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I used a manilla tag. I die cut a flag stencil. I masked off the star area and sprayed the stripes with red smooch spritz. Then i used the cut out stars from the stencil, placed them down, masked off the stripes and sprayed the star area with blue smooch spritz.This is where I looked at it and decided it wouldn't work so I would go another direction.I got a paper bag. I stamped a couple of rows of stars and cut it into strips. I also stamped a couple of rows of red dots and cut that into strips.The star strips were 1/2 in. by 4. I folded 8 of them in half and taped them to a circle base.The dot strips were 1/4 in. by 3. I folded 8 of those in half and taped them on top of the star strips.I cut 3 different lengths and widths of the red paper and cut the v in the end to make a flag type shape and attached those underneath the ‘flower’. I also had some acrylic with stars. I cut two of those into the same flag shape and attached those. You can see those better in the last pic. And one last flag of red white and blue paper for the bottom.I attached a white button, then a blue button with twine in it.At this point, I put it on my manilla tag and decided it might work!I stamped some white stars onto the star area and voila! It worked! LOL.I attached a red button with twine to the bottom. Some red white and blue ribbon for hanging and it's done!