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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Well, I designated my Opera Dog Birthday Card (2022 Card #13) for my young cousin's birthday in June. Unfortunately, two issues arose: First, I'd planned to give him the card in person during a Father's Day celebration, but he had to work; second, I noticed that the printer paper I'd used for the sentiment inside had started to bubble. I could not give him a card in that condition. The only explanation I can figure is, during a period of cold and humidity we experienced later in the Spring, the paper and glue weren't playing nice with each other. I put it mostly down to the printer paper, as none of the other cards I had it stored with were having any problems and were as solid as the day they were made.

Anyway, I set about remaking the card. I took the opportunity to also correct other errors I'd "settled for" in the original card, and I'm much happier with the end product.

I made the new card a proper size of 5x7, and carefully took slivers off the photo vs trying to create a card around its odd size. Then, I made sure the ribbon was adhered behind the first layer vs being added at the last minute which had allowed for ugly fraying. I also swapped out the patterned paper for one I felt was better matched and suited for the card. The sentiment is unchanged, and I managed to get my printer to accept actual cardstock vs the flimsy economic (cheap) copy/printer paper. I am much more happy with the refined card, and it is now in the mail to my young cousin - he'll get it only one week late (sigh).

Photo: Mine, taken of my sweet 12-year-old pup, Shamus
Sentiment: Mine, corny as it may be
Stampin' Up! supplies: Waves of the Ocean and Beauty of the Earth designer papers, Seaside Spray cardstock and ribbon, and Pastel Pearls (all retired).