dysplasia, just a few days ago. I wondered whether I should share it but doing the lo and then uploading it helped me feel more normal again. It came together rather quickly (for me), design-wise. A rare 12x12 lo from me because this is going in my Book of Me scrapbook. Thanks for looking!
- Inked the big U monogram in brown to match the lo better.
- More faux stitching on this along the edges of the patterned paper.
- Using up my old stash of letter stickers.


&quot;HmmmmmÖnever really wanted to be ahead of my time in much of anything, much less a debilitating condition that would require hip replacement surgery in 7-10 years, maybe as early as 3-5 years. [Heavy sigh.]

At least I have answers now. Unexpected. Unwanted.

Hip Dysplasia - a condition seemingly more common in canines than humans, if a quick Google search serves as a semi-reliable indicator.

Hip pain. Thought it was related to my pregnancy. Treated as if it was. Turns out itís been developing for years. Turns out itís 100% genetic. Turns out there was nothing I could do to prevent it. Genetic predisposition. Hmmmm.

Good thing I was never into running. Swimming and biking are OK. Cross-country skiing is OK. Tennis, no. Volleyball, no. Hmmmm.

Short term. Need to lose weight to help decrease the amount of force on my hips from everyday living. Need to focus on strengthening my hips. But first. Need to do MRIís so the doctor better understands how far along my hips are in its degeneration.

Pain. Constant. Irritating. About to get worse?

Donít quite know what to think, just yet. Donít quite know how to feel, just yet. A little numb. A little surprised. A little sad. HmmmmÖ.

Hip Dysplasia at 43 years old
March 30, 2006&quot;