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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

Sunday – May 5th – I can't believe we woke up in Athens, Greece this morning! We knew a lot of places would be closed because today is the Greek Orthodox Easter, but still, there is a lot we want to see and tomorrow we will be here most of the day to see the things that were closed today.

We got off the bus and walked to the Temple of Zeus to take pictures.

We loved exploring the little shopping district with cobblestone streets lined with cute little shops and trendy boutiques. Bill bought me a darling Greek-style loose-fitting dress which is a bright fuchsia-rose color and several post cards for my scrapbook.

We both had sunburned faces from the past few days and after today we are both even redder! Bill's face will be nicely tanned in a day or two but my red face will just peel. Not fair.

Back on the ship that evening we did okay at trivia but were not winners. My big contribution was that I knew the answer to, “Who was George Jetson's boss?” I actually knew it was Mr. Spacely . It never ceases to amaze me how much useless trivial nonsense I have stored in my brain.

Another question I got correctly for my team – “What do you call a person who writes trivia contests?” My correct answer was, “A spermologist.” No one believed me but no one had a better answer so they went with it and we got it right!